One Palestine Protestor Killed, Hundreds Injured In New Wave Of Protests In Gaza Strip


On April 13, thousands of Palestinians protested near the separation fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel to demand the “right of return”, according to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

Palestinian activists said that the protestors burned dozens of Israel flags during their demonstrations to expressed their resentment toward the Israeli state that forbids Palestinian refugees around the world from returning to their land.

Ismail Rudwan, a political leader of the Palestinian Hamas Movement, told al-Mayadeen that these protests had brought the Palestinian cause to the front of the international community once again. Rudwan added that the end of the Israeli occupation and the implementation of the “right of return” are among the main goals of the current protests.

The Israel Army used a tear gas, rubber bullets and deployed snipers in an attempt to break these demonstrations. As a result, one protestor was killed and over 744 others were injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Last week 7 Palestinian protestors were killed by the Israeli Army during a similar demonstration near the separation fence. Local sources believe that Palestinian activists will not stop these protests any time soon and expect a similar event to take place next week.



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