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One Intelligence Officer Killed, Three Others Injured In Car Bombing In Eastern Ukraine

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One Intelligence Officer Killed, Three Others Injured In Car Bombing In Eastern Ukraine

A colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was killed and three others servicemen were injured as a result of a car blast near Kostiantynivka in the Kiev-controlled part of the Donetsk region, the SBU press service reported on Wednesday.

SBU Col. Yuriy Vozny has been killed in the line of duty in Kostiantynivka district of Donetsk region. The preliminary cause of the death is a car explosion. Three persons are staying in a hospital with injuries of varying severity,” the SBU said in a statement.

According to Ukrainian media, the car was blown up with an IED set up on the road.

The SBU is the main Ukrainian security agency in the areas of counterintelligence activity and terrorism combatting. The service is responsible for multiple human rights violations in the area of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Col. Maxim Shapoval of the Chief Directorate of Ukrainian military intelligence was killed in a car blast in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

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reminds of Russia in the 90’s when the criminals were blowing each other up

Kim Jong

plz more of this!!!!

paolo duchateau

This time, for people of DPR/LPR !

Gabriel Hollows

Serves you right for Givi and Motorola.


Two in one week? This is getting pretty dark, no matter who is doing it.

Solomon Krupacek

maybe maffia


But which mafia?

Solomon Krupacek

ukrainian. perhaps. :)

Tudor Miron

Motorola and Givi payback.

Picapau amarelo

Good work, but not enough. All the high-ups like Porkyshenko, Turchinov, Kolomoisky, Avakov, Yarosh, Yatseniuk and all the rest of fascist oligarchs must pay with their lives for what they have done to the Ukraine and Donbass


Yes payback time indeed.
The fuse was lit long ago. The grand experiment & purge has been underway. Even after this unpleasantness ends when people – citizens – humans figure it out we all are fighting for our free agency – free will from tyranny by the Central Banks & Elite Oligarchs. The planned & scripted world chaos Kabuki theater of the absurd continues. Adapt & survive.

To those that have it coming….

Julius Meinel

Finally the order to fight back has been given by the upper echelon in Moscow. Glad to see KGB operatives at work doing what they do best… eliminating human scum.

Gary Sellars

Excellent… one less filthy Ukropi orc boss to worry about…

That’s ones for Givi…. more to come…

Mark Tyrone Chia

Yes. This is the Nazi who murdered Donbass commanders.

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