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India and Russia Sign Agreement on the S-400 Deliveries

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Russia and India have signed an agreement on the delieveries of S-400 air defence systems.

India and Russia Sign Agreement on the S-400 Deliveries

The Indian Mnister of State Rao Inderjit Singh confirmed on Wednesday that the countries have agreed on the deliveies of the defence systems. The next generatio S-400 air defence system carries three types of missiles that are capable of destroying aerial targets at short-to-extremely long range. Additionally, they can track and destroy every type of aerial target, including ballistics and cruise missiles.

When asked to give a date on the first deliveries of the defense system, Singh said, “It’s hard to say, but as soon as possible.”

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Real Anti-Racist Action

India does not need these. Pakistan is no threat. Iran and Syria need these. To defend themselves from the globalist Zionist-Empire.


Until the company making them is done outfitting the Russian military I dont think any will be exported except maybe under emergency conditions. The export versions of advanced Russian equipment is also sometimes downgraded a bit for security reasons. Not sure but hopefully these will be before turned over to a possible nato ally.

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