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On Edge Of Regional War: Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon, Hezbollah Declared War On Riyadh


On Edge Of Regional War: Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon, Hezbollah Declared War On Riyadh

Despite the internal chaos, Saudi Arabia has found enough time for warlike rhetorics against Lebanon and Hezbollah in particular.

Riyadh said on Monday that some acts of “aggression” by Hezbollah “were considered acts of a declaration of war against Saudi Arabia by Lebanon and by the Lebanese Party of the Devil.”

Saudi Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan told Al-Arabiya TV that former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri had been told this before his resignation.

Hariri announced his resignation on Saturday in a televised statement recorded in Saudi Arabia. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that the resignation was forced by Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has also blamed Iran for the ballistic missile attack which was conducted by Yemen’s Houthi forces against the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on November 4.

Meanwhile, two Saudi princes have died in suspicious circumstances. The first one died in a “helicopter crash” and the second was killed in a firefight with security forces. Experts clearly link these deaths to the ongoing crackdown on opposition figures in the country.

Summing up the recent events, Saudi Arabia is rapidly plunging into turmoil and its current leadership seek salvation in repressions against the opposition and fidning some foreign enemy to unite the population.



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  • Attrition47

    It’s about time these Saud bastards got their P45s.

  • as

    What’s US take on this ? This will raise oil price worldwide.

  • BMWA1

    Why does the skyscraper light display remind me of the great eye atop the black tower in Mordor?

    • Ronald

      Evil Mordor is right , they accuse Lebanon of their own crimes .

    • Garga

      That’s sinister!
      That used to remind me of a giant opener, but now I can’t forget Saudoron.

    • MH370

      it is indeed sinister many few number of muslim already started to recognizing the sinisteristic behind those saudi towers. the prophet already phrophesized coming to the end of times… Devil Horn will Rise from Nejad.

    • goingbrokes

      The union of the Two Towers!

  • chris chuba

    The Saudis have completely lost their mind. They have gone totally power mad. They don’t even have a false flag pretext for this joke of a declaration of war. Pride goes before a fall.

    • Don Machiavelli

      They just do as US and Israel command them to. Zio signature is all over this.

      • Caitlin

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    • Garga

      They are learning to how play victim. Nothing serious here.
      I wonder, who may teach them that…

      • Tommy Jensen

        Yeah, its funny how its the same concept everytime.
        We only need Nasrallah´s complete new passport found close to Riadh International Airport by FBI……LOL.

  • Expo Marker

    Saudi Arabia and its allies have failed to make noticable gains in Yemen, but now they want to declare war on Lebanon.

    They will most likely use their “moderate rebels” in Idlib and sleeper cells in Lebanon to damage the “Party of Satan”.

    • Expo Marker

      Or NATO and Israel will gang up on Lebanon because Saudi won’t stop wailing how they’re losing. And knowing Trump, he likely will deploy troops to “defend Saudi integrity against Lebanese agression”.

    • goingbrokes

      It’s an interesting comment “Party of Satan” (meaning Hezbollah of course). As the party name clearly has the word allah in it, isn’t it quite sacrilegious for a saudi to call it Satan!!!

  • Manie

    To say that Saudis statment that Lebanon has declared war on saudia Arabia is absurd does not even begin to explain the depavity that plagues the kingdom. The kingdom seems to be in full panic mode.

  • Keep it Real

    the saudis lost the isis war! Now they try to start an uncovered war with syria iran …..

    • chris chuba

      The Saudis must really think that the U.S. has their back because a confrontation with Iran would absolutely ruin them. Even if they never face Iran’s army, Iran’s ballistic missile arsenal would ruin their infrastructure. If the Saudis strike first and the U.S. remains neutral, the Saudis can say goodnight Gladis.

      • Keep it Real

        careful, if the saudis and iran will fight each other the jew will make his move and start an invasion!

        • George King

          Zionist already involved on the side of saudis in this matter, it is their voice you are hearing, the days of successful ventriloquist has become the “Emperor has no clothes” for all but the naive.

  • Free man

    It is a pity that Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting at the expense of Lebanon.

  • Gary Sellars

    MBS is a certifiable psychopath.

  • Gary Sellars

    This is the inevitable conclusion of rump going to Riyadh and licking the arse of the Saudi royals. These medieval lunatics think they have a green light to spread chaos and destruction in their Masters name.