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JULY 2020

One Of Suspected Khashoggi Assasinators Dies In Mysterious Car Crash In Saudi Arabia: Media


One Of Suspected Khashoggi Assasinators Dies In Mysterious Car Crash In Saudi Arabia: Media

Meshal Saad M Al-Bostani. Source: yenisafak.com

A member of the reported 15-person hit squad accused of killing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul has died in a “suspicious traffic accident” in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, Turkish media has reported.

According to media reports, Meshal Saad M. Albostani, a lieutenant of the Saudi Royal Air Force, was one of the 15 suspects being sought for questioning in connection with the disappearance of Khashoggi.

There is a version that Albostani could be “silenced” by the Saudi regime, the newspaper claimed, without elaborating on the details of his alleged death.

As more and more details appear confirming that the Saudi government involvement in the suspected assasination of Khashoggi, it seems that the Saudi regime becomes despearate in its attempts to hide its involvement. Furthermore, the Trump administration already declared its open support to the Saudi leadership in this case. So, if the truth is officially revealed, it may appear that the US and Saudi Arabia will find themselves in a complicated international situation.

Eight of the 15-member hit squad were identified by the media as:

  1. Meshal Saad M Al-Bostani
  2. Salah Muhammed A Tubaigy
  3. Naif Hasan S. Alarifi
  4. Mansur Othman M. Abahuseyin
  5. Waleed Abdullah M. Alsehri
  6. Thaar Ghaleb T. Alharbi
  7. Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb
  8. Muhammed Saad H. Alzahrani



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  • Drogba

    One down,14 to go.how blatantly guilty they now look,unbelievable.

    • Merijn

      15 to go… the General Consul of Wahhabistan Mohammad al-Otaibi was a Witness…he was there…so he has to be Eliminated too…but hey sssttt don’t tell anyone….

      • FlorianGeyer

        Merijn, you forgot the Russki Novochok :)

        It will be ‘Highly Likely’ that its ‘Putins Fault ‘ after the British ‘Intelligence services have performed due diligence and investigated the death of fatso Khashoggi.

        • Merijn

          Putin & Erdogan might be behind it…. they will use those “Tapes” to the Maximum…. it is a Trap… and Trumpster is Falling for it…. if Trumpster keeps supporting Mohammed Bin Salman….they will both be Known as The Great Slaughters of Journalists….Long Live FREEDOM OF SPEECH TRUMPSTER… Hehehe….

          • FlorianGeyer

            The US MSM must have missed the murder of Russian Journalists in Ukraine Merijn.

            Perhaps the US will demand am explanation from Porky Poroshenko.

            Its not too late to do so :)

          • Merijn

            I don’t even care about this Daesh-Loving Khashoggi…But from the very first moment it happened, especially when Turkey said they had tapes…I knew it would become a major Issue…The End of Mohammed Bin Salman…And I hope the Fall of the Jewish House of SAUD…Payback time…put an End to Wahhabism…

          • matt

            Jewish house of Saud…..you believe in santa as well?

          • Merijn
          • v76

            I assume its “Zionist controlled house of Saud”… does it really need to be spelt out for you?!

          • matt

            no, because i have another opinion about it…sure they are allies, that isn’t the same as being controlled. I think it is a bit pathetic to believe the zionists CONTROLL all countries

          • FlorianGeyer

            The fall of the Saudi Royals would indeed be wonderful and the Gulf State retards and the US would all be fighting over the spoils :)

          • FlorianGeyer

            I think the Wa Po is a Neo Marxist fake newspaper Merijn :)

          • Merijn

            Neo Marxists ain’t Trumpster-Supporters I believe…or have they become His Groupies since he recognised Jerusalem as Capital of IsraHell? The Washington Post ain’t going to be too happy I bet if Trumpster is going to stay BFF with MbS…that little Devilish Clown Prince just Chopped up one of their Journalists..

          • FlorianGeyer

            “Trumpster-Supporters” are ‘Neo- Smartists’ Merijn who seek to emulate their leader who is being the Biggest and Greatest Smart Arse of them all :)

          • Merijn

            Well I must admit that since the day Trumpster became President…He still can be the Greatest Trickster of all times… The Clown that Fooled us All….and the Greatest Actor that Hollywood has ever Produced….and in Reality turns out to be Secret Agent Donald Trump 006… The Poor Lonesome Cowboy… Who Uncovered what had to stay Secret…. Who Brought down the ZioNazis in Washington & IsraHell with his bare hands, after he cunningly gained their trust by recognising Jerusalem…. Who pretended to be The Opponent of Putin…but in real life they are best Buddies….

