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JUNE 2023

Once Again, Houthis Repel Saudi-led Coalition Attack On Al-Hudaydah Airport, Destroy Several Vehicles (Video)

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On June 21, the Houthis repelled a large attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on the airport of al-Hudaydah along the western coast of Yemen, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. Yemeni sourcse said that the Houthis also managed to recaptured most of the positions they had lost inside the airport.

During the clashes in the airport, Houthi fighters destroyed several armored vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition with ATGMs, IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades. Many Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters were also killed by the Houthis.

A day earlier, the Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported that the Saudi-led coalition captured large areas of the airport of al-Hudaydah. The Sky News Arabia TV even released a video showing the airport’s main hall and runway under the control of the coalition.

This is the second attempt of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies to capture the airport. On June 17, the first ground attack of the coalition on the airport witnessed a catastrophic fail.

In spite of their superior weapon systems and heavy fire power, Saudi-led coalition forces appear to be unable to overrun the Houthis’ defenses in the airport. However, the upcoming days will for sure witness a third attempt of the coalition to capture this facility.

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Bi Esm

Houthis = Desert lions

S Melanson

Houthi commanders = Desert Fox


Ask your photographer to NOT chew kot while filming. Houthi fighters are good and I hope they defeat SA invasions.


No one can beat the houthi Quat majick


Any prime minister or president supporting these child butchers Trump, Salman, Netanyahu and their states is in fact declaring himself the child butcher, terrorist and thief…


The US and Saudi proxies will never win in Syria, Palestine and in Yemen.

chris chuba

I wonder if Nikki Haley is going to address the UN standing in front of a spent shell casing of an AK-47 showing how it has Iranian markings because the Shia and their allies are only allowed to fight with wooden spears.


the mention of her name only bring the reality that so called “christians” in US govt positions are not even “christians” or doing God’s work.. They follow the commandment of lucifer , the murderer of man since the beginning..

Hansi Hintern


Things are getting interesting, maybe the Iranians will officially try to protect Houdedeh port. Maybe we will soon see an Iranian aid convoy arriving there, similar to the one, that Turkey tried to sent to Palestine years ago. Just this time with a few escorting battle ships, which will heavily improve its chances of arrival. Would be a great show, Iranian aid convoy entering Houdedeh port, guarded by heavily armed Iranian ships. Of course the aid convoy should only transport civil goods and supplies, so that the Iranians could even allow inspections of the cargo.


lalalalalalalalaaaaa opps didnt i say so before….hahaha……….hiiiihihihihhihih…lol……. here is the BIG difference…………a mercenary: if he dies, he looses the JOY of life…………..a houthi: if he dies, he looses the pain of life……was the same in vietnam,afghanistan etc….common sense…and nothing will ever change that.period. so go on attck you satanic jew slaves….attack more and more….go all in……..and as i wrote a dozens times already……if them walking talking pricks do capture this airport and later the city, it wont change a dam thing , and the invading forces are not even close to the mountanous homeland of the houthis which will surely then be their coffin.BUT, if those satanic jew slaves do not capture the port city, hahaha this war is over. so i do seriously hope that them fucking retarded satanic jew slaves continue to attack, over and over and over and over again……..and sooner than later…..they have no chips left to put in the pot.they are allin.It started out with usa and other western mercenaries carrying out the attacks, for 10,000-30,000 dollars a month pay.Then they went down to them fuckin columbian mercenaries paying them 3000-5000 dollars a month.Now they are down to sudanese mercenaries, paying them 300-500 dollars a month.Hahahahahahahahaahaha……..this is a continuing downward spiral….and as soon as they are allin….this war is over.and it looks like it will be sooner than later. To my brothers of the houthis, proud we are, proud we are how you defend your home country against the satanic jew slave army.You are a symbol of strength and steadfastness and courage and heart.

S Melanson

In a previous post I gave suggestions on how to interpret coalition announcements using the ‘Orwellian Translater’. Here is an example:

Coalition announces ‘the airport has been fully liberated and is now under coalition control’. Real meaning: coalition assault repulsed with heavy losses

Saudi commanders at coalition HQ (AKA – Ronald McDonald’s Playhouse) make a rousing radio broadcast in order to restore confidence within the coalition ranks:

We will retreat on the seas [except the boat that got blown up], we will retreat on the land [in the rare case we actually took ground], we will retreat in the air… port [again]. We will never surrender our Magic Barbie Dolls.

These powerful words deeply moved the battered soldiers of the coalition, although largely confined to the soldier’s bowel region.


Go Houthis!


Sudanese mercs, columbian mercs,Academi mercs,French special forces, Emirati soldiers, some rag tag Yemeni guys that support Hadi, Al qaeda terrorists, all the weapons and logistic and advisory advice from britain,france, usa and israel…. And they still can’t do shit. Pathetic. May Allah destroy those who are destroying Yemen.

Also I don’t get why we’re always calling them Houthis. The yemeni army is also fighting these guys. Yemeni army is allied with AnsarAllah. Yemeni army and AnsarAllah are fighting against invaders and traitors and terrorists. May Allah reward them in this life and the next.

Tom Tom

Man, the Saudi’s are being blown up like popcorn.


classic military strategy 101 , seizing and holding an objective with your troops on long supply line in the middle of hostile territory , the invaders need a large portion of their force dedicated in guarding their long finger of supply line.. other wise it will be Arnhem disaster all over again , where the main force got stuck due to endless attack along their single supply route..

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