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Officer Shot In Louisville; Cops Draw Guns While Protesters Set Fires And Destroy Property

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

(Update 2145ET): The situation has grown more tense in Louisville after a Metro Police Officer was shot downtown according to an LMPD spokesperson, who offered no further details. There are unconfirmed reports that a second officer was shot as well.

Elsewhere, police officers stood guard with guns drawn as protesters heckled them.

Both the FBI and National Guard have been deployed:

Check back for more updates…

*  *  *

The Governor of Kentucky has activated the National Guard and State Police after Brionna Taylor protests began to heat up.

Meanwhile, the Louisville Metro Police Department is livestreaming their response:

*  *  *

A police officer in the shooting of Brionna Taylor has been indicted by a Grand Jury and charged with three counts of ‘wanton endangerment’ of the first degree in Taylor’s death, after he was found to have “blindly” fired 10 rounds into Taylor’s apartment after her boyfriend opened fire on the police.

Bond for the officer, Brett Hankison, has been set at $15,000. According to Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Hankison faces up to 5 years in prison for each count.

Notably, two other officers involved in the incident were not charged, while more serious charges were not brought against Hankison, per The Hill. According to Cameron, the other officers were “justified in their use of force.”

It begins…

The National Guard, meanwhile, is on standby.

*  *  *

The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky has announced a 72-hour curfew from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. beginning Wednesday evening in anticipation of riots over the grand jury decision in the case of Breonna Taylor. Exemptions will be made for work, medical aid and attending worship.

Officer Shot In Louisville; Cops Draw Guns While Protesters Set Fires And Destroy Property
A demonstrator holds up a sign of Breonna Taylor during a protest in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

“We must plan for the potential of large gatherings,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “Our goal is ensuring space and opportunity for people to express their First Amendment rights.”

The move comes after Fischer declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, signing two executive orders which “allows him to exercise any of his emergency powers” in response to Wednesday’s 1:30 p.m. announcement over whether officers will face charges.

Taylor was shot and killed by LMPD officers serving a search warrant on her apartment when her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opened fire on what he says he thought were intruders. Taylor was shot five times.

Taylor’s family has received a $12 million dollar settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit, however if the officers are not charged, downtown Louisville is likely go off.

Stores in downtown Louisville have boarded up in anticipation of civil unrest.

According to Summit News, Target stores as far as a 20 minute drive from downtown have boarded up.

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“There are unconfirmed reports that a second officer was shot as well.” Where the fuck is Louisville ?


Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., planet Earth in this solar system

cechas vodobenikov

backward people=amerikans sexually repressed idiots–they impeached Clinton then trump….they prefer to destroy themselves with backward institutions: legal peasant witch hunts only 2 primitive peoples allow “grand juries”—USA, Liberia


Wait for the retaliation Chinese and Russian assholes.Its gonna be painful especially for China!


Officer shot in Russia: OMG OMG CIA Coup, arrest all opposition! Marcial law! Save our Country! Officer shot in USA: mehh


People in the US have the right to fight back against the savage police like the one in the video below:


Kenny Jones ™

Russia: helped Syria defeat terrorism USA: supported terrorism in Syria


People in USA don’t even care what their agencies do abroad, unfortunately. Also majority of Russians didn’t support Syrian intervention.

Harry Smith

Hope 09/26/2020 won’t be the day when the Second American civil war started.

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