        • Merijn

          Good Ol’ Novichok…great idea…then we can say Putin & the Bad Russkies did it…Everyone will believe that story….Novichok..how could I forget…

      • Jakke1899

        Yes, the rest will also die… I wouldn’t be suprised if Iran would be acussed of the deaths of nice law-abiding citizens.
        More excuses to raise more sanctions against Iran and why not : Russia!

        • Merijn

          Mo’ Sanctions…Sanctions are good…it drifts Countries away from the Dollar…



  • Rafik Chauhan

    they will all die . whoever works for Zionist/US/Saudi/Whabhi/takfiri will all die like street mad dog

  • Garga

    Perhaps another Royal Saudi Airforce officer run him down or sent his ride head-to-head with this guy’s car.

    Apparently murder is the favourite pastime of Saudi airforce officers. Whenever they’re not busy murdering Yemeni women and children, they kill other people, including their own in consulates or elsewhere!

  • WirSindDieWelle

    Mysterious car crash : lol ! The next one will eat something wrong, the other one will get sunburnt … Oh I forgot : russians are guilty ! Maybe with the help of Iran will say the USA … Pouarf ! Saudis = IsraHell = rats to erase !

  • Merijn



    1. Meshal Saad M Al-Bostani (ELIMINATED)
    2. Salah Muhammed A Tubaigy
    3. Naif Hasan S. Alarifi
    4. Mansur Othman M. Abahuseyin
    5. Waleed Abdullah M. Alsehri
    6. Thaar Ghaleb T. Alharbi
    7. Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb
    8. Muhammed Saad H. Alzahrani
    9. Mohammad al-Otaibi


  • Marko

    ” died in a “suspicious traffic accident” ”

    Boy , I’ll say. Suspicious indeed :


    • Terence Silvestre Jr.

      You made me laugh a lot of my friend with your so graphic comment.
      Thanks for sharing in such a so fun way, you improved my whole day, you know.

      • Marko

        ” you improved my whole day, you know”

        Glad to be of service. If I can make one person laugh , I’ve also had a good day , so thanks for letting me know.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      A lot of these headchoppers will now have “accidents” courtesy of their CIA handlers :)

    • Jimmy Jim

      This ugly Saudi vermin looks like butcher!

      • Marko

        Or : This ugly Saudi butcher looks like vermin. Fits either way.

  • Merijn

    It is Funny to see Trumpster Backing Clown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman….this is exactly What the Turks Expected…Feeding more & more Evidence along the Way, they got plenty…Luring Trumpster into their Trap….if Trumpster sticks with MbS both will Fall…nice Game Turkey…nice Game…almost looks like it was planned…hehehe

    • Concrete Mike

      This Khashoggi guy is suspicious to me.

      No doubt he was a cia asset…thats why msm is screaming like this. And plus when you consider good ol Adnan in the story… im thinking this was also a trap.

      By whom though. Is this a Turkey/Qatar trick?

      This whole situatuon is beyond bizzarre for me.

      • FlorianGeyer

        I would think that its as simple as a ‘King’ actually believing he is all powerful and will noy be challenged.

        He has got away with funding ISIS and other terror gangs in Syria and Iraq, being personally responsible for the one million cholera epidemic in Yemen and the starvation of circa 8 million in Yemen.

        The only punishment he got for these war crimes are the inflated prices he must pay for US and UK weapons that are today being used to murder civilians and soldiers in Syria and Yemen .

        That is real power but Caesar also had real power as well :)

      • Merijn

        Many Countries working together… it seems… it is too Organised…with one reason: to Bring down Mohammed Bin Salman…. It must have happened before (Killing Wahhabi Dissidents in a Consulate)… it was just waiting for the next Victim, a perfect one an American Wahhabi working for the Washington Post…Everything Backfires…. remember Skripal….

