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Officer Fired, Police Chief Steps Down, Wendy’s Set Ablaze After Atlanta Shooting

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Atlanta PD officer Garrett Rolfe has been fired following the deadly Friday night shooting of Rayshard Brooks, while another officer, Devin Bronsan, has been placed on administrative leave, according to 11 Alive – citing an Atlanta Police spokesman just after midnight on Sunday.

Officer Fired, Police Chief Steps Down, Wendy's Set Ablaze After Atlanta Shooting
Officer Garrett Rolfe, Officer Devin Bronsan

Meanwhile, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields will be stepping down following the incident.

Brooks, who had fallen asleep at the wheel at a Wendy’s drive-thru, was shot by an officer after he grabbed one of their Tasers and pointed it at them as he was running away. He died later that evening at Grady Memorial Hospital.

In response to the shooting, protesters set the Wendy’s on fire:

A CNN crew was attacked by peaceful protesters at the scene:

The group then began to set fires nearby:

* * *

The latest police killing of an “unarmed” black man unfolded Friday night in Atlanta, and footage released Saturday afternoon is already causing a major uproar in the city. Activists are demanding that Atlanta’s police chief Erika Shields, whose statements to the press and willingness to push deescalation tactics made her a media darling during the unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd.

Though the only details of the incident so far involve grainy cellphone camera footage, it’s clear in the video that one of the two APD officers involved in the incident shot a suspect in the back as he was running away after wresting one of the officer’s tasers away from him.

The Georgia NAACP claimed the APD needs “a serious overhaul” and argued that the deceased suspect, later identified as Rayshard Brooks, 27, was killed for “sleeping” (not for attacking two officers and stealing one of their weapons).

The footage posted to twitter earlier shows Brooks successfully wrestle both officers to the ground before running off with the taser. At the end of the video, several gunshots ring out, though the shooting of Brooks isn’t shown.

Meanwhile, protesters showed up Saturday to Washington DC’s “Black Lives Matter” plaza where smaller protests have been ongoing every day. Saturday marked the 16th day of demonstrations.

Here’s what happened according to the Washington Post: the ADP received a call and was dispatched to a local Wendy’s Friday night following a complaint about a man parked and asleep in the drive-through, according to a preliminary report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The situation escalated when the two officers tried taking Brooks, 27, into custody. He resisted, and the situation quickly became violent.

Officer Fired, Police Chief Steps Down, Wendy's Set Ablaze After Atlanta Shooting


Atlanta activists wrote Saturday that “ADP shot another unarmed black man in South Atlanta. Details are still coming and our rage continues.”

The GBI’s preliminary report told a different story.

“During the arrest, the male subject resisted and a struggle ensued,” GBI said. “The officer deployed a Taser. Witnesses report that during the struggle the male subject grabbed and was in possession of the Taser. It has also been reported that the male subject was shot by an officer in the struggle over the Taser.”

Brooks died Saturday morning at a local hospital after emergency surgery.

Brooks’s death marks the 48th officer-involved shooting the GBI has been asked to investigate since the start of 2020. Ahmaud Arbery was also shot and killed in Georgia, though his assailants – who will all stand trial for murder – weren’t cops.

Once the GBI completes its independent investigation, the case will be turned over to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office for review. Later on Saturday, the Fulton County DA’s office said it had already launched “an intense, independent investigation of the incident” and that personnel were dispatched to the scene immediately after the shooting. One local outlet said both officers involved have been removed from duty pending an investigation.

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Albert Pike

“Atlanta ain’t having it…” Still waiting for the burning of this Chigago Subway Station – but nobody cared…

Resisting arrest, tazer, two bullets – its all there but nothing happend.

Maybe because the story was sold differently – as: ‘Man resisting arrest’. Only problem – it was an arrest for nothing. He didn’t move between cars, he just had eye contact with the black police-lady – which was enough to arrest him:

Even in their last released video they cut away the eye contact – the real reason for the arrest:

So it’s all a matter how it’s been sold…


Unless there is a terrorist or similar on the run, I don’t see any reason to shoot someone in the back. Didn’t surprise me though having been to America, especially New York. It’s the people and their mentality. A lot of them shouldn’t be driving a car, let alone in a position of high responsibility.

James Adams

Why do people say the police killed an innocent person. He was resisting arrest stole a police officers taser and pointed it at him. In my books that’s not innocent.


