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‘Novichok-Poisoned Bikini’: Navalny Releases Recording Of Phone Call With Alleged FSB Officer

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'Novichok-Poisoned Bikini': Navalny Releases Recording Of Phone Call With Alleged FSB Officer

Click to see full-size image

You can read this article in German. LINK

On December 21st, Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny published a conversation with an alleged FSB officer by the name of Konstantin Kudryavtsev.

It is, of course, a mystery how the agent didn’t recognize the voice of the person who he was allegedly tasked to kill, but, well, asking questions has always been a vice.

Navalny reportedly called one FSB officer first, and that officer immediately recognized him and hung up.

The second operative, Konstantin Kudryavtsev, was seemingly duped into thinking he was talking to an aide working for a top FSB general.

The call was allegedly carried out just hours before on December 14th, “investigative website” Bellingcat published “details” of the FSB officers who allegedly failed to kill Navalny – not once, but twice, according to MSM.

A careful observer can notice that Navalny’s phone call is “very very legitimate”, since both the Bellingcat investigation and the MSM reports and his video contain the photograph of Kudryavtsev.

The information regarding the alleged agent provided by Navalny and Bellingcat is the following:

“Konstantin Kudryavtsev, cover name Konstantin “Sokolov”, born 28 April 1980.

Served at a chemical warfare military unit in Shikhany. Graduated Russia’s Military Chemical-Biological Defense Academy before joining the FSB’s Criminalistics Institute.”

Quite thorough, as one can easily see.

'Novichok-Poisoned Bikini': Navalny Releases Recording Of Phone Call With Alleged FSB Officer

Click to see full-size image

Regarding the investigation, Bellingcat said the following:

“This investigation has unearthed large volumes of data implicating Russia’s preeminent security agency, the FSB, in tailing Navalny over a long period of time using operatives that have specialized training in chemical weapons, chemistry and medicine – a skillset inconsistent with regular surveillance practices. These operatives were in the vicinity of the opposition activist in the days and hours of the time-range during which he was poisoned with a military-grade chemical weapon. They were in the vicinity of Navalny on at least one other occasion when a family member felt inexplicable symptoms consistent with a non-lethal, accidental dosage of the same toxin. They had previously tailed the opposition figure on over 37 trips in the last four years. Given this implausible series of coincidences, the burden of proof for an innocent explanation appears to rest purely with the Russian state.

This independent investigation, which will be expanded upon in future contributions, is particularly important given that no country has offered its jurisdiction to investigate the poisoning of Navalny, a political activist, blogger and former presidential candidate, with a banned chemical weapon. Such tacit refusal to investigate amounts to a deferral of the duty to investigate to Russia – a state that is not only implicated in the crime itself, but one which has officially declined to open a formal investigation.

The Bellingcat Investigative Team has assembled a timeline of movements, phone calls, and actions taken by the FSB operatives (Team 9) and by Alexey Navalny’s team.”

The Russian state, according to Bellingcat, needs to prove that it is innocent, because there are “too many coincidences” for anything to be an accident. That’s essentially all of it – guilty, until proven innocent.

It is thus, quite puzzling, that an individual who allegedly trailed Navalny for a while, and listened to his conversations and more managed to fall victim to a simple telephone scam, as can be seen and heard in the video.

This is how the conversation went:

Navalny introduced himself as “Maxim Ustinov”, an entirely made-up individual, and asked Kudryavtsev for details of the operation and demanded to know what had gone wrong.

Apparently, entirely unaware that he was actually speaking to the individual he was supposed to kill, as if in a spy-comedy, Kudryavtsev apparently confirmed the FSB was behind the poisoning. He said his colleagues had applied novichok to the “inner seams” of the opposition leader’s boxer shorts, when Navalny was staying in the Siberian city of Tomsk.

What’s interesting is that Novichok was on his underwear, according to this version of events.

But the official version of events said that it was on a water bottle, and that Novichok traces had been found there.

Which version is the true one, since at least one must be false?

