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One More Senior Iraqi Army Officer Killed By ISIS Terrorists

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Late on July 28, ISIS terrorists ambushed and killed Brig. Gen. Ahmed Abdel Wahid Mohamed al-Lami, commander of the 29th Brigade’s 7th Infantry Division of the Iraqi military.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell said Brig. Gen. al-Lami was ambushed while tracking terrorist cells in the district of Hit in the western province of al-Anbar. A first lieutenant was killed and two soldiers were also injured during the attack.

ISIS confirmed its responsibility for the attack in a statement released by its news agency Amaq on July 29. The group claimed that seven Iraqi officers and soldiers were killed.

One More Senior Iraqi Army Officer Killed By ISIS Terrorists

Brig. Gen. Ahmed Abdel Wahid Mohamed al-Lami. Source: alhurra.com

Brig. Gen. al-Lami is the second senior officer of the Iraqi military assassinated by ISIS cells this month. On July 17, the terrorist group killed Brig. Gen. Ali Hamid Ghaidan al-Khazraji, commander of the 59th Brigade, in a well-planned ambush north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Iraqi authorities are now investigating the assassination of Brig. Gen. al-Khazraji. A similar investigation will probably be launched in connexion with the attack that claimed the life of Brig. Gen. al-Lami.

These recent assassinations indicate that ISIS cells are now tracking senior Iraqi officers. Iraqi security forces should take measures to address this new threat and protect army officers.


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Isis is a front for zioNATO intel, mainly Mossad and the CIA. These hits could easily be part of the effort to derail the removal of US forces and their Mossad/IDF embeds from Iraq. Which will shift the balance of power in the region and worldwide from the zio block to the non zio block. Primarily the SCO. And will be a good thing for the region and humanity.

Furkan Sahin

Isis is created by Saudi Arabia and MBS

Furkan Sahin

I hope Iran attacks Saudi


Yep, while most US soldiers may be unaware of these intelligence operators and operations, US facilities greatly facilitate the pulling off of some of these hits.


I agree. I think that a lot of military is aware of it by now. But it’s compartmentalized. They have no direct involvement in it. And there’s little or nothing that they can do about it in most cases.

Rafik Chauhan

US is giving data to it child ISIL. To weaken iraqi army .so they can revive ISIL to attack iraq so they can bring back US force,. Iraqi Army should stop giving any details of iraqi operation.against ISIL to US and stop carring out joint operation. Iraqi army has to keep eye on US troop movment . and stop them to enter bases of iraq. and most probably also stop US airforce drone to fly over bagdhad and iraqi base.


Why crying Rafik? the U.S is still going easy one you like we do against Hezbollah, Tell me, when are you going to fulfill your promise? since you failed last time :)

Rafik Chauhan

Your masters are already in State of alerts past 10 days pissing in thier pants. Hezbollah won the first round just wait for the secound. Zonist think they are the only ones have Intel but getting frustrated everyday. Have patience have u taken popcorn

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