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JUNE 2021

One Palestine Protestor Killed, Hundreds Injured In New Wave Of Protests In Gaza Strip

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On April 13, thousands of Palestinians protested near the separation fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel to demand the “right of return”, according to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

Palestinian activists said that the protestors burned dozens of Israel flags during their demonstrations to expressed their resentment toward the Israeli state that forbids Palestinian refugees around the world from returning to their land.

Ismail Rudwan, a political leader of the Palestinian Hamas Movement, told al-Mayadeen that these protests had brought the Palestinian cause to the front of the international community once again. Rudwan added that the end of the Israeli occupation and the implementation of the “right of return” are among the main goals of the current protests.

The Israel Army used a tear gas, rubber bullets and deployed snipers in an attempt to break these demonstrations. As a result, one protestor was killed and over 744 others were injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Last week 7 Palestinian protestors were killed by the Israeli Army during a similar demonstration near the separation fence. Local sources believe that Palestinian activists will not stop these protests any time soon and expect a similar event to take place next week.

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jerry hamilton

I could understand any of you thinking that this on off war is trying to hide these events.

bernie garland

Spot on Jerry


RRRiiigghhttt… because you, ‘hamilton’, did so much to bring the plight of AHED TAMIMI to readers of the site, and expressed outrage when Southfront refused to cover her sickening abuse by the jewish horrors of Israel. Oh wait, that was ME. The regulars here all APPLAUDED Southfront’s REFUSAL to cover the Ahed Tamimi case- how very curious.

Ahed Tamimi was the greatest emergent danger to the State of Israel in a DECADE, so all kremlin outlets were ordered to close down coverage of her story, and the zionist trolls here ordered to attack anyone who raised her name.

Two days ago, Putin’s own man in Israel stated Russia’s first loyalty was to jews and the state of Israel (goolge it- this is sadly true). So that a Putin outlet has ensured coverage of events in palestine happen in a way to do as little damage to Israel as possible is totally expected.

Why do the regulars here have no problem with the FACT that Putin is a zionist appeaser? These two aspects of Putin in particular spell doom for Russia in Syria (and have lead to so many unneccessary deaths in Novorussia as well).

Zonist trolls will try to muddy the waters here by claiming events in Syria link to the protests in Palestine. The claim is PATHETIC, but the trolls know too many of you are very badly educated and ill-informed.

Joao Alfaiate

Killing kids in Syria is wrong, but shooting Palestinians in Gaza is quite OK with Uncle Shmuel.


And BANNING the coverage of the Ahed Tamimi atrocity is fine with the editorial board of Southfront, and the zionist trolls in this forum.


As long as US, UK and Israeli bastards slaughtering Palestinians, Yamanis, Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans and Afghanis then its OK.


And is it OK also when Southfront, with the support of the regular zionist trolls here, ban coverage of Ahed Tamimi?


Wow Rob, you really are a hate-mongering pathetic excuse for a human being aren’t you? if I were you. I’d do the world a favour and kill yourself very soon. Or, tell me were you live and I’ll gladly do it for you.

Jozsef Osztronkovics

Where is US UK the zionist ISIS regimes bomb to protect those Palestinian people from Luciferian israeli bloodthirsty terror if they care for human life like they say for Syria where is those human rights commission to protect Palestinian people


Where is Southfront’s coverage of Ahed Tamimi. Oh wait, that brave young girl posed an ACTUAL threat to Israel, so Putin ordered all his kremlin outlets to CENSOR the story out of existence.


Judaism is an evil pedophile mass rape cult that rapes 1,000 cult babies every week, infects them with venereal disease, brain damages and murders them. And has been doing this for thousands of years. It should be outlawed and our planet dejudified to create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity. The UN and ICC should conduct a criminal human rights investigation for the issuance of arrest warrants against Israel officials involved in these and other crimes as part of the process of outlawing Judaism, delisting Israel from the UN and replacing it with Palestine.


comment image


IN NYC alone:

“metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

– New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


“Oral copulation with a minor is necessarily a felony if both of the following are true:

The “victim” was younger than sixteen (16) at the time of the alleged sex act; AND
The defendant was older than twenty-one (21) at the time of the alleged sex act.”