A reconnaissance team had previously visited the Xander hotel and switched off the CCTV cameras, Kudryavtsev said. Once the all-clear had been given, operatives deployed the poison.

“It had been previously thought Navalny may have been exposed to the nerve agent through a cup of tea or a cocktail,” the Guardian reported.

The German government concluded that there was Novichok traces on the water bottle.

Or maybe the evil FSB decided to take no chance and poisoned his underwear and his water bottle?

It is also possible that Navalny simply, somehow, carries his water bottle inside his underwear.

It now appears that, allegedly, the Novichok was administered in the form of a spray or an ointment, either via the hotel’s laundry service or by FSB officers sneaking into Navalny’s hotel room.

MSM and the German government must rush to change the official, “proven” version.

The situation is quite dubious. It appears that the contradicting versions of evidence, of what specifically happened are a clear indication that somebody isn’t specifically telling the truth.

At the same time, the recording is either entirely fake, with an individual who is no FSB officer, it is possible that it also isn’t a phone call, but just a conversation that’s essentially an elaborate prank, but aimed at blaming a foreign government with assassination.

If the recording is real, then somehow an agent tasked to follow, and allegedly kill, Navalny didn’t how his voice sounded over the phone. Clearly the FSB have low standards if their “clandestine kill squads” are filled with individuals presenting such low levels of professionalism.

If that’s the case, there’s nothing to feel sorry about, apart from Russia which allegedly fails to kill anybody with a scary and lethal nerve agent.

Regardless, there’s still no concrete evidence, even the Bellingcat “investigation” is mostly built from “testimony” from people from Navalny’s team. The issue there is that you can point at just about anybody and say that he’s a “Kremlin agent” or an “FSB Officer”, and if one wants to see them, there are secret kill squads all around. A dime a dozen, really.

Navalny’s Novichok Poisoning Fairy Tales Collapse Under Pressure Of Evidence (7.10.2020):

'Novichok-Poisoned Bikini': Navalny Releases Recording Of Phone Call With Alleged FSB Officer

Alexey Navalny

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has handed over to Germany a report on poisoning of Russian hardcore neo-liberal and pro-Western opposition figure Alexey Navalny, the organization said in a statement on October 6.

The statement confirms that Navalny was not ‘poisoned with Novichok’. Instead, it says that Blood and urine samples from Navalny contained a “cholinesterase inhibitor” with “structural characteristics” similar to Novichok chemicals, which are not even listed in the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention.

A statement issued on the OPCW official website says the following:

THE HAGUE, Netherlands—6 October 2020—The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) transmitted yesterday to the Federal Republic of Germany the report of the OPCW’s mission to provide requested technical assistance in regard to the poisoning of Mr Alexei Navalny, on 20 August 2020.

The results of the analysis by the OPCW designated laboratories of biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team and shared with the Federal Republic of Germany confirm that the biomarkers of the cholinesterase inhibitor found in Mr Navalny’s blood and urine samples have similar structural characteristics as the toxic chemicals belonging to schedules 1.A.14 and 1.A.15 that were added to the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention during the Twenty-Fourth Session of the Conference of the States Parties in November 2019. This cholinesterase inhibitor is not listed in the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention.

The Permanent Representation of Germany to the OPCW requested that the Technical Secretariat share the summary of this report with all States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention and make it publicly available.

The Director-General, H.E. Mr Fernando Arias, thanked the OPCW designated laboratories that supported the technical assistance request for their swift analysis. He further considered that these results constitute a matter of grave concern. States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention have declared the use of chemical weapons by anyone under any circumstances as reprehensible and wholly contrary to the legal norms established by the international community. It is therefore important now for States Parties to uphold the norm they have decided to adhere to more than 25 years ago. He reaffirmed the Secretariat’s readiness to continue assisting them through independent expertise.

Despite the OPCW statement, Navalny and mainstream media outlets continues to blatantly push the claim that his analyzes have found a ‘Novichok nerve agent’.