        • Ewan

          Kashoggi probably a CIA asset. One of a few scenarios possible. Either he knew too much about US/Saudi political intrigue against Turkey, OR, was allied with a powerful backer against MBS OR Knew something the Yanks didn’t want him to expose like this: http://parstoday.com/en/radio/world-i94382-did_saudis_cia_fear_kashoggi_9_11_bombshell.
          the saudis’s thus either killed him because he trod on their toes or trod on US toes

          • Merijn

            Good article… if it is True it will make this whole Situation even Better… Trumpster is in the Middle of the Swamp… Trumpster is in Deep Deep trouble…. he just admitted that Khashoggi is Dead…and that this situation is very bad for him….which it obviously is…and even worse for the Clown Prince of Wahhabistan….The thing they will try to do is the Rogue-Killer Story…. but there can be tapes of MbS saying he wants Khashoggi….to be continued…

    • S Melanson

      Trumpster trying to play high stakes politics with Erdogan. Trump better take notes as the master weasel Erdogan is rolling out the lesson plan starting with learning objective one – don’t f—ck with me. This can be sung to the tune from Evita ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’

      • Merijn

        Which is a nice song….Trumpster is in a very difficult situation at the moment…. His Wisest decision would be to pull his hands from Bin Salman… By Way of Deception Thou Shalt do War….in Full effect…. It is not only Erdogan who is involved in this….but a lot of very intelligent People from many different Nations….this whole thing is planned….in my personal opinion…it is no coincidence… the Timing perfect…

        • S Melanson

          And a good plan it is as Trump is in deep and will not be easy to dig himself out. There is intelligence behind your passion :)

  • Freespirit

    No mystery at all

    He was obviously the “Man who KNEW too much” and could “spill the beans”, so-to-speak and probably a “weak link”.

    The person who can kill FOR you, can KILL YOU, if not by action, by WORDS.

  • Rob

    This is called extreme brutality because the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was alive and the Saudi death squad chopping his arms and legs. This is ISIS, Israel, Saudis and US murdering techniques.

    • Tommy Jensen

      They sawed off each of his finger first, then the hands, then the feets, then at the knees, then at the albows, then they sawed the legs off and finally they sawed his arms off.
      At this stage he was still alive whispering “dont cut my d… please”. Then they chopped his head.

  • Rob

    As long as the Saudis, Israel, US and England exist in our world then nobody is safe.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    I dont get it. Why any one should be interested if the saudis killed one of their own? Every day thousand of children are dying from unnatural deaths or killed by israelis and none make so much noise unlike this idiot who fallen out with his handlers and been killed.

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      This is the just the preview trailer to get everyone excited for next year’s Hollywood release.

      Likely they already have the director, and he’s upon casting the hit-squad members. I hear the journalist will be played by a neatly packed pound of ground beef.

      The routine and abundant tragedies of this life just don’t grip the dull audiences like spy stories and choreographed assassinations.

    • Concrete Mike

      Presstitutes are pissed one of them got whacked…

      This whole story stinks of old cod to me.

      Something else is at work here. I speculated the other day that maybe this is a trap to “engineer” regime change in wahabbistan. I dont understand the story fully…something about the media’s reaction… mind you i aint upset a saudi apologist got whacked… it seems the media has a love hate with saudis right now, from what i see in canada anyways.

      Your thoughts?

      • S Melanson

        Bang on. Yes, the enemies of MsB want to bring him down given he is weakened by failure in Yemen

        • Merijn

          He is a Direct Link to Supporting Headchoppers….Yemen Genocide…. Failure in Syria…Alltogether a very good Reason for the West & IsraHell to Dump Him… Turkey is “The Wedge” American intel got recordings of Mohammed bin Salman Asking if there were any possibilities of getting Khashoggi back to Wahhabistan….sounds like they got him by the Balls… MbS became from Golden-Wonder-Boy a Loose Cannon

        • Snowglobe

          …and that he was throwing rocks at Trudeau. ;-)

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        I think my comment about the event was crystal clear and reflected my thoughts. Not worth wasting energy and time to a staged event. Oh yes and this guy was so intelligent that went into the SA embassy, allegedly to get papers so he get married?

        If you was what is cover was claiming he is and it was you in his place would you walk into the SA embassy, willingly? This scenario is as stupid as the brit ones and lately the dutch ones. Not something that interest me to waste my time arguing about it.

      • Evola Yockey

        It’s because the “Putin/Trump collusion” story has run out of steam in the US, as has most of the other crap the American media has been flogging domestically and internationally. This is a “place holder” story until they begin ramping up for the mid-terms.

