One US Soldier Killed, Two Others Wounded In Afghanistan


One US Soldier Killed, Two Others Wounded In Afghanistan

A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter crew chief scans below near Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, on June 9. (Capt. Brian Harris/ Army)

A US soldier has been killed and two others have been wounded during a counter-terror operation in southern Afghanistan, according to the US military.

The incident took place in Helmand province on Monday where the servicemen were participating in the operation against Taliban.

According to the statement, the group came under “indirect fire.” The shelling hit a building while the group was inside it. The injured service members’ wounds are “not considered life-threatening,” the statement added.

Pfc. Hansen B. Kirkpatrick is the eighth US serviceman killed in Afghanistan in 2017, according to, a private website that tracks combat deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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  • Moussa

    That will teach the U.S a lesson

  • Davey Price

    I’m sure the mothers of these soldiers in the US can be pissed off knowing there sons are dying in a military campaign based on Drug control, the opium trade
    There senators are bought of filth
    The cash is getting on oil gas and military complex
    Without these US dies as a functioning state,

    • Fernwrowan

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    • Brad Isherwood

      The Old Masonic MIC game since the 1700s, with the Bankers playing all sides.
      The Old Money was big time into Narcotics,…Queen Victoria was biggest drug dealer
      In the World.
      Kurds traffic Opium….look for all that to increase now that US/CIA run them around the
      Game board.