The words of the OPCW about “structurally similar substance” also leads to an apparent question. How really “similar” it was to Novichok nerve agent?  For example, dichlorvos is also a cholinesterase inhibitor and “structurally similar” to many substances. The list of such substances is very wide.

Therefore, contrary to the mainstream narrative, the findings showed that Navalny was not poisoned by a chemical weapon. This substance can be anything, but it is not ‘deadly Novichok’ and not a chemical weapon, since it is all covered by the protocols to the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention. Therefore, any speculations about some ‘usage of chemical weapons’ and the vioaltion of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are lie. Actions of the EU, NATO, the US, reports of mainstream media outlets and Navalny himself cant say what they want but the supposedly existing ‘evidence’ against Russia does not exist.

As to the mysterious ‘bottle with Novichok’ or other things of Navalny, which were transferred to the OPCW, they apparently also contained nothing besides a “cholinesterase inhibitor” with “structural characteristics” similar to dichlorvos.

Therefore, there are two main possible explanations of this situation:

  • Drug addict Navalny got an overdose of something that he has become used to eat, drink, sniff etc.
  • Mariya Pevchikh, which spent the night in Navalny’s room before the incident, poisoned him.

Now, the main question is how the self-proclaimed leader of the Russian opposition is going to return to Russia, and what moral right he has to do this. In the current conditions, it is also likely that the Navalny team and Navalny himself that continue lying about a ‘Novichok attack’ will face criminal cases for their libel actions. There is also a possibility that this was a false flag operation by Russian special services – a kind of ‘Putin-style two-move combination’ in which, Pevchikh was just exploited as a pawn.


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Jens Holms approves – the rest is laughing on yet another fairy tale :))

Jens Holm

Its very visible. Russia by Putin want no changes not even if they are based on 70% or more as in Krasnodarsk.

There is no real Leadership reaching all from Moscow as well as local Leadership is kept awat from taking care of vitals.

The fellow is just one of many 1000s, which are not even allowed to try to make changes to the better. We do that here. If they are no good, we next time dont elect them again.

I know most of Your fairy tales. They all start with “a once upon a time there might come”…:)

And I dont laugh. Its more like I dont understand that so few people in Russia can let so many people suffer.

Its very visible, whats none done and most of thateven is wtitten in all EU constitutions as normal here.

Russia cant even produce its own insulin and little laughable Denmark makes more medicine for own use and export then the whole Russia do.

Its the same mostplaces woth most productions in Russia. They are told how by us. Russians think they have a better system saving a lot of pension because so many dont get really old. Thats Russian economics.


All this complete Horseshit Hoax is cooked-up and fabricated by the UK’s russophobe Deep-State off-shoots ‘Intergrity Initiative’ and ‘Institute for Statecraft’ on behest of the AmeriCunts and Navalny is just one of their corrupt Patsies + Lackey….they are by the way the same Asshole who facilitated the Skripal Bullshit Hoax. BellingCrap is as well on their Payroll to spread this Crap and let it rotated in the Fake-News/Propaganda MSM.

AM Hants

Just said similar. UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who funds Bill Browder’s Integrity Initiative Tribe, who once were known as Statecraft and then Integrity Initiative (Browder being part of II), and then they changed names to Open Information Partnership. Working in union with Belingcat (funded again by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office), 77th Squadron and also, the White Helmets are linked into them all.

Christopher Steele and didn’t he work with Pablo Miller, who was Skripal’s handler? Not forgetting Boris Johnson was the Foreign Secretary at the time and in charge of UK Intelligence and the the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office?

Google/Facebook/Twitter NATO Atlantic Council Burisma Holdings Open Society Foundation Obama $oro$ Victor Punchuk Christopher Steele Sir Andrew Wood Christopher Steele Alexandra Chalupa McCain Biden Obama Clinton Foundation Mitt Romney Pelosi Schiff

The list goes on and on and on


Here’s an interview with Dirk Pohlmann a [real]kick-ass Jornalist from Germany revealing some realy interesting FACTS about some of this stuff, fortunately with eng. subs for the non German speaker.