  • putinbeater

    russian methods in arabia :))

    • Freespirit

      Bolshevik Jews, who may have Russian Citizenship, would be much closer to the TRUTH and I suspect you know that, ZIONIST Troll !

      • putinbeater


  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    would be better if they all died lol

  • S Melanson

    The Fifteen Days (Assasinators) of Christmas

    On the first day of Christmas my security team gave to me, the news of Al-Bostani’s accident
    On the second day of Christmas my security team gave to me… the music stops

    MbS looks up at the now silent musicians and aks: ‘Why stop, I like this tune.’

    Intelligence officer: Oh Glorious Crown Prince, since Al-Bostani’s accident, the security teams have been unable to locate the other 14 after they failed to attend the self improvement workshop you personally designed for them.

    MbS: well are they not in their homes?

    Intelligence Officer: Oh Glorious Crown Prince, it seems that after the accident, the 14 other workshop attendees are no where to be found but did send their regrets they could not attend the workshop and passed on these words of thanks to you ‘nice try Dickwad, better luck next time… not’

    MbS: My name is not Dickwad, are they stupid or what! We said it was an accident, they could not possibly have suspected the real purpose of my workshop… could they?

    Intelligence Officer: Oh Glorious and Clueless Crown Prince, there is no way they could have suspected your true intentions as your plan is perfect. In fact it is just as perfect as your plan was for the accident in the Turkish Consulate. No one but a few fringe groups filling the headlines of major newspapers around the world suspects any foul play, after all Trump has your back.

    MsB: yes, my plans are perfect… ah, what was that additional salutation…

    Intelligence Officer: I said Oh Glorious and Clever Crown Prince

    MsB: Yes yes, I like that.

  • ColinNZ

    So the question is; Is this the work of a KSA cleaner or a CIA cleaner?

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    When we watch 007 James Bond movies, we’re all conned into thinking it’s only the other side that behaves atrociously and does unspeakable things like this, but think again, James bond has to chop people up too sometimes, but you never ever see our heroes do that in the movies.
    Most people alive today live under regimes and governments that routinely treat their own citizens like this, but we rarely get to hear about it in the western world, which is surprising since it’s usually common knowledge to the poor citizens that live under the regime.
    Even a lot of the countries like France Germany England and the US are no different in their behind the scenes behaviour, though we rarely get to hear about their atrocities. France’s bombing of New Zealand’s anti nuclear protest ship is a rare example of what western countries spies really get up to, but incidents like that are just the tip of the iceberg. The 4 French spies guilty of that atrocity were jailed in New Zealand for a few years and then allowed to return home, not bad for blowing up a ship and killing an innocent person, but that’s the way it works in the game of thrones, I mean the world of politics. These 15, sorry 14 assassins will be treated no differently than the French bombers were, unless they’re unlucky enough to end up like the first one already has, the ones that don’t die or disappear will just go on to bigger and better things, they’ll never really be punished no matter what happens, it’s more likely they’ll be rewarded, unlike those that are perceived to be weak links, they’ll get their reward when they get to heaven in a few days or weeks lol.
    Most of us believe the Crown prince and his henchmen are guilty of everything the Turks have accused them of, and that may indeed be exactly what happened. But it’s also equally possible that this character will turn up alive and well, and also in league with the Crown prince, leaving nothing but egg on the faces of those that made the accusations, and anyone else who jumped to conclusions. Trump isn’t jumping to any conclusions yet and neither am I. Even if the Turks release this audio tape they supposedly have, it still won’t convince me something really happened, it might also just be a part of a devious scheme too.
    In all likelihood we’ll never see or hear from this poor fellow ever again, but it also wouldn’t surprise me at all if he does eventually turn up alive and well, and also the new biggest fan for the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who unexpectedly makes a few political compromises that coincidentally also suite Khashoggi’s political agenda.
    If we don’t hear a peep from him in the next few months I’ll assume the Turks are right, but not just yet.

  • peacelover

    It is now game over for Mr MBS

  • Tommy Jensen

    He was a Saudi citizen. Saudi kill a Saud citizen. Whats wrong with that?

  • Sinbad2

    I imagine the entire hit team will be murdered, which is OK they are killers, I would be happier if the entire Saud family got chopped up, I have a dream.