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JUNE 2021

One Of High Profile Persons Detained In Saudi ‘Anti-Corruption Crackdown’ Was Tortured To Death – Media

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One Of High Profile Persons Detained In Saudi 'Anti-Corruption Crackdown' Was Tortured To Death - Media

Major General Ali Alqahtani

Major General Ali Alqahtani, who was detained in November as part of the Saudi ‘anti-corruption crackdown’, has reportedly died under torture, the London-based newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported.

According to the report, Major General Alqahtani was a member of the royal guard forces and the manager of the private office of Prince Turki Bin Abdullah, the son of former king Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz.

He and many other high profile persons were held at the Ritz Carlton. Alqahtani allegedly died on 12 December after being tortured with electric shocks. Furthermore, the newspaper said that his family struggled to recognise him after receiving his body.

In November, reports appeared that Saudi princes and billionaire businessmen arrested in the crackdown were tortured by by US private security contractors hired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. MORE DETAILS ON THE ISSUE HERE

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Jerry Hamilton

“tortured by by US private security contractors”
There are certain things that America are very good at.


lol what kind of special needs child are you? US dont go that far, we know better ways that dont involve the prisoner dying!


Except when it’s “accidental” or “collateral damage”. In such situations you kill children, women, wounded, elderly and pretty much everything.


These were paid contractors operating in field conditions outside of their control – ie their Saudi employers dictate the conditions and available resources – and things can easily go wrong operating in such an environment.

chris chuba

Actually that is one of the few things that Saudis are good at, they managed to extract confessions for the Khobar tower bombings to pin it on Hezbollah through torture.


Saudis are brain dead. They are very good on killing their own people.


Why did Britain arrange this palace coup (and try to end the Yemen war by paying off the leaders of the various factions- which failed with the VERY professional assasination of turncoat Saleh)?

Answer: cos the Deep State has moved to a plan where Saudi Arabia provides the initial fuse for the Iran War. And THIS is why Britain’s Saudi puppet has been leading the torture of fellow elite Saudis- to get them to support a suicidal attack on Iran.

The elite of KSA is fully aware that their nation will be leveled in a war with Iran- sacrificed and then used as justification for the involement of a giant coalition of western powers that will then bomb Iran to dust.

Icarus Tanović

Bin Salman is Zionistic psycho.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA torture many people to death with Saudi Arabia blessings in Iraq=Saddam and government officials.Libya Gadaffi and sons and government officials.Afghanistan Taliban leader and pro suppoters.Go to Quantanamo prisons.Hijacked Russia Victor in foreign soil and took to USA.

Currently torturing Syrian Soldier’s.

Langaniso Mhlobo

China and Saudi Arabia are just the same selling out their own brother’s to be killed or starve to death by their boses in USA.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Never trust short people demons are short and their boss devil is tall.


It’s karma. The KSA high official have deep rooted believe that they could buy anyone and everything with money into their service or to have someone destroyed one way or another by using their money.
Their stupid believe that since they’re an important trade partner/patron of the US they can’t be cut off or double crossed just as easily as they do to their paid mercenaries. There you have it.
MBS (Mostly Bullshit and Stupid) did this unaware that should he got cut off the same way there’s none gonna step in to his defence the same way Syrian or Iranian leadership would.

chris chuba

Did Trump send a congratulatory Tweet yet?


Well, torture is bad in any situation.

Having said that, if it does happen, the old KSA elite are among the most deserving of this as they created the system that allows for torture, beatings, hangings etc in the present KSA.

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