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One More Rocket Attack Hits US Forces In Iraq (Video)

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One More Rocket Attack Hits US Forces In Iraq (Video)

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On March 15 evening, a barrage of rockets targeted an military base which houses US forces north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. A total of seven rockets were fired at the target and at least five of them hit the Balad base.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far, but the usual suspects are Iranian-backed groups that have recently carried out dozens of attacks on US forces and facilities in the country.


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johnny rotten

Nice work, don’t give them a moment of respite, they must be so stressed and afraid as everyone
ask to be sent home immediately, it is the base that must be dug to make the building collapse, start with the simple marines, take them away from sleep , terrorize them until their presence is useless and harmful to the commanders themselves.

Kenny Jones ™

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If the US criminals do not leave Iraq and Syria soon, they will face a full scale insurgency that will be very costly.


Large Hezbollah delegation has very friendly talks in Moscow. FM Lavrov says Hezbollah and Russia see eye to eye on most issues and their cooperation will grow as Hezbollah is playing a leading role in fighting terrorism and bringing stability to Syria.

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The US needs to get out of Iraq, along with their Mossad and IDF embeds. Which will end the zioKurd secession in NE Syria and bring the war to a close quicker with less bloodshed.

Just Me

As the photos show the resistance rockets are getting heavier as they crashed through a meter of reinforced concrete rebar. The US occupation forces will suffer major casualties if they don’t leave, but Jews want them to die for Zionism.


All the attacks on US bases in Iraq must be a headache for the US military :)


Well…if these guys keep hammering these US bases perhaps they want the US army to engage them directly what’s means there is a surprise waiting for them….and you already know this ameriturds don’t you? pack your bags and let the zionist pay for their crimes because that bill is long due….

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