Part1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH3C1tlA3xQ


Part2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIflM0tQluI


Another interesting iluminating interview of Dirk Pohlmann by Eva K. Bartlett [eng.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pshngHuAKs


Another interesting piece concerning Geopolitics Propaganda and Wikipedia…with Helen Buyniski [eng.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TkRjVO_XIY


I have avoided Wikipedia for a few years now.

The Zionists destroy the integrity of ALL that they touch.

John Wallace

Pt 2 was icing on the cake. click youtube to watch them full size


Pohlmann stated the attempt to divide + seperate Germany-Russia was the plan since 1907 but it was a concerted effort even before Germany as a united Country was founded…they the Anglo-Saxon Powers tried that before that with the German Core + Founding state Prussia. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/35cb01759f661a984e009aec5a4e350355dad333fef714f69afa0c6822d07ed0.jpg


Translation: “When Prussia and Russia were in an alliance, the countries were doing well and Europe was doing well. If any forces in the world managed to have both countries in confrontation with each other, it was a disaster for both countries and for Europe.” [Otto von Bismarck]


Excellent. Thank you again.


‘The Reagan Method’ the mentioned Docu by Dirk Pohlmann with eng. subs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aErIjhzBJN4


Israel is the catalyst for the US warmongering , as all with open minds understand. When Karma comes to Israel and their US attack dogs it will be a joy to behold. A reset :)


And now the Russian Federation has outmatched the out of date US military systems, with 21st century defensive weapons that can destroy the US and any NATO gang.

All of this is due to the gold star strategic leadership of President Putin.


Another Interview with related insights with Wolfgang Bittner German Author [eng. subs] Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaTOgVNpI3I


Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbfax2rON6U


Another Part from Bittner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCqaYK4RMGY


Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoUlXwoGgZ0


So many influential people now now publicly realise that the US is the current pariah empire, together with the US and it’s Israeli/UK puppeteers.

The next month in the US will be pivotal, I think. The Roman Empire lasted about 400 years, and I do not have that much time left :)


Thank you for the videos. They certainly ‘connect the dots’.

Lone Ranger

CIA and Navalny are going full retard ?

AM Hants

‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Novochok Bikini’ – The Military Strength Nerve Agent, all Governments possess, which is far safer than Corona Virus.


Good point,History has proven they the immoral accusers,theyre the ones to genocide!





AM Hants

So Navalny, when you listen to the words ha-ha. I did wonder if anybody would remember the old track. Thanks.




These fascsist unconstituates do not follow the law of the lands,so they can burn in hell too, it’s INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY not the other way around,it needs proper slap on the ear:

John Wallace

I gave up reading just after the start a my tiny brain couldn’t handle anymore. So was Navyman , whatever , wearing a novichok bikini and end up sick. Well you would have to be a little sick to wear a bikini in the first place. He should have stuck to brand new spray on perfume bottles and spill a bit on himself as apparently spraying it on is lethal. At the end of the day the vast majority of people in the world don’t give a shit and will believe whatever crap their governments tell them re Russia or China or Venezuela or Iran and happily send the kids off to die for the cause.

AM Hants

Getting ready for a NATO themed Pride Parade or a party with his handlers? Who was the woman he was with, who escorted him to Germany? Did she lend him her bikini?

Jens Holm

I can only see he want a Russian improvement. Putting in Nato in this is making hostility in, where there is none.

Its the same for EU. We are even blamed for helping up the ones USSR collapsed.

AM Hants

The Bolshevik Union fell in 1991. Why did so many ex-Bolshevik Union States gallup over to the Bolshevik led EU, complete with begging bowls and ‘professional victim’ boulders on their shoulders? Meanwhile Russia, and remember how the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire, back in 1917 and who created the Bolsheviks, anyway, meanwhile Russia paid off all the Bolshevik Debts, dusted herself down and moved on. With ‘Alway the survivor and never the victim’ Russian mentality.