He was innocent since he was being arrested for “eye contact” . Resisting an unlawful racist arrest doesn’t make you a villain. I guess we should add ‘gazing while black’ to the list

Albert Pike

The problem is the arresting stuff for all kinds of minor demeanors, like falling asleep, while being drunk at the drive-in Wimpy. Next question is driving drunk a minor demeanor? Anyway he was sleeping it off, he should have fallen asleep at a regular parking spot, and the cop should have let him run away, since he didn’t like to be arrested. Or he shouldn’ t have shot him dead (may be use smaller bullets?).

You see there is no easy solution, besides of in future just writing a ticket for drunk driving. That would be nice, since my driving skills are even drunk still better than the average sober…


Smearing the victim by bringing in alcohol into the story, nobody mentioned alcohol, you brought it up as an attempt to justify the murder, typical racist move. If he were white he would just be “falling asleep” but since he’s black “obviously alcohol”. Get bent .

Hasbara Hunter

Fuckn Black & White Bullshit was created by the Elites, Masons & ZioNazis in the first place…Unity among the People is what they fear the most

Divide et Impera

Albert Pike

Even being Afro and Armchair you should get your story straigth before using foul language:
‘Police were initially called to the Wendy’s around 10:33 p.m. after a complaint about a man parked in the drive-thru asleep, forcing other vehicles to drive around him, according to the GBI’s preliminary report.
According to Reynolds, officers administered a field sobriety test on the man, later identified as Brooks. After he failed, they attempted to take him into custody’


Lol believing the cops…. Remember the George Floyd case when the cops said ‘no he didn’t die from being strangled , he died from fentinyl, no Corona, no heart attack” then an independent autopsy was done and the obvious strangle was the cause of death. Cops will say whatever to justify killing a black person coz the institution is infiltrated by tent city and their sympathisers.

Albert Pike

You mean the fake fight between two latin bar bouncers, which knew each other for 17years, which ended up in golden casket for ‘Habib Show’ star ‘George the Landlord’, and the man Chauvin, married to Asian Miss Illinios, which was described by the neighbours as a real estate agent, being in jail. Most likey similar ‘in jail’ to Norway master freemason Anders Behring Breivik being in jail, and solitary confinement, for the last nine years, where no fellow convict has ever seen him? You mean that one (don’t you think they are both a bit to ‘colourful’ to be real)?

Here you see some video before the call ‘action’ – and it doesn’t look like that they had ‘a row’, they look more like profesional actors – like they both were:

Sure he had to be CoVid19 positive – otherwise he wouldn’t be usefull in the WEF-Davos Project ‘The great Reset’:
Without CoVid19 no reset – Floyd had to have CoVid19 to be fully useful:



One thing I’ve realized is that everytime the problem of white supremacy and it’s harm becomes the topic of discussion…. Conspiracy theories by whites spring up saying something along the lines of “it’s the masons, no it’s the Jews, no it’s the deep shadow. This crap won’t fly. You’re playing around with theories coz you want to spin a fantasy where you aren’t the baddie but We see who the agressor is , white supremacy and it’s sympathisers

Hasbara Hunter

Who are you boy? New in here? Tryin’ to Divide & Conquer a bit? All Theories ended up to be the simple TRUTH…


I used to be a conspiracy theorist believing in secret orders and other shit until the physical threat of racism and it’s history that’s threatening to repeat itself slapped me across the face. I’m no longer playing cat and mouse with fabricated history and only focused on survival against forces determined that my kind remain opressed. That’s my truth.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahahaha…you sound like a Racist to me…I’m Dutch…we have every Nation on this Planet represented here…They are me Brothers…We will fight like ONE…no matter whether he is a Muslim…Asian…Russian…African…Unity is what counts…Unity will destroy them Evil Elitist Parasites…I am embedded amongst all Nations & will prevent at ALL COSTS that the “Scum” will raise arms against Eachother this time…The Elites, ZioNazis & Masons overplayed their hands and soon will pay the price for High Treason against Humanity itself….they will burn..that is not a threat…just a promise…Many of my Visions in the past became the harsh reality of today…so better prepare! Sharpen your pitchfork bro…we got some work to do

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


I’m not talking about the average guy on the street, I too have friends of other races. I’m talking about government institutions, media and legislation that constantly show a racial bias when black people are concerned . I expect people who are comfortable with the status quo to consider fighting white supremacy to be “racist”

Hasbara Hunter

Those institutions, legislation & media are all created by the same Filthy “Untouchable” Demonic Elites, ZioNazis & Knights Templar…hasn’t got shit to do with white men in itself…Fuck the System… destroy it for once & for ALL! The Human species are a Failure…they should have shaken hands at least two thousand years ago & built a paradise on Earth…but they fucked up Big Time….applause for that

Albert Pike

I can’t do nothing about the bad scripts – you must complain with the producers. Not my doing that those two fakes did know each other. If you want to be so ignorant, and spinn a theater psy op into ‘racism against black people’, and march for the white oligarchs which paid the actors, then it’s you who is supporting rich white supremacy…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Putin: Protests show US is in deep crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that US protests show the country is in a “deep crisis.”

