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Number Of Civilian Casualties In US Strikes On Afghanistan Grows Further


Number Of Civilian Casualties In US Strikes On Afghanistan Grows Further


Over the past week alone, the US indiscriminate air strikes in Afghanistan have killed about 35 civilians. On January 24, a US airstrike in the province of Helmand killed 16 civilians, On January 25, an airstrike was delivered against a funeral procession organized by the relatives of those people. This strike killed 13 more people.

According to the existing data, in December 2018 and January 2019, there were at least 10 US airstrikes, which killed at least 68 civilians.

The US Air Force carries out strikes on various conflict zones around the world. These airstrikes cause casualties among civilians on a constant basis. However, the Pentagon and the US leadership prefer to hide or ignore these facts.

For example, in October 2018, Amnesty International released a detailed report criticizing the US-led coalition for its denials of deaths during its anti-ISIS operation in the Syrian city of Raqqah. MORE HERE



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  • Nowruz

    The US was founded on killing innocent people so it is no surprise that in order to spread “freedom” in the region that killing civilians is their #1 priority.

    R.I.P to the civilians.

  • jm74

    Instead of this continuous complaining do something about it. So far no state has taken the US and coalition to the UN for their murder and violations.

  • Tommy Jensen

    US did it again and we were crying. Taleban should lay down their weapons and be like us sheeple.