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JUNE 2023

Obama Admits Creation of ISIS by Washington

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During his speech in Tampa, Florida, outgoing US President Barack Obama has virtually admitted that the US has created the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Obama Admits Creation of ISIS by Washington

Outgoing US President Barack Obama (Photo: zeit.de)

Outgoing US President Barack Obama delivered a speech about confrontation to international terrorism. Or, rather, about the confrontation as it is understood by the US itself. According to Obama, the US made significant progress in the fight against terrorism, which resulted in creation of a powerful coalition, consisted of more than 60 countries. Will just remind, there are, for example, one Luxembourgish serviceman, as well as the Belgium air power, which ‘misses’ and strikes the Syrian government army instead of terrorists, among members of the ‘powerful’ coalition.

Meanwhile, Obama virtually admitted that actions of the US (rather, the previous US administration) produced the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. The outgoing US President said that mistakes of the country, made during the Iraqi campaign in 2003, allowed the IS to rise. At the same time, he immediately added that the US did not make such mistakes during his presidency.

“When ISIL made substantial gains first in Mosul and then in other parts of the country, then suddenly Iraqis reached out once again for help. And in shaping our response, we refused to repeat some of the mistakes of the 2003 invasion that have helped to give rise to the organization that became ISIL in the first place,” Obama said.

He also admitted that Washington provides assistance to various groups of militants. But, according to the US, they are ‘moderate’ rebels and oppositionists, but not militants.

“And then we took the fight to ISIL in both Iraq and Syria, not with American battalions but with local forces backed by our equipment and our advisors and, importantly, our Special Forces,” Obama said.

Advisors and the Special Forces – after such words we can confidently say that presence of US advisers and Special Forces in eastern Aleppo is the main reason of American hysteria in connection with advances of the Syrian government forces in the city. Apparently, US advisers, dressed as ‘moderate’ opposition, also are in the ‘boiler’ in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

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Notice that the “freest country of the world” doesn’t allow comments on their YouTube video?

Sure YouTube is a cess-pool of scum and villany, but censorship is still despicable.


Jewtube also regularly shuts down and censors videos they don’t like, they even have a website dedicated to this censorship:



This “freest country in the world” also has 5% of the world population and 25% of the world’s prisoners and laws in place to allow convicted criminals to be literally used as slaves. The usa locks up more of its own people than any other country on earth.


The US is the most perfidious and odious country in human history. Parasiting of the rest of humanity and having little regard for human life.

Boris Kazlov

Do not agree, the price for most odious country is shared with Israel.

Gary Wells

Let’s not forget the UK. Surely, it is in the running, too,

northerntruthseeker .

The man is such a lying sack of goo…. I am surprised that the American people were that stupid to allow such a criminal to be their President for the last 8 years…


Even worst, the man is NOBEL PEACE PRICE, and he is not shame about that. He is a criminal, and must be under a criminal trial for crime against lesa humanity (Lybia-Syria).


It was either him or McInsane, both are scum but Obama is less of a scum.

Brad Isherwood


Jason Witherspoon

“[V]irtually admitt[ing] that actions of the US (rather, the previous US administration) produced the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group” isn’t really the same as “OBAMA ADMITS CREATION OF ISIS BY WASHINGTON”. I have high regard for SouthFront or I wouldn’t be pointing out this misleading, clickbaity headline. And I personally believe far worse than what Obama’s admitting, so this isn’t about that.

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