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One US-led Coalition Soldier Killed, Two Injured In Apparent Insider Attack In Afghanistan

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One US-led Coalition Soldier Killed, Two Injured In Apparent Insider Attack In Afghanistan

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On October 22, a servicemember from the US-led military coalition in Afghanistan was killed and two others were injured in an apparent insider attack by a member of the Afghan security forces, the US-led military mission in the war-torn country, Resolute Support, said in a statement.

“A Resolute Support service member was killed in Herat province today.

Two other Resolute Support service members were wounded in the incident. Initial reports indicate the attack was committed by a member of the Afghan security forces.

Further details will be shared after the appropriate national authorities have followed their processes for releasing information,” the statement said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack saying that the attacker was its infiltrator.

The incident in the province of Herat was far from being first insider attack on the US-led coalition. Over the past few month, the US-led force has faced a series of insider attacks, which have caused casualties among both coalition servicemembers and US-backed government troops.

Last week, two top Afghan security officials in southern Kandahar province were killed by a member of the provincial governor’s security guard team. The top US military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin Miller, was also on the site of the attack but he was not wounded.

These incidents show the real level of the local support the US-led coalition has in the war-torn country and this level seems to be extremely low.

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“Extremely low?” Let me explain something to you, South Front, these guys switch sides on a regular basis. Earlier this year a Taliban militia of about 150 surrendered for lack of food. It was soon revealed that at one point the militia was an ISIS militia and that most soldiers inside it had defected at least once in their career. To make this even weirder, several soldiers expressed interest in forming a pro-government militia immediately after surrendering, but due to Washington’s intervention this never happened (as far as I know).
Our own allies are equally decrepit, with the many NCO trainers and advisors universally complaining that it take a significant amount of arm twisting to get the Afghans to do stuff. Our trainers can form the Afghans into a decent fighting force with fortified bases and regular patrols but consistently whenever we turn our backs our trainers find they slid back into old habits. They prefer to maintain checkpoints and perform paramilitary police duties where there is less physical exhaustion and it is easy to commit many minor acts of extortion and favoritism with the locals.
Most of the fighting is actually in the form of extortion and voter intimidation, with large scale terror attacks being balanced by thinly veiled internal murders. The NATO coalition is aloof from this, controlling key points and ruling the sky and having an unlimited flow of weapons. Even though the force is a fraction of the size it was at the height of our involvement the new system the brass devised allows it to be extremely efficient and for the Taliban’s purposes immune to major assaults.
There is no illusions in America that this is peace, it’s predatorial dominance. The only reason we stay is because we know if we leave all Afghanistan will go full Syria, but in the meantime we keep our own losses to a minimum. In a few years the Afghans will be tired of fighting and the side that’s king of the hill today will institute a civil government in a decade.


Rubbish ISIS is American, and they attack the Taliban, but never US forces, not in Afghanistan or anywhere else the US has deployed them.
As for Afghans changing sides, well the take American money to feed their families, because the US has destroyed the Afghan economy, but they are never on the American side.

America stays in Afghanistan because admitting defeat is just too loathsome to the primitive American mind. Oh and of course to please the Bechtel Corporation.


There is no place in the world where the US is where peace reigns. It is clear that they want terrorism to have bases with the only function of encircling Russia.


The American economy is based on war, America earns a living by killing.

Jan Lavicka

it was our Czech mercenary NATO terrorists, just a uSS inferior cannon charges…

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