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Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Suspends Execution of Trump’s Decree on Restrictions of Entry into US

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Migrants, who have already arrived in the US and were detained at airports, were allowed to temporary stay on the country’s territory.

Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Suspends Execution of Trump's Decree on Restrictions of Entry into US

Protesters assemble at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017 (Photo: AP / Craig Ruttle)

The Federal Court in Brooklyn allowed temporary stay for foreign nationals, who have already arrived in the US and were detained at airports in accordance with the new decree on migration policy, signed by US President Donald Trump on Friday, the Reuters news agency reported. The decision was taken by Obama-appointed Federal Judge Ann Donnelly. In this way, the court partially suspended performance of the presidential decree.

As it was specified, foreign nationals, who have already arrived in the country and who have a valid visa are allowed to temporarily stay in the US. According to estimates of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the decision will affect about 100-200 people, who have already been detained in various US airports or still are on the way.

A representative of the US Department of Homeland Security told Reuters that the department had an eye out for this lawsuit. At the same time, the official noted that they have not yet received a copy of the court decision. The ministry’s representative said that this decree affected about 375 migrants. One hundred and nine of them arrived in the US, and they were denied to entry into the country. Other 173 people were not allowed to get on planes by representatives of airlines in departure airports.

Crowds outside federal court in Brooklyn cheered the judgment. According to the ACLU, the judge ordered to provide a list of detainees and said it would go through the names and ensure they are released.

“But the critical point tonight is no one can be sent back to one of these countries,” deputy director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, attorney Lee Gelernt, said.

According to the decree, signed by Trump on Friday, people from seven countries with predominantly Muslim population, in particular citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, are prohibited from entering the US for 90 days.

After the decree’s introduction, citizens of the banned countries, who have arrived in the US, have started to be detained in country’s airports. On Saturday, a large protest erupted at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Participants of the protest opposed the Trump’s immigration decree and demanded to set detained migrants at liberty.

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well too bad for that judge, POTUS is higher in hierarchy, so Trumps orders are more valid


No, in the US judiciary trumps POTUS. He can find a different judge on a higher level who will say otherwise but he can’t legally ignore this verdict. And if it goes to the Supreme Court, that most certainly trumps the POTUS. Which is why both sides fight so hard every time new Supreme Court judge has to be appointed. Whoever controls it controls the country.


well potus is elected by american people, when this comunist judge is not


Irrelevant. The reason we have an independent judiciary is prevent politicians from doing whatever they goddamn want. To prevent politicians from doing what Erdogan is currently doing in Turkey. If the price of that we have to suffer the odd socalled communist judge, well, it beats the alternative. Because any state the government succeeds in subverting the judiciary will not end up in a happy place.


and since when do refugees have right to enter USA ? to enter USA is privilige not right u dumb fuck, even spicer said it in press conference, and read the constitution


Why call me names? I never said I disagreed with you on keeping so called refugees out. My policy on refugees is simple. You have to flee for your life in country, you go to a neighboring country. Unless that is unsafe as well you are now safe. Therefore if you move on you’re no longer a refugee looking safety but a migrant looking for a better life in the land of milk and honey that they think is the West. You’re now an immigrant and different rules should therefore apply.

What I called you out on was that independent judges are a good thing, and just because you think a decision is stupid does not make him or her commie and the system wrong. Because that system is all what keeps you from tyranny. Therefore rejoice whenever a judge has the freedom to make a ruling that tells the government they can’t do anything. Cause you won’t like the alternative.


turkey is not safe? jordan is not safe? saudi arabia is not safe? greece is not safe ? macedonia is not safe ? serbia is not safe ? croatia slovenia austria germany denmark are aparently all not safe


Again you’re putting words in my mouth I didn’t say. If it were up to me any socalled refugee who crosses into Europe is not a refugee but an immigrant and should be sent back immediately. I’m willing to concede that Turkey might not be safe now as its being run into the ground by the Great Sultan of Ankara, and a war is taking place inside its borders against the Kurds. But that was not the case in 2015, when millions streamed into Europe simply looking for a better life. They were safe in all the countries you named and the excuse they gave was ‘those countries are not good for us.’ And I’m supposed to believe that?

Europe is being run into the ground on this issue by an unholy cabal of left wing do-gooders, because these refugees are sad, and right wing rich folk, because all this influx of foreign workers on the labor market keeps wages down. Plus they need housing, that has to built, so ka-ching! $€$€$


But Saudi Arabians are not a threat? Arab money baby! Trump is just like every other USA president, I don’t expect good things to come out of him….i bet these actions will drive more muslims to be extreme good job Trump

Tyrant Fashister

The next terror attack in the US and its over for the shitlibs.A trap stet up by great leader Trump.

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