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NYT Released Acrticle Slightly Questioning Trump Administration’s Policy Towards Israel. Now It’s In Center Of Scandal


NYT Released Acrticle Slightly Questioning Trump Administration's Policy Towards Israel. Now It's In Center Of Scandal

REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque

On November 16th, the New York Times (NYT) released a story called “Are Jared and Ivanka Good for the Jews?” claiming that Trump’s daughter and her husband are symbols of division within the American Jewish Community.

According to the NYT, Trump’s presidency led to the rise of anti-Semitism in the US, while his pro-Israeli policies had found little support, even among parts of the US Jewish Community.

It is also an “open secret” that the Trump administration’s hardcore pro-Israeli policy has brought the Middle East into an open crisis, regarding Syria, the Palestinians, among other things.

Amy Chozick and Hannah Seligson are the authors of the story and they cited liberal critics of the Trump administration within the Jewish community who argue, effectively, that Kushner and Trump ought to be excommunicated for their roles at the White House.

The NYT story reads:

“They certainly won’t be banned, but I don’t think most synagogues would give them an aliyah,” said Ethan Tucker, a rabbi and president of the Hadar yeshiva in New York, referring to the relatively limited honor of being called to make a blessing before and after the reading of the Torah. (Mr. Tucker is also the stepson of Joe Lieberman, the first Jewish candidate to run on a major party ticket in the U.S.) “I don’t think people generally honor people they feel were accomplices to politics and policies they abhor,” Mr. Tucker said.

The article also appears to blame the growth of the Lubavitch Chabad movement for the divisions in the Jewish community:

“The growth of Chabad correlates with fierce divisions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a small but growing contingent of American Jews who prioritize Israel above any other political or social issue.”

Breitbart, however, reported that it is unclear why the article blames the Chabad movement, since it been rapidly growing for several decades. Before the advent of J Street and other left-wing Jewish organizations that oppose the current Netanyahu Israeli government.

The article cites Kushner’s role in U.S. policy toward Israel, including the opening of the U.S. embassy in Israel. “That embrace [of Israel] has only exacerbated tensions with secular Jews who overwhelmingly vote Democratic and oppose Mr. Trump,” the authors wrote.

The NYT story appeared to backfire, as it received a strong backlash from the Jewish community, as can be seen in Twitter posts.

Some users even called the story “absurd.”

Journalists also called the article “beyond questionable” and the title being “outrageous.”

Jewish community members defended Ivanka Trump, who converted to Judaism. Some also said that the piece is in fact just another attack by liberals on Trump and his inner circle.

It is more than apparent that the Trump administration’s pro-Israeli policy is bringing instability to the Middle East. However, the NYT story simply appeared to be building its own version of events to blame Trump only.



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  • RichardD

    Anti Judaism is a tend that needs to be strengthened in the US as part of the dejudification process, and overcoming Jew judicial system corruption obstruction of justice to prosecuting this evil Jew pedophile mass rape cult for it’s crimes, and outlawing and disbanding it so that American Jews go extinct and America is Jew free.

    “”the Economist/YouGov poll found that only 25 percent of Democrat-voters consider Israel an “ally” of the US, compared with 57 percent of Republicans.”

    – Support for Israel ‘continues to drop’ –


    “94% say that if Jewish state “no longer existed tomorrow,” it would be a “tragedy.””



  • potcracker2588

    turning point in history…either they will succeed with their agenda , or they will perish….

  • Garga

    Trump managed to widen the divide in the US almost in all social, religious and political groups. Despite his actions that put Israel’s demands ahead of the American interests, most American Jews (about %75) don’t support him. That number isn’t mine, it’s from Haaretz and the Washington Post quoting a poll by Jewish Electorate Institute, done by Mellman Group.

    Jewish community of Pittsburgh announced that Trump is not welcomed there after the shooting in the synagogue, because of his supremacist policies.

    On the other hand, there is a very vocal minority which fiercely opposes even mentioning of this fact, as we see some samples in this article.