Speaking in an interview, the Russian president stated the US was plagued by party politics and went on to accuse the Democrats of making up “bogus stories” to question the legitimacy of the presidency of Donald Trump. Putin stressed he is always careful when commenting on internal matters of other states, but said that it looks to him like “the problem is that group party interests, in this case, are placed above the interests of the entire society and the interests of people.”

Putin’s comments come as police violence and anti-racism protests continue in the US. However, his mention of false stories on Trump hinted to the Russia probe.


cechas vodobenikov

the amerikan children throw more tantrums…”amerikan parents teach their children to have bad manners” Geoffrey Gorer

Hasbara Hunter

America is a Nation built upon Lies…Broken Treaties ‘n’ Genocides…One cannot expect anything good from that fact…Karma is a bitch…The whole thing is backfiring straight in their faces…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

For This to Slip Would Be the ‘End of Empire’
“To maintain the status of the dollar, Trump therefore has assiduously devoted himself to disrupting the multi-lateral global order, sensing this danger to the unique privileges conveyed by control of the world’s monetary base. His particular concern would be to see a Europe that was umbilically-linked to the financial and technological heavy-weight that is China. This, in itself, effectively would presage a different world financial governance.
But, is the fear that the threat principally lies with Europe’s Soros-style vision justified? There may – just as well – be a fifth-column at home. The billionaires’ club of the very rich has long ceased to be culturally ‘Anglo’. It has become a borderless, ‘self-selecting’, governing entity unto itself.”
Full Article: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/06/08/for-this-to-slip-would-be-the-end-of-empire/

Assad must stay

Jahahahah putin is right, US is in deep crisis shit, especially when protesters set the Wendy’s on fire, I guess because it made the guy fall asleep lmao


Well the worker from Wendy’s is the one who called the police on a guy for fucking sleeping in his car. And he knows that in USA when you call the police on someone there is a 50% chance the police will end up killing him. I mean what, now is it against the law to be drunk? Is USA now ISIS territory and alcohol is banned, public executions by the police, yep looks like ISIS territory, well since USA created ISIS I guess they must now share their ways too.

Assad must stay


Harry Smith

A bimbo was asked what is the probability you will meet a dinosaur on the streets. She answered 50/50. Or I will meet it or won’t.
So 50% by Ivanus is kinda same. After police was summoned, someone would be kill or would not.

Hasbara Hunter

Elites & ZioNazis will burn….Murica is finished…the Empire in its Final Death Throes…how bloody lovely…

Pave Way IV

Not so sure about ‘final death throes’ HH, but who knows. You’re certainly not misreading what may be a titanic change in U.S. psychopathic leadership, but consider this article from The Electronic Intifada”

Israel lobby sees Black Lives Matter as major strategic threat

Some more fanatic observers in Israel have taken to labeling BLM as an existential threat to Israel. BLM is very aware of Israel’s attempts to both oppose and infiltrate it, which has only garnered more vocal opposition in the movement to Israel in general, and awareness/sympathy for Palestinians. One cannot imagine the amount of hand-wringing this is causing.

The U.S. Israeli lobby is dancing on a frying pan crying out in pain, and nobody in Washington D.C. is listening – the politicians are hiding in terror rather than take a side. No amount of shekels is going to fix this for them. You may be watching the collapse of an empire, but I’m watching my treasonous leaders suddenly realize just how f’cked and powerless they truly are. They are neutered and marginalized without their thug cops backing them up. This brings tears of joy to my eyes. I never thought it would end like this, and don’t really wish it to end (hey, I live here) but oh well… Karma is a bitch.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah…beautiful days indeed…them Sheeple here in Holland are wakin’ up as well…The Corona-Hoax brought everything into rapid acceleration…


Thanks for the link. Regime criminalists have really gotten themselves into a pickle now.

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