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Official From US-backed Kurdish Administration Blames Russia For Lack Of Progress In Talks With Damascus

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Official From US-backed Kurdish Administration Blames Russia For Lack Of Progress In Talks With Damascus

In this Feb. 22, 2019 file photo, U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces fighters stand guard next to men waiting to be screened after being evacuated out of the last territory held by Daesh militants, near Baghouz, eastern Syria. (AP/Felipe Dana/File)

Mainstream media outlets and officials from the US-backed, self-proclaimed Kurdish administration in northeastern Syria have found a side to blame for their failure to reach a ‘good deal’ with the Damascus government.

On April 12, The New York Times released remarks by Badran Jia Kurd, who was described by the report as “a Syrian Kurdish official involved in the political track, said the talks [with Damascus] had gone nowhere.”

“The Russians froze the initiative which Russia was supposed to carry out and it did not begin negotiations with Damascus,” he said. “Russia is still claiming that it is working on that initiative but to no avail.”

The New York Times report says further:

Unlike the insurgent groups that have fought Assad across much of Syria, the main Syrian Kurdish groups are not hostile to him and say their objective is to preserve autonomy within the state.

But Damascus opposes the level of autonomy they seek. The Syrian defense minister last month said the state would take back the Kurdish led-region by force if its leaders did not submit to the return of state authority.

The presence of U.S. forces has provided the Kurdish-led region with a de facto security umbrella that has shielded it from Assad and neighboring Turkey, which views the main Syrian Kurdish groups as a security threat.

Jia Kurd said Russia had put its interests with Turkey ahead of pressing for a deal between Damascus.

Russia had “not played its role after meeting the Turkish side many times and this is what led to the blocking of the path of dialogue with Damascus and Russia bears the historic responsibility,” he said.

This report highlights the tendency, which has been strengthening within mainstream media outlets and in statements of US-backed forces in northeastern Syria. The main idea of these claims and reports is that it’s the Damascus government and Russia to blame for the current crisis in the part of the country controlled by US proxies because they do not want to accept the “democracy” there. However, these reports often forgot to mention that the Kurdish aministration is in fact demanding Damascus to allow a de-facto independent state with own armed (security) forces in this area and even fund this state. In turn, “democratic forces” would formally allow Syria to raise some flags over some government buildings.

A brief look at the ongoing negotiating process:


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“To preserve autonomy within the state”, well the Kurds and America must know that so called autonomy does Not include the right to military ‘borders’ within the state, or the right to shelter foreign troops on Syrian soil.

TAF-ING dirty eşeks

Turkey is going to destroy this terror nest, stop begging all sides and join reconciliation with Turkish side or face total defeat


i understand really i don’t trust trump and his administartion anymore either they have shown their hand and it is that of the siniGOG of satan he definatly IS the trojan horse i had seen,my side has turned on them if you must know i and my allies watch them closely now but not in a good way i personally don’t trust him…..


i must now go against 4 countries to secure my people and get them all out of the poverty such people forced upon them


Well, at least a grain of thruth is in it. Even SF reported in last days and today how Putins prioritys are now. And to those here who prefer the Turks over the Kurds: Assad surely sees them as Syrians still, and wants them to return into statehood. And most Syrians, Sunni included, would stand against further Turkish occupation. So if you are on the side of Syria, hope for a deal between Assad and the Kurds. The US will sooner or later leave, maybe some months, more likely some years.
But the Turks want to annex NE Syria like they did for centurys.. And keep it and never loose it again like they did after their last empire came crashing down on them.

Astrid Watanabe

Assad has said he will not accept splitting the country “under any name”. He also keeps reminding them of their history of being betrayed, and he hopes they “come to their rationality, and trust no-one but their Syrian homeland.” That is pretty generous, considering. I hope they listen.


whores as the kurds are never listen but obey their pimps. The only way to listen is to be 6 feet under.


Of course everyone is playing the blame game, but the results of these machinations was inevitable.


The New York Times is about as reliable as a vampire in a bloodbank.

George King

Kurds continue to ask for impossible terms (a state inside a state) and a demand on the state’s resources. The Russians did try to bring the Kurds into the coalition prior to the Turkish movement into Afrin. They would not accept a unified Syrian nation. They refused and Russia and the Syrian coalition with drew form the talks which set the stage for the Turkish push into Afrin.

Syria not only has had battled the coalition of terror supported by many NATO nations but also criminal gangs that fill any void in the fog of war. If Syria is to be a nation of law and order for its citizens, the road map is clear.

Kurdish tribes participated in the Armenian Genocide, which lasted two years and killed a few hundred thousand Armenians and Christians for the promise of their own homeland which of course Turkey did not grant. We saw the Kurdish effort in Iraq which was put down within days, it will be the same in Syria.


no it will not be as you think. it will not be easy if it ever happen and it will not be fast.

George King

Well please enlighten us as to your insight, of course forming a more perfect union does require lots of effort and time.


if you need me to enlighten you in something it is obvious then it be waste of time.

George King

Obviously it was an invitation for dialog extended by me for your thoughts however first it may be a good idea to back track on your part and look up discourse so that you may understand what it may mean.


then you have asked the wrong question and in a wrong way. I may have misunderstand you. I was referring to the kurds and their patrons it will not be fast or easy for syrians to put them down.


He is a known moron mate, just to give you the thumbs up.

George King

Thanks for the thumbs up mate, I do see that HH seems to speak (opinion) of little substance on the subject but with lots of faith in what ever it is he is talking about.

Astrid Watanabe

“….It wil not be easy….”
I’m afraid you are right, mainly because of the insidious influence of the US on the Kurds. On the other hand, I would think that the Kurds would hate to actually fight the Syrian Army, even though they declared they would “defend their gains.” If they would suddenly come to their senses and help their own country that would be too good to be true, never happens, I am dreaming. They could be so helpful to Syria, and surely would be appreciated. But we have to expect more bloody messes to come, instead.


Kurds dont belong to syria and is not syria their country they are settlers there and abuse the hospitality is been given to them. They are like a snake you warm in your bosom that is warranty to bite you the moment it gets warm enough.


You are talking out of your ass greek boy !

You should not be commenting in blogs like this, you are hurting and embarassing your country with your stupid comments.


Who the fuck are you to say where Kurds belong ?

What do you think you know about the Kurds ?

You are a tiny cockroach, a school kid that skips school to type whatever crap comes down their shit for brains in blogs.
You shoud stick to the Greek blog you usualy go (pronews, a known fascist right wing religious fanatic blog) , this is a serious blog.

Astrid Watanabe

Couple of things you mention I did not know, so thanks for sharing the info.


whiny bunch -just on thing to do – kick them into place back to the borderland as tenants.

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