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Odious Grimaces Of Bureaucracy. Why Russia Dissolution Is Still Possible (Video)


Odious Grimaces Of Bureaucracy. Why Russia Dissolution Is Still Possible (Video)

Irina Alashkevich

Another top Russian regional official has caused controversy – this time by comparing victims of this summer’s historic Siberian floods to thugs and boms in a leaked audio file.

Remarks by Irina Alashkevich, the Irkutsk regional administration’s spokeswoman, were related to the recent floods in the Irkutsk and Krasnoyasrk regions, in which over two dozen people were killed. In particular, she slammed people from the town of Tulun, Irkutsk region.

The full audio file with English subtitles:

Commeting on the situation, Alashkevich claimed that the audio was faked, adding that Irkutsk governor Sergei Levchenko had ordered an expert analysis of the recording. On August 19, the REN TV television channel reported it had commissioned an independent investigation which confirmed that the voice in the recording belongs to Alashkevich.

The glamorous head of the governor’s press service shut her social media and went on leave following a media storm around the recording.

Alashkevich started work as head of regional press service in 2015.

She was present while governor Levchenko hosted Vladimir Putin who came to check upon flood victims. During the trip, Putin demanded local authorities to treat people with more compassion and respect.

The audio caused public outrage, with local and federal media running independent voice probes.

On July 2, Krasnoyarsk governor Alexander Uss visited Kansk, where he vowed swift disaster relief measures to the estimated 300 victims. However, the governor’s exchanges with residents caught on video showed something another.

There are no subs, but the video allows to see the behaviour of the governor:

“What do you want to tell me? You want to appeal to the law?” the government asked one resident after she asked if they would be evacuated by helicopter in case of more flooding.

“I can appeal to the law too,” he told the woman, who had told him “we’ll be cut off from the world if the road is washed away.”

Even further, Uss was openly interrupting residents asking questions.

“Calm down, let me fix your collar,” he said tapping the unamused man on the shoulder instead of allowing him to finish the question.

Alashkevich and Alashkevich-like persons are ordinary representatives of the part of Russian bureaucrats and politicians that self-describe themselves as the ‘new aristocracy’.These persons treat Russia and the Russian population as a source of their personal wealth, but do not link own future with the future of the state and its nation.

By their actions, they often discredit the central government and cause public outrage. Thus, they serve as a useful tool and pretext for any external actors seeking to destabilize Russia regions.




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  • Dawn

    The lowest scum of humanity… So called “elites” They see them selves as a masters and all of us is no more than sheeps to them – to milk, to sell, to cut, to kill.. Fkin trockist..Stalin have made a lot of their kind to stand in front of the wall..

  • Mario8282

    I think Ivan The Terrible knew how to control the “nobility”, e.g. the mid level layer.

    • Mish

      Joseph the not-so-terrible knew it even better

  • Bill Wilson

    So what’s the problem? Government assistance to rebuild is slow to materialize? The people in the video appear to be well behaved and acting in a rational manner so must have a good idea of why that’s happening. It was nice for Putin to fly in with some officials along with a security detail to see the damage first hand. It’s hard to fault anyone for trying to look their best if they expect to meet a popular politician in person, especially a flood victim that most likely lost most of their clothing to fast rising water.
    Perhaps Putin should have some officials get in touch with the US FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to get an idea on how they conduct studies in disaster prone areas to determine how local governments and agencies can be best prepared for those which is then provided in print and digital media for them to act on. Most states and localities have disaster plans so FEMA looks those over on occasion to make sure they’re up to date. Those that are too lazy to do that on their own will get a set of instructions from FEMA on what to do. FEMA had to do that with the State of Louisiana and New Orleans who decided to do nothing after receiving them then cried like babies after Hurricane Katrina hit since nearly all of their emergency, road equipment and school buses got trapped in flood waters and the local, parish and state workers were allowed to leave beforehand so there wasn’t anyone left to take charge or do anything once the storm left.

  • Hide Behind

    First about FEMA and New Orleans flood diaster, #1 is that not all of New Orleans flooded, and in the unflooded areas disaster victims trying to leave on foot were stopped from doing so by primarily armed whites and parish police.
    Over 250,000 poor and low income Blacks were uprooted, familys seperated into different portions of US, and those loading them on bus, train and planes were armed to the teeth military and National Guard troops, and when those who tried to return home, they could find no work due to a US and Mexico contracted labor supply firm, that with Police were living in the FEMA disaster mobile homes.
    The returnees got pennies on the dollar for homes and land that now is covered by coveted homes, casinos and Condominiums.
    Local teachers were either fired or reduced in pay to be replaced by government contracted Corporate and Private Charter schools,and the old elected Parish Administrators had a paycheck but had no jobs as they in turn were replaced by DC bureaucrats, Graduates of Private Religious University and services contracted out to almost totaly white contractors.
    Area today is in actuality a Martial Law Zone, not under local controlled but by Federal Government bodies.
    What does this have to do with possible dissolution of Russia and the way its bureaucrats administrators act, well for the rah rah red hatred US flag wavers, WTF difference between them, Russia and your own , US Elites?
    One big difference was the racial attitudes against poor Blacks found in states.
    The hurricane disaster in A US TERRITORY, mainly of dark skin pigmentation, showed the true amounts of graft by those favored by President, and an almost screw you attitude by mainland US populace.
    Russia has a huge white population in its western European portion of graft ridden lives while in its far larger and riches eastern portion there are many different ethnic and religious groups lo g held as 2nd and 3rd citizen rights or benefits.
    Can Russia get tore apart, why not as hell even in Great American Democ racy we have deliberately split nation in two. and have and have lots, run by elites.

  • hvaiallverden

    This happens everywhere, and everywhere the responce is more or less the same, and also the time things take to materialize, since in this cases, size do matter.
    What lacks is abilitys, people whom can do thing with speed and determination, but even then, things can go wrong, so to blame anyone responcible is of course understandable but a bit over the target.
    What lacks is more fundamental, and I can list some issues, as ignorace about history, floodings etc to mud slides, and when I say that, is due to planning, citys, infractsucture, housing in places nobody in ancient times would even consider, when it to day looks nice to live by an river, it can also be deadly, by the sea, that to, since ther will always come an bigg f…. wave or flooding, every century this happens, and the old once new that, so they never put their housing on places just for the wiue or closeness to water/rivers, because of just that, etc, etc, I think you get it.

    In Norway we have montain sides coming down, and yet people put their houses in/on places that makes your neck hair stand out, and whines whem something do happens.
    Like exrem high tides, flooding even inner citys, etc, and can couse massive material damages.
    They all happens, from time to time, the nature may be dormant for eons, but soner or later something will happen because people are generally mindeless, short time memorys, etc to idiotic planning, and NewO. was also due to ignoring maintance of the Levy systems to make shure water was or had to be able to be diverted, that happened even in England reasently, for the same cause, lake of mantenance.
    That is an comunitys responcebility as much as an state one.
    But shit happens, and this people where unfortunate and needs help and I hope that they got it, and I have little or no symphaty with Gov officials whom is and have the responcebility to make shure mentanance in fact happens to city planners, etc, etc, they should be wipped publicly if it turns out this happened by neglect.


  • Icarus Tanović

    Well, to put it simple, it is not possible.

  • Brother Ma

    Btich is just good for fcucking and not even face -to-face nor with sweet kisses.

  • Kell McBanned

    Self appointed out of touch elites, same problem in the West, the worst self serving people seem to gravitate to these positions.