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JUNE 2021

One Turkish Service Member Killed, Six Injured In Rocket Attack On ‘Observation Post’ In Idlib – Turkish Military

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One Turkish Service Member Killed, Six Injured In Rocket Attack On 'Observation Post' In Idlib - Turkish Military

A Turkish military colum is moving to Al-Eis

One Turkish service member has been killed and six others have ben injured an a terrorist rocket attack on an ‘observation post’ in the Idlib de-escalation zone, the Turkish military said in a statement on February 6.

According to the report, a civilian worker was also injured in the attack.

The Turkish military did not provide details where exactly the incident took place and what terrorist group was responsible for it, but said that Turkish forces conducted a retaliatory strike at terrorist positions.

It’s interesting to note that on February 5 reports appeared about an artillery duel between the Turkish Armed Forces and Syrian government forces in the area of Al-Eis in southern Aleppo. The Turkish statement may confirm that these reports were true.

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Lloyd Yona

Turkish Guilty of Murder to the Kurdish hero`s. So!


Did it ever cross your mind that there would be “heroes” on both sides until you cut ties with america and israhell?

Lloyd Yona

two ways of saying it but as it`s annoying you .


It is nice of you to think of me and what is annoying me but honestly?… I am not annoyed. I am devastated. I do not see a reason for killing each other in the 21-st century. We can communicate,we can argue, we can disagree. Killing each other is….well… barbarian. When will it stop? If it doesn’t then we are sentenced to live in perpetual hell here on Earth. Do you like that? I don’t!
My point is that there must be a way to stop the killing.
You know, there are 11 official languages in South Africa. ELEVEN!!! People live under one government, one constitution, one border. You get my point?
If you are a Kurd I would like you to know that mostly I feel compation for you not because you are always doing the right thing but because I see you as victims of the zio-mafia.

Jonathan Cohen

That’s because South Africa has ABORTION RIGHTS, so they don’t overpopulate and compete for water with which to feed 8 kids. SDF needs to fight the ABORTION BANNERS like ISIS, HTS and Assad if they ever want peace.


Funny, my jewish friends always complain about lack of space and expensive life in israhell and when I tell them to use condoms or contraceptives their jaws drop down. And I agree, Assad must completely eliminate the likes of isis, hts, sdf,al queda!


There are many multilingual countries though, to be honest, I do not really know any muslim country that is embracing minority rights at all, including languages.


Well, if israhell was not making so much efforts to divide, conquer and expand there might be a chance.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Syria never quashed any individual languages, just that 15 dialects of Kurdi and they are all different, only Kurds want one unified language, not sure if there ever was one ever.

Rüdiger Preiss

Kurds guilty of occupying Syrian land and backstabbing Syrian people, So! Disappointed with the Kurds. They should know better given their history and not have taken advantage of US/Zionist/Wahhabi incursion in Syria to grab what they considered “cheap land”. You guys might have thought it was a nice opportunity but this will fall on your heads sooner or later. Don’t get me wrong, I think Kurds deserve their country but not like this!


You’re right.. except for.. gypsies don’t have land.. just like Bedouins.. who took the host’s land by joining invaders.. served them well to die for the invaders..!

Lloyd Yona

It is the Kurdish land to Honesty some people .It`s Turkey the ?`marks on them there a murderess mad cult on the kurds.


I think that the people the Kurds have displaced from their ancestral homes would disagree with you Lloyd.

If the Kurds wish to own land they should buy it honestly and not copy the Israeli method of stealing Palestinian land.


Kurds get offer should leave this land under SAA,govern…Kurds deny this,because usa dont wish this.Kurds are only shield for usa presence in Syria.How they want some autonomy?They lost all !

Jonathan Cohen

if SAA bans ABORTION, anywhere, then any land offer is no good because all their unplanned kids will invade anyway.


Kurds will not leave this land as it is their home and has been for at least some 900 years.

So why should they leave.

As for SAA and the central government, their central government has not been protecting them for already seven years so does not do so now.

They want to be left alone, to work together with other Syrians with minority rights and respect by the central government.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The had those things in 2011 and then they blew it for trying to steal land as they were put up to it by the US gullible Syrian-Kurds wanted to help Turko-Kurds, Iraqi-Kurds and Irani-Kurds to steal lands of others. Ethnic cleansing by these very same Kurds and you want sympathy , grow up dutchie.

Jonathan Cohen

Maybe so, but they don’t ban ABORTION like ISIS so we must finish ISIS off first with OUR AMMO!

Jonathan Cohen

Turkey are fellow abortion rights defenders and therefore allies. We Americans gave you ammo to fight ISIS and only then maybe other abortion banners like HTS and Assad. You need to send our ammo Southeast to fight ISIS and let Afrin go. Erdogan is an ass for attacking you but fighting ISIS must come first and you are not done yet with our ammo; attack or no attack.

Epsilon Eridani

Hey guys, who do you think really attacked this convoy? I thought that, Syria, İran and Russia all aggreed that the area in idlib province west of the homs-aleppo railway shall be under Turkish influence. So, either syria is not accapting the agreement, or somebody else is attacking (E.g. dissapointed HTS). What do you think?


All I know is is that Idlib is full of nutters, that he who has dinner with the devil better uses a long spoon, because rabid dogs are just as likely to turn on their masters. You make your bed lying with and supplying Jihadis, don’t be surprised that they will turn on you if you do not do what they like.


it was obviously aliens from alpha centauri.. i know this!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It was a missile attack by YPG after the post fired on the Kurds and they were retaliated against with an ATGM missile. Never shoot unless your willing to accept return fire, something these Turks will learn the hard way.

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