– Oral Copulation with a Minor –



Now this is both true and horrific. And current jew filth produced ‘entertainment’ in both the UK and USA pushes the idea that ALL jews need to have this ‘ritual’ inflicted on their kids, even tho most jews are not ‘orthodox’.

I mention this because it is a recent phenomenon in jewish produced ‘drama’, since 20+ years back jews chose to depict themselves as a ‘modern’ religious movement- hence The Simpsons having the main jew character (crusty the clown) promote pork products.

But more recently, the theme has been JEWISH ORTHODOX EXTREMISM. Even ‘secular’ jews are encouraged by the leaders of world jewry to get back to ‘their roots’. This can be perfectly compared to the rise of extremist islam- typified by ISIS.

The ISIS fanatics were not ill-educated idiots from some third world back-water, as you’d expect, but well educated muslim kids from modern muslim families. The APPEAL of fundamental Islam was sold as a cult concept, just as the appeal of fundamental judaism is sold to modern first world jew kids.

they say today’s kids are ‘BORED’. a bored mind is an empty mind waiting for some force to fill it. And most people are SO THICK, they have minds looking to be filled with stupid novelties- the outrageous and the strange.

Why do you think religious rituals are so ‘strange’ and ‘bizarre’- cos this hooks the sad little minds of the truly cretinous.

But in charge of all cults are people who think the rituals of the cults are MONSTOROUS, MEANINGLESS, and MORONIC. But they know these very negatives draw in people like YOU.

Organised Religion (like even the uncritical hero worship of someone like Putin) is the cancer of Humanity. Critical thinking based on logic, knowledge, learning and experience is the only higher form of Human expression. In this forum critical thinking is almost entirely lacking- and that is a sad and shocking state of affairs.


Then why do you come on this site and lie habitually like a Jew trained from birth to lie?

As I’ve called you out on with proof numerous times. Probably because you’re a lying two faced Zionist shill mixing lies with truth about Jew crime and evil.


Definitely Russia will liberate Palestine from Israeli bastards.


Yes, because somehow you magically forgot that two days back, in an OFFICIAL statement, Putin’s man in Israel said Russia’s first loyalty was to the jews and Israel?


2 days ago Putin called Netanyahu that you know Syria is Russian ally if you next time attack Syria then I will f*ck you. Putin also showed his concern to Netanyahu that slaughtering Palestinians children demoslishing their homes and making them homeless.


“US President Donald Trump pardoned a former White House aide convicted of lying to the FBI in connection with the leak of a CIA operative’s identity”

– Trump pardons ex-Cheney aide convicted of lying over CIA name leak –


“Libby was born to an affluent Jewish family in New Haven, Connecticut; his late father, Irving Lewis Liebowitz, was an investment banker. …

Bush commuted Libby’s 30-month federal prison sentence, calling it “excessive”, but he did not change the other parts of the sentence and their conditions.[8] That presidential commutation left in place the felony conviction, the $250,000 fine, and the terms of probation”

– Scooter Libby –



comment imagecomment image

Israeli terrorists have kidnapped Ahed Tamimi and her parents at midnight by gunpoints. Nobody knows where Israel have kept them hostage. Each year Israel kidnap thousands of adults and small kids from the streets and hold them hostage. Many of them Israel kill in fake combats. The US, UK and France brutal regimes have imposed Israel on Palestinians. They support this Israeli brutality and terrorism in the Middle East. If Vietnam can be freed from American regime army then Palestine can also be freed from Israel. Israel should go back to their countries.


The majority of Muslim leaders have ignored Palestine and also the historic Mosque of Aqsa. Is this help to Palestine or to Zionist Israeli terrorists.

I haven’t heard that any Muslim leader have visited Palestine or they have asked about Palestinians that how their time passing under occupation and oppression. Either these Muslim leaders are scaring from Israel or they regularly receiving blood money from Washington and UK. Indeed the judgement day is so near on them that they all will answer to God. No leader will leave unpunished.


How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen

This is a real holocaust.

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
2. 8 Million People Hungary.
3. About 11,000 people killed.
4. About 50,000 people injured.
5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blocked on Houthis, send them humanitarian aid. Yamanis are humans they are not insects to eat soil while Saudi and Israeli bastards regularly bombing thim like pesticides on insects. Saudis tell to Yaman nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die and nobody will know.

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