    Jews too, like any other groups are not a single body that thinks and acts in unison. Of all American Jews, only about %24 voted Trump in 2016, most of them Orthodox Jews (%54 of Orthodox Jews chose Trump) voted for him, it’s obvious there’s no love between other Jews and him.

    The reason most of American Jews are against Trump is because of his policies regarding Israel. This article by Forward and this one by WaPo may help a little bit in this regard.

    That being said, Jews being for or against Trump by no means is equal to them being good or bad. There are good and there are bad in Jews too, like any other ethnicity or religion. But Zionism, it’s an entirely different matter, isn’t it?

    • You can call me Al

      So much attention on such a small tribe – 20 million max in the World and they cause problems everywhere and hold the highest seats of authority in many places – I am not anti-Semite, I am just sick and fucking tired about hearing about them.

      • Garga

        I feel you. Now to ruin your day some more:

        Did you know that even in Iran they are over-represented in the parliament?
        1 MP for about 10k people while the average is about 1 for every 50k. :D

        Curses to the nobility of Kaiser Wilhelm II. If he accepted Zionists’ offer perhaps we lived in a different world today.

      • Freespirit

        So-called “Jews”, in the main, estimated at 98%, especially in that FAKE Entity, called, Israel, are NOT Semitic, so why does anyone talk about “Anti-Semtism, when referring to them?

        They are Pagan KHAZAR converts. Even Writer/Researcher, Koestler, a member of the Jewish faith and those who are honest and in the know, ADMIT to that FACT. Those FAKE Jews, whom Koestler et al, refer to, have hijacked the word “Semite”

        Off course they could be those who hate Palestinians because THEY are the TRUE SEMITES

        • You can call me Al

          Good point.

          • Freespirit

            Thanks Al

    • RichardD

      This guy is obviously a Zionist shill, and a lying one at that. Talking out of both sides of his mouth as Jews commonly do. Are you sitting in some hasbara troll cubical in Tel Aviv?

      • Garga

        What gave it away?
        Dammit! I tried soooo hard to maintain my cover and deceit everyone, but you are just too smart.

        • RichardD

          It’s pretty obvious now the you’ve dropped the Iranian pretext and gone full ziophile. Or is there just a different shill on the troll account

        • PZIVJ

          Richard has been waiting a long time for you to make a slip up on a post Garga.
          If that is your real name? LOL

        • Jakke1899

          You should call upon Moses, make him part the Red Sea again, so you can escape from the armies of Richard back towards the chosen people!!! Flee, my dear fellow, before the Red Sea closes again !

  • RichardD

    With the internet breaking the Jew’s msm grip on information. Increasing numbers of Americans are turning on them, and that’s a good thing that needs to be encouraged and built upon. To strengthen anti Judaism and help facilitate dejudification in the US. So that American Jews go extinct and there are no more of them.

  • Harvey Swinestein

    Kushner has been bad news for peace in Palestine. He is the child of Zionism and works with the Zionist elite to further the oppression of the Palestinians.

  • Smaug

    South Front likes to imply there’s censorship going on, as they bombast us with anti-US articles available in English…

    • Bob

      Err, which part of ‘social media’ Facebook/Twitter censorship are you not currently witnessing…? North American political Conservative accounts being suspended, or pro-Syrian war reportage accounts being deleted?

    • Bob

      Reality and logic check: This is a report about recently published New York Times article – what planet are you on?!

  • Bob

    ‘On November 16th, the New York Times (NYT) released a story called “Are Jared and Ivanka Good for the Jews?” ‘

    Interesting, albeit ethnocentric, op-ed focus, perhaps the broader and more ‘inclusive’ question would have been, is the (de-facto executive) elevation of these two individual’s good for all North Americans? On broader note, New York Times still refers to itself as a traditional media broadsheet publication, with the implied hierarchy status therein, despite fact its its hard-copy publication was physically downsized in 2007.