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Nusrat Al-Islam Claimed Responsibility For Attacks In Mali, As France Resumes Its Operation With Local Forces

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Nusrat Al-Islam Claimed Responsibility For Attacks In Mali, As France Resumes Its Operation With Local Forces

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The al-Qaeda-linked group Jamaat Nusrat Al-Islam Wal-Muslimin (JNIM) claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist attacks against foreign military personnel in Mali.

On June 21, several French soldiers and civilians were injured when a suicide bomber attacked a military checkpoint of the French Armed Forces near the village of Gossi. The wounded were evacuated by helicopters to a hospital in Gao. The military base located near Gossi is used by the security forces as a foothold for operations against jihadists in Mali.

Nusrat Al-Islam Claimed Responsibility For Attacks In Mali, As France Resumes Its Operation With Local Forces

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On June 25, another suicide bomber attacked a military unit of the UN mission MINUSMA. The incident took place near the village of Icharaga in the Gao region. Fifteen soldiers of the Bundeswehr and the Belgian Armed Forces were reportedly injured.

Also, the DNIM militants claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on June 19 that targeted foreign forces near the city of Minak. A roadside-planted IED targeted the UN convoy. No casualties were reported.

In a statement, the terrorists threatened French president Emmanuel Macron with more terrorist attacks against the French armed forces and their allied forces in Mali.

The number of terrorist attacks in Mali increased after a senior commander of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb was eliminated by French military in early June.

In response, on July 2, the French ministry of the armed forces announced that it would resume its joint operations with the Malian Armed Forces. It had suspended bilateral military cooperation following a second coup in Mali in May. Meanwhile, more than 5,000 French soldiers are deployed in the Sahel.


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A clown like you

Ohh France what have you learned from all the wars you had? It seems nothing.
Also, it is funny how Europeans cry out so much about emigrants and don’t blame their government – I should say they blame their government for allowing so many emigrants in, BUT they don’t blame their government for being in wars in Africa and M.E.

YT comment sections are full of these kinds of people…once you talk about NATO being at war and causing problems in Africa and M.E for no fuking reason….you know what they most likely say to you, “that is not the problem”.

It goes like this Zion at the top -> yanquis are their pigs to be killed at Zion orders -> Europeans are just slaves of Zion.
For years big companies own the right of “West”. They are just like Chinese workers, BUT the Chinese put more of their money back in the country – the Europeans and yanquis pay their money to Zion.

Simon Ndiritu

French, US and other clowns are busy preventing free trade in Africa by breeding terrorists in Sahara and distabilizing Sudan so that rich, developed North Africa is cordoned of from resources rich, fast developing tropical Africa; European hypocrisy sickens. Fragmented Africa is forced to trade more with the outside words through unequal and sanction prone avenues.
So, the same France and US, that are fighting alongside Al-qaeda as ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria will now tell us how Al-qaeda in Africa bad.
I also note that no french, German or Belgian Soldier died in the said 3’terror attacks’ which could very well be false flag operations to keep Colonialists sucking our resources


How French Colonialism in Africa Never Ended

Through the example of the Franc of the Financial Community of Africa (CFA franc), the author argues that France is practicing a form of neo-colonialism in Africa. France ensures this euro-backed currency for the 14 states part of the CFA franc zone—12 of these states are former French colonies. In return, it demands 50% of their foreign reserves to be deposited in the French treasury. Moreover, France has maintained a presence in the banks established for the implementation of the CFA franc policy, giving it control over the financial and exchange rate policies of the former colonies.

Muhammad Hamza Tanvir

Last edited 24 days ago by block

BTW, Nusrat is a fitting name for these zionist, saudi supported inbreds.

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