WWI – League of Nations WWII – United Nations WWIII – NWO – Full Spectrum Totalitarian Domination

Now remind me, who created the game and gave us the characters and ideology behind each political group, as we try and sort out WWIII?

Three Corporations Rule The World.

City of London – financial capital Washington DC – Military capital The Vatican – Spiritual capital.

All independent states and with the Vatican, countries, lodging in host nations, with their own taxes and laws, based on the old laws and taxes of the Roman Empire, over 2,000 years ago. In the days when Jerusalem was an outpost of the Roman Empire and remind me, what festival are we celebrating in a few days time, which has been cancelled for Covid?

Jens Holm

We are not Bolsjevics in western Europe. The winners fx for Denmark in 1880 was not comunists but the social democrasy workers movements, which muchmpore was a supplement to Kapitalisme, where the Kapitalisme made terrible conditions for the poorest ones.

By that the educated workers got much better conditions, the companies got better workeers and was raxed better.

By that there were space and money for helping the poor better then no help.

In Bolsjvisme You almost blame educated people and let them be low paid and makes no oncitaments for them to do at good job,innovate, implement a.s.o.

West dies that. But we also tax them harder, when they have a higher income.

Thats why we also has Your everlasting socalled problems according the parts of Jews, which educate themself create jobs and makes a lot of money. We just simply tax them well as anybody else. They create a lot of Jobs. We make people get well paid in those jobs and by that each one contribute in tax, which here is shared by all –

So when people sa people might be poor here, its true but alos not true, because there is a lot, they dont have to pay for or at least dont pay full price.

That not Bolsjevisme at all. The main difference is very visible. We produce much more pr capita and the cake to share is much bigger.

I can only see You miss a lot knowledge about the influencers and who else is there too. The best forgotten example is we parlamentarisme.

You fx also forget that Your London very much is made based on te stockmarket. My pension is based on stockings and private property.All in DEnmark has that loan to London. LOAN to.

By being shareholders, we also owe billions each year as state and private investmenets. I have both.

How many Christmasses has been cancelled. I see one. I also see wesytern has made almost all the vaccines and can pay for it. I allow me to compare with the rest.

Im also a sekular and the small relihgios parts are jusr nice traditions in the dark part of the year.

cechas vodobenikov

LSD misperception of definitions…USSR more freedom than dane colony of USA


Jens, please don’t drink when you post. Danes are happy drunks, according to the Norse. Police in western Sweden initially thought a man whose car was stuck in the snow was Danish, but after a while they realized he was slurring his words because he was drunk. Danes are just pig farmers and boy do they stink. That is how you can tell a Dane. Danes are xenophobic but otherwise good-humoured chronic drunks.

chris chuba

CNN really had a field day with this. They even played the recording.

I didn’t know that the setup was a hoax caller pretending to be an officer who then recorded the conversation. I don’t believe an FSB agent would ever discuss operational details over the phone with anyone, that cannot be standard practice. De-briefing someone in person? Sure, but not over the phone and precisely because that can be … 1. recorded, 2. intercepted via SIGINT, 3. unable to authenticate the caller. No. I demand a believable lie.

If they had claimed it was a defector, or a hacked ZOOM call that would have at least been plausible lie.

AM Hants

I prefer the two Russian pranksters. Their pranks are far superior.


Battle of Sevastopol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuPX8mjeb-E

cechas vodobenikov

famous song Viktor Tsoi (KINO)


Tsoi is LIVE ;)


Excellent movie and excellent music..

And this Viktors song is more on point than ever:


Harry Smith

The change means transition to digital economy, now. Tsoi wanted changes and when they came, nobody was happy. Same situation is now.


They tried to frame russia in the fake phone call mh17 shot from south west direction,drr? The cia will play dirty,utilise all their dirty tools at disposal,this fascist khazar creep is no exception!


If they wanted this guy dead, they could have just waited until he was back in Moscow and have someone shoot him in the street. Could brush it off as a ‘robbery gone bad’ and deny the whole thing.

But yeah… let’s just believe the same old fantastical foreign poisoning plot again…


The FSB could have easily arranged his death whilst he was in prison on Russia for many months.

