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One More Drone Attack Targeted US Troops In Iraqi Al-Anbar – Report

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One More Drone Attack Targeted US Troops In Iraqi Al-Anbar - Report

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Early on April 16, Iraqi sources, including the Sabereen News channel on Telegram, reported a drone attack on an air base hosting US troops in the western province of al-Anbar.

The base, Ain Assad, was allegedly struck by three suicide drones. The drones targeted the barracks of US troops, their operations center and an air-defense system. Losses among American personnel were reported.

The Sabereen News shared two posters celebrating the attack on Ain Assad. One of them included the photos of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Qassim Soleimani, Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, who were killed last year by the US. Another showed several drones, similar to the Iranian Ababil-2, attacking the air base.

While the alleged attack was widely reported by pro-Iranian sources in Iraq, it was not covered by any official outlet or the MSM news agencies.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the US-led coalition has not commented on the alleged attack yet. Nevertheless, an official of the Tribal Mobilization Units, which maintains a strong presence in al-Anbar, denied that Ain Assad Air Base was attacked.

The alleged drone attack on Ain Assad Air Base came just two days after a similar attack with a suicide drone on a US military installation inside Erbil International Airport.

The upcoming few hours will likely reveal more details about the alleged drone attack on Ain Assad Air Base. Pro-Iranian forces in Iraq, who were blamed for the drone attack on Erbil, may have made up the new attack to intimidate US forces.


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johnny rotten

Between the MSM and anyone else you can bet on the sure that the MSM is the liar, without risk.


The assassination of Soleimani was one of the dumbest things the “US” has ever done. But then again they are no longer known for their intelligence or integrity.

Ashok Varma

It is certainly the verdict of history as well. The people who replaced the kind soldier statesman Soleimani are far more hard-line and intent on defeating the murderous US occupation forces. Resistance in Iraq and Syria is a natural reaction to the brutality and war crimes committed by US, Australia and other NATO cowards.


You should specify where “they are no longer known for their intelligence or integrity.”

I can assure you that in the West there is a daily strong propaganda celebrating the US as the champion of freedom and loyalty, while an even stronger Hollywood-style propaganda show the the whole world that US and the West is the most evoluted rich and ‘democratic’ world.

Séamus Ó Néill

Are you in some way implying that they were once known for their intelligence and integrity, I must have been asleep for that few minutes. Americans are bred and brought up to believe that they’re an exceptional and indispensable country ( can’t say race or nation , because they’re neither ), wheras , in reality they’re an arrogant comglomeration of loud-mouthed, uneducated amoral, bullying psychopaths. Their main modus operandi is provoking and starting wars , then these lily-livered cowards slink into the background and expect their vassals to do the fighting for them. Thankfully they are now also financially bankrupt and the world laughs as their feifdom disintegrates into a stinking cesspit !


I do see your point and your present characterization of America is accurate. But, at least in comparative terms, America was once the place to be. Because underneath that veneer of “exceptionalism” there was once a kernel of truth.

Séamus Ó Néill

Andreas, I’m not a confrontational person but America was born out of genocide, of slavery, of mob lynchings, rape pillage etc, etc. They , like the British Empire, through fear, manipulation and bloody psychopathic terror, brought country after country to their knees….so they could do what they do best…..kill

Gregory Casey

South Front needs to examine the feed from Sabereen more carefully if it wants to find film of fire & explosion at Ain alAssad Air-base.
Moreover you will discover the US-imposed media blackout on the Drone attack if you look for it.

Ashok Varma

It appears that real resistance against the savage, but cowardly US occupation forces and NATO vassals is just beginning in the region. The humiliating American defeat and chicken run from Afghanistan has now set an example for all regional resistance forces on how to defeat the bankrupt, cowardly and casualty averse western eunuchs.



As an old saying amongst my people goes, the worm has turned.

There is a growing realization around the world that the “US” has become little more than a big fat pretentious clown blind to its own contradictions and lack of organic appeal. It is beginning to not only look, but act, like the slovenly and drunken, wife beating, uneducated loser portrayed so often on the long running TV show ‘Cops’; a show that was recently banned, despite its popularity, as being too politically incorrect. Imagine that in the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave!

The true face of America has indeed become that of the coward. And the worst sort of coward. That of the coward who is terrified to face himself.


Many don’t realize is the US are a paper tiger,they can drop bombs but are too scared to mix it on the ground,their home boys going home in boxes isn’t a good look.

Arch Bungle

The Americans opened Pandora’s box with drone warfare. Now they suffer drone attacks.
The Americans opened Pandora’s box with nuclear warfare. Now they live in terror of nuclear attack.
The Americans opened Pandora’s box with militarisation of space, now they live in fear of attacks from space.

… Fools who never learn.


The Americans opened Pandora’s box with Free Speech. Now they suffer from what it says about them.


The Iranians need to give them a second helping of ballistic missiles.

The Objective

Has SouthFront transformed into a website that publishes only unverifiable claims? The article starts by making a bold assertion, then it casts doubt on everything. This site is getting boring now.


when Trump war in power this rats were hiding underground, far left Biden admin is a joke and will lose the war with Iran

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