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NYT Sources Confirm Top Syrian Scientist Was Assasinated By Israel

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NYT Sources Confirm Top Syrian Scientist Was Assasinated By Israel

The wreckage of a building described by the Syrian Information Ministry in an April press tour as part of the Scientific Studies and Research Center compound. IMAGE: Louai Beshara/Agence France-Presse

Overnight on 5, Aziz Asbar, the head of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center was killed by a car bomb in the town of Masyaf in the western countryside of Hama.

The radical rebel faction Saraya Abu Amara claimed responsibility for the attack. However, many local experts pointed out that the assasination was planted and carried out by Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.

Sources of The New Yourk Times also confirmed the version of the Israeli involvement:

Aziz Asbar was one of Syria’s most important rocket scientists, bent on amassing an arsenal of precision-guided missiles that could be launched with pinpoint accuracy against Israeli cities hundreds of miles away.

He had free access to the highest levels of the Syrian and Iranian governments, and his own security detail. He led a top-secret weapons-development unit called Sector 4 and was hard at work building an underground weapons factory to replace one destroyed by Israel last year.

It was at least the fourth assassination mission by Israel in three years against an enemy weapons engineer on foreign soil, a senior official from a Middle Eastern intelligence agency confirmed on Monday. The following account is based on information provided by the official, whose agency was informed about the operation. He spoke only on the condition of anonymity to discuss a highly classified operation.

In this case, the accusations were well founded: The Mossad had been tracking Mr. Asbar for a long time, according to the Middle Eastern intelligence official.

The Israelis believed that Mr. Asbar led the secret unit known as Sector 4 at the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center. He was said to have free access to the presidential palace in Damascus and had been collaborating with Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force, and other Iranians to begin production of precision-guided missiles in Syria by retrofitting heavy Syrian SM600 Tishreen rockets.

According to the NYT, Asbar was involved in development of  “a solid-fuel plant for missiles and rockets, a safer alternative to liquid fuel.”

“An official from Syria and Iran’s alliance, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to Western journalists, said he believed Israel had wanted to kill Mr. Asbar because of the prominent role he played in Syria’s missile program even before the current conflict broke out in 2011,” the NYT added.

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It’s a very stupid ISraeHELLi reaction coz everybody knows that highranking people have allways a second in command aware of all the secrets and perhaps better trained than the former !


Yes true but some people are just extraordinary at what they do and come up with ideas over night and make things very fast and with quality and they are simply the ones that can do it. That’s why those people are Very Important People = VIPs and should be protected, but it seems in Syria no one can be protected though.

S Melanson

Well it took four tries so I would not go so far as to say he was not protected. But it is odd a car bomb would get someone so important – security sweeps should catch suspicious vehicles for example.


I have seen so many bosses who were at the end of the roll !


Israhell are always guilty when they are not denying or acknowledge anything when they are asked, so it’s very simple when Israhell don’t say we didn’t do it or we did if they really didn’t do something or they just saying if they want Yes we did this or that. But only when they refuse to comment to deny or say anything AUTOMATICALLY is ISRAHELL’s fault always know this.

Lena Jones

I don’t think we need the NYfuckingT to confirm that evil commits evil.

Concrete Mike

Yeah, if nyt claims it was israel…i dont beleive it. They got lucky


Yet another act of war by Israel. Israel will no doubt claim that it was an act of self defence.


Killing the gentiles (goyin) allover the world is an act of self defense for ISRAEL.


Israel’s Offense minister is worried these days that Syria is establishing a large land army. It’s easy to understand his concern, what with all of the crimes against humanity, he’s got good reason to worry about the karma earned.

chris chuba

Because Israel is entitled to bomb Syria whenever they want, having done so hundreds of times, but Syria should never be able to deter Israel from doing so.

John Whitehot

“Israel’s Offense minister is worried these days that Syria is establishing a large land army.”

Frankly, they must be on something, because the size of the Syrian Army surely is smaller than when the civil war started.

One wonders why Israel should have a saying in the size of other countries armies.


What does this assassination even accomplish?

1. I thought Israel’s much vaunted air defense systems was invulnerable to rockets? It seems that’s not true.

2. So Syria will buy rockets from Russia and China which are more sophisticated. Israel made their situation worse.

John Whitehot

“What does this assassination even accomplish?”

Criminal organizations kill people just because they refuse to bow to them.

Most likely, if Mossad killed him (which is almost a given), it means that he has been previously asked to act as an agent of the above. Having refused, he was killed.

Criminal organizations also kill one person to educate 100 others.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

see, they arent too bright :)))


This may have delayed the missile project 10%, but it compounded the likelihood that Siri would use these against Israel about 1000%. Israel is so vile and caustic they don’t know when to stop.

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