I am British and very embarrassed to be so now. My country is literally being destroyed on the alter of The New Green Deal by those in control.

AM Hants

So with you Florian and share you embarrassment. I seriously cannot handle anything that comes out of Westminster and holds a press conference, especially if it is called Hancock.

Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully 2021 might bring in some sanity. Again, give Hans a carrot from me. I am just watching a documentary on Siberia, over on Channel Eden. The scenery is absolutely stunning and found it by accident.


Hancock is sooo well named :)

AM Hants

Cock of Hans, but, hope Hans has had better use of his instrument. In the olden days it would be ‘solid platinum dickhead’, which funnily enough was a title that so fitted my first husband.


I mentioned your cock quip to Hans, and he said , ” Neigh Neigh, please don’t take my cock in vain, Hancock really is a dickhead. Could he be a cokehead a well “.

Harry Smith

Thanks to you guys, I have understood how funny the Hancock sounds for English speakers. ROFL


This is an example of the strength of international friendship that so terrifies the Zionists. Humour has always been a powerful bond. :)

AM Hants

Would not surprise me. I was told you could always tell a coke head, as they had a ‘Madamme Tussauds’ wax dummy, look about them. Hancock seriously looks very vacant and for some reason, he always appears to be sweating. Quite similar to Boris. Michael Gove, I seriously cannot make out, besides the Panto Dame look, he has got a very effeminate face, but, also has a rubbery look about him. Freshly scrubbed, wrinkle free, but, he reminds me of a Wallace and Gromit character, made out of plasticine. Which takes me back to Madamme Tussauds. I wonder what he had to do for the Bullingdon Boy initiation? Old Cameron, was given the ‘pigs head’, which he had no problem stuffing. So what did Boris and Gove have to do?


Have you ever considered that Gove IS actually a puppet, AM?

AM Hants

Ha-ha, to be honest, he does remind me of a seriously sinister ventriloquist’s dummy and I would hate to think of who is operating the mouth, as Cameron comes to mind.

Ralph London

Anne-Marie, in case you haven’t seen THIS, 1st vid 35 secs; 2nd longer but looks VERY interesting, 39 mins:

bit chute vid eo awdF5Bw60VIN bit chute vid eo SPbHCYLw1jR8

You’ll have to subs the above & add what’s necessary as otherwise it’s classed as spammm

P.S. stalkerzone still has my comment as ‘Pending’ – you’ve already seen it, but why is there a problem there?

AM Hants

Don’t take it personally, they might be low on moderators, over on the site. I know I posted something once and it was taken the wrong way. No offence was intended, but, it got lost in translation. They must have so much pressure placed on them, owing to who they come up against. Must admit, it one of my favourite sites. Just going to check out your videos.

AM Hants

Having problems with the links.

Ralph London

just put the 3 wobbleyous at the beginning, then d0t, then the name bitchute then d0t. and the usual c-o-m then the slash, the word video, then the slash again, then awdF5Bw60VIN; do likewise for SPbHCYLw1jR8

AM Hants

Happy Christmas Ralph and hopefully 2021 positivity and sanity might make a come back. Together with peace in Donbass. Tried everything, excluding the wobbly bits, so will try again. Excuses, as tired last night when I tried and brain was on vacation.

AM Hants

Hi, off topic, but, have you seen the latest about Adam Schiff? Allegedly arrested at LA Airport and taken out by 15 police officers. Wonder if things will start to happen now Barr is no longer the Attorney General and before 6 January. Few reports and tweets, plus, even Reddit has mentioned it, if true.

Ralph London

Hope so, it would be some good news.

AM Hants

Fingers crossed and desperate for some positivity.

Jens Holm

That highly incorrect. Brittain as the European part easy with no pollution and cheeper can replace 50% of it energy import in need for electricity. And the need also grows by no minerals for cars and other parts driven by fossils.

So its replacing and not destruction. You should look north. Skotland i doing it.

You live in a perfect windy area for that. As Johnson and others behave, its a vital GB need less import.

You still has smog and create it Yourself even its not as bad as in old days by Conan Doyle and others. Many parts of the world suffer much more by pollution and like You can save a lot of healtcare for a lot of lungs as well as metals lies longer by no HSO4 minus.

And whats wrong with recyclïng things instead of dumping or burning them. We do have fanatics for that in Denmark too, but many of them do have important points even the rest of us decide with more realisme and sometimes too small steps.


Such a childish and badly planned hoax that is meant to incriminate Russia, only serves to illustrate the hackneyed and threadbare plots of the British Secret Service.

I imagine the planning went something like this, ‘ Jules, we need you to stick it to the Ruskies that they poisoned President Elect Navalny.

Yes sir , said Jules. I have a perfect plot. Forget the Novochok in his tea or water bottle, a Novochok ointment us my suggestion.

That’s a spiffing idea said Sir Tarquin Smellie. We used to put cream in the new boys underpants at Eaton. The head master encouraged it.

I thought you would like my cunning plan sir, said Jules ( Jules had recently self -identified as a girl). ‘

Tarquin was so excited and impressed with Jules that he spanked her bottom and rogered her there and then on his desk with the Queens portrait overlooking the scene. MI5 is a legend in the minds of the insane.

AM Hants

Can picture mid 20th century James Bond and 21st century James Bond? How the old school spies would be mortified by the calibra of UK spies 2020.

Do you remember when Steele was selling his dossier? How there was a story of him, dressing up as James Bond, when attending local fancy dress parties. He must be the only spy in history that goes about his business, fully advertising the covert nature of his job.

Was Steele over in Russia, working with Browder and friends, back in the days of Yeltsin? Why was he so important to Browder? I wonder if Steele was also linked to the Privy Council, like so many of the same crowd and not just Malloch Brown. Why is Bill Browder along with Anna Applebaum, part of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Integrity Initiative Department? How many nations has Browder been thrown out of owing to Tax irregularities?

Boris Johnson, was in charge of the UK Intelligence, when he was the Foreign Secretary. He also went to Eaton and who put the cream in his underpants? In fact talking of Boris, I can quite picture him in the role of Tarquin, but, would he have the Queen’s portrait looking down or Churchill, giving him the seal of approval? Would he cry for the Queen or Squeal for Churchill, when pleasuring Carrie-Jules or whoever was at hand?


Funnily enough, the government press conference yesterday showed Boris with his chin projecting forward in a ‘Churchillian’ pose.

The corruption of the Western elite is universal, in my opinion, and the next months and years will fully expose their deceptions.

There will be riots in all or most of these ‘jewrystictions’ and only time can be the arbiter of history.

Gaza style internments will , I suspect, be the ultimate tactics of the current cult of clowns in control.

Anyway, we must have hope, and a very happy Christmas to you, AM. As I said to a friend who was released last week. There is little point in breaking an edict from the cult for personal gratification that can attract a fine or worse.

Keeping ones powder dry for the time when the cult is on the back foot is the best way to go I think.

AM Hants

With Boris, he looks as though he has dived head first into a mountain of chemical snow. I just picture some Bullingdon Boy Initiation, when ever his face pops up. Exhuming Guy Faulkes, and you would find more life in his skin tone and eyes, than old Boris and Cock of Hans. Gove, just reminds me of a Panto Dame and cannot get over how much botox a politician requires, over in Westminster.

How did things pan out when the Roman Empire allegedly fell?

If Trump pulls it off, I can seriously see positivity returning in 2021. Together with the guillotines out, world wide, in a rush to fill those baskets with the heads of politicians. if he does not pull it off, well the misery continues.

Have a fantastic Christmas and hopefully a positive 2021.


Twas said that after the Romans left Britain that the ‘Dark Ages’ began. There have been discoveries made in recent times that civil society was more civilised than preceding wisdom suggests. The latest find being a superior mosaic floor from the period.

There is no doubt that times were hard after the Romans left, as one of the reasons the Romans left Britain was due to a