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“Novichok” Strikes Again: British Police Claims Two More People Were Poisoned By “Nerve Agent”

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"Novichok" Strikes Again: British Police Claims Two More People Were Poisoned By "Nerve Agent"

Dawn Sturgess, 44 and Charles Rowley, 45. Source: FACEBOOK/NICHOLAS RAZZELL

Charles Rowley, 45, and his 44-year-old girlfriend, Dawn Sturgess, are critically ill after being poisoned by”Russian” Novichok nerve agent, British counter-terrorism claims.

According to an official version, Rowley and Sturgess suffered from the poisoning in Amesbury on June 30. This town is located 13 km north of Salisbury where Skripals were allegedly targeted by the same agent on March 3.

“I have received test results from Porton Down [military research centre] which show that the two people have been exposed to the nerve agent Novichok,” Neil Basu, Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, told media.

Basu said that the incident is under invesitation. He also added that there was no intelligence to indicate that the man and woman had been deliberately targeted as well as noted that police did not yet know how the nerve agent was transmitted.

Novichok is the same allegedly “Russian-made” nerve agent, which, according to the British leadership, was allegedly used in the Skripal case – the alleged poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

According to Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman, the British government’s emergency response committee had met to discuss the situation.

“The working theory is currently that this exposure was accidental, rather than a second attack along the lines of that on Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury earlier this year,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid said. He is also chairing a meeting of the emergency response committee on July 5.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continued spreading hysteria over “the Russians” using nerve agents here and there. The only problem is that no side has provided any evidence confirming Russian involvement so far.

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” He also added that there was no intelligence to indicate that the man and woman had been deliberately targeted…..”

What was targeted was the Putin-Trump summit. The Perpetual Warmakers of the West had the means and motive , the unfortunate couple simply provided the opportunity.

Brother Ma

Yes. It is a false flag to poison the minds of Average Joes in the West against Putin and Russia.


They also want to distract us from Tommy Robinson.

You can call me Al

My view – The World Cup feedback from English and other European Countries…. ?, far too positive, just a thought, OH SORRY I FORGOT THAT BITCH “MAY”, BETRAYED US ON BREXIT.


Following successful Russian marketing, Brits can’t get enough of this novel beauty treatment.comment image


I want some too!


Get a house and move to Salisbury, somewhere close to Porton Down.
Who knows? Maybe you get lucky and the Brit spooks choose you for their next false-flag!


With reality coming home to all the people who have been to Russia for the world cup and the threat of what might occur with Trump visiting Russia in the near future, the psychotic government of the UK had to act. It’s amazing that Novichok, the most deadly nerve agent which provides it’s victims with symptoms that mirror being drugged rather than poisoned with a nerve agent, once again rears it’s ugly head with all victims surviving the exposure and revitalizing the UK’s russophobic bs. Of course once again Russia has offered to join the investigation and been refused by the UK. Meanwhile, the Skripals remain kidnapped, I mean, not appearing before the cameras to speak of their ordeal which is a common action taken by humans who have been victimized and survived. If I were a UK citizen, I too would be concerned for my safety by all of those false flags being performed by the government in it’s targeting of Russia. Only fools would believe anything the UK government and it’s media branches have to say on the subject matter similar to all of the idiots who wanted to go to the world cup but stayed home because of the propaganda. Just goes to show, what happens when all you get 24/7 is propaganda and you swallow it.

Muriel Kuri

I think the OPCW has been compromised anyway. Look at the latest handling of the last ‘chemical’ attack in Syria. Some serious money must have switched hands here.


The inevitable sequence :

New institution >> Legitimate , widely-trusted institution >> Compromised , corrupt institution

You can call me Al

Hahahahaha brilliant. Love it.


Kill all britain government they are fucking disgusting with these shit.

You can call me Al

That is my Government, I have the right to say “Kill all of our British government – they are fucking disgusting with this shit.” + SCUM.

PS They are pathetic and embarrassing to my people as well.

Dušan Mirić

No, no, no. Let them lie. Maybe the next one is going to perform in better way. We already know this.


They must be overthrowed at this point.

Doom Sternz

From 3-4 months ago………………………“The Syrian Arab Army and with the help of Russia captured a shipment of chemical weapons destined for the Eastern Ghouta. These were British weapons produced at Porton Down in Salisbury. Russia has indicated that the Skripal incident is related to Porton Downs chemical weapons smuggling, Skiripal was working at Porton Down as a chemical weapons trafficker in partnership with a Ukrainian firm. Russia denies attacking Skripal but admits he was under surveillance for his activities involving support of terrorism in Syria and arms trafficking.

Swiss Lab confirms “BZ toxin” produced in US or UK used in Salisbury poisoning. Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate or BZ.

The Swiss lab also commented at the presence of the nerve agent A234 in the samples, but added that the lab noted that its presence in the samples appeared strange, given the substance’s high volatility and the relatively long period between the poisoning and the sample-taking.

Hard Hawk



No doubt. Unfortunately , Porton Down doesn’t test for that.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I don’t believe a syllable of this.


This story is an IQ test: Those who believes it fails it.


The symptoms of this latest incident are more akin to those of BZ that was found by the Swiss government laboratory employed by the OPCW during the Scripal affair ( a weaponised LSD that was stockpiled by NATO forces during the cold war years for use against Warsaw Pact troops ).

The UK government has again ‘ immediately ‘ gained a detailed analysis of ‘ Novichok ‘ from Porton Down , which is in a generic name that could be applied to BZ if so wished or even my smelly socks on a hot Summers day. Rather than a military grade nerve agent that would kill in seconds or several minutes, depending on the application.

What this all points to is a supply of BZ somewhere in the Salisbury area that has been utilised by criminals , unwittingly or not and that has now affected a known drug addict.

The childish UK government will of course dig their hole a lot deeper, rather than apologise to Russia.

Pave Way IV

I think that restaurant should probably take the Roasted Garlic BZ-Crusted Shrimp off the menu. Sounds like a lawsuit just waiting to happen.




But what could make more sense than the proposition that Putin would try to undermine his long sought-after and very successful World Cup by killing-off for no reason what-so-ever. Such are the thought processes of the UK gov.


The UK thought processes of a Hubris Addict I think and a childish one at that :)


Maybe those British agents who did the original poisoning got sloppy?

Also, again strange that people can so easily survive exposure to a nervous gas agent. During the Cold War it was often said those agents would be more deadly then nukes, as they would kill EVERYTHING in the environment. People, animals, bacterial life. And now we have a 2nd case of people surviving exposure with little to no effect? How stupid do they think I am? Answer: Obviously very stupid.

You can call me Al

Have you ever seen a grown man cry ?, or bang his head onto his keyboard ?.

I can only apologise for our Yiddish politicians. Plus add the people are OK.



comment image

BLLX, had enough……..
comment image?version=0

You can call me Al

WK 2018 in Russia – COME ON ENGLAND.


In the BBC report, and I kid you not – go and check it, they claim that it took so long for the symptoms to appear that Paramedics dealt with the woman and only later that day were called to deal with the guy. Yet, literally in the same report, the BBC says: “Novichok, a nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s, takes effect within minutes”. They literally put these two incompatible statements in the same report, and their journalists are not all over their authorities demanding an explanation. Ten times more deadly than VX, but so far everyone survived.

Richard M

This farce is more and more comical by the day! Will the FUKUS Orcs use this as an excuse to bomb Syria?


One conclusion is obvious: don’t live near chemical or biological warfare facilities!


If you check out the British press, this isn’t the number one story this time, also most outlets have shutdown the comments section on this story. The comments on the few that do allow comments are mostly calling the UK Government a liar.

James Bond has turned into Austin Powers.


I think the poison is not Novichok, if it was, the victims would be dead.
So if the poison is not Novichok, the British chemical weapons lab is lying, as is the hospital and the politicians.

It means that the British Government, is poisoning British citizens, but not a single British journalist will dare to raise that possibility.

V for Vengeance covered this.


Vengeance is long overdue.

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