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Offshore Patrol Vessel Of Venezuelan Navy Sunk After Collision With Passenger Ship


Offshore Patrol Vessel Of Venezuelan Navy Sunk After Collision With Passenger Ship

GC-23 Naiguata

On March 31, the Venezuelan Navy’s offshore patrol vessel – the GC-23 Naiguata – sunk after it had collided with the Resolute, a passenger ship registered in Portugal.

The incident reportedly occurred off the northwest coast of Tortuga at about 0.45 local time. The GC-23 Naiguata was rammed by the Resolute  sailing to Buenos Aires without passengers. The Venezuelan patrol ship sank, all 44 members of the ship were rescued.

The Resolute did not receive serious damage. There were no injuries on board. On March 23 morning the ship arrived in Willemstad in Curacao.

According to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the Resolute, which is more than 120 meters in length, illegally entered the waters of Venezuela, about 10km from the island of Tortuga. The GC-23 Naiguata was deployed to the area, but the Resolute rammed her.

Venezuelan authorities do not exclude that this ship was transporting mercenaries to attack military bases in Venezuela.




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  • rightiswrong rightiswrong

    Why didn’t Venezuela send a Su30 to sink the Resolute?

    Why not seek the ship out when it leaves its port of call.

    • Bill Wilson

      Maduro wanted to seize the liner so he and his cohorts could sail off to Cuba with tons of gold, cash and dope. His navy fucked up that operation so now the next time The Resolute sails, the Dutch Navy will be providing an armed escort.

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong


        Maduro is going nowhere, but Gayboy will soon be gone.

        He’s no use to the US now. The Dutch, they couldn’t defend the Bosnians, cowards ran and left them.
        You Yanks are embarrassing, expecting other nations to do your dirty work.
        Grow some balls, do it yourself.

        • JIMI JAMES

          Meanwhile Russia sold venezualan stocks in us dollar,thus converted back
          much more poweplay to put rubio and it’s kweer cia facists outta buisness,ha!

      • JIMI JAMES

        Rubio is a poof,I never truth what any poof and it’s allied blowjobs got to say,it’s their cia regimes that do all that trafficking sht,scumbag fools not the truth,ever!

  • Bill Wilson

    How funny! First problem with the article is that the island is Isla la Tortuga, which is NE of Caracas. Tortuga is an island off the northern coast of Haiti. Second problem is that the article failed to mention that The Resolute was inside the international shipping lane that runs along the coast. Third problem is that the article fails to provide a reason why the Naiguata had to cross The Resolutes bow in such a manner that it wound up getting rammed.

    • jade villaceran

      your twisted comment doesnt have any impact here unless its backed by evidence

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        He’s named after a football in a Tom Hanks film ffs.

        Oval head, no brains can be stable within that shape.

        • Dicksonrp

          No balls either.. He is a Zio terrorist jewish fairy boy

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            A Jewhadi!


    • Neutronium

      Nothing but trolls on this site. Not worth the trouble to post here. Same as BLN. That’s how the trolls do it – just post so much cr@p everyone else leaves in disgust. The tribe at work.

  • Traiano Welcome

    CIA Operation.

  • Al Ge

    A cruise ship managed to ram a navy vessel? Yeah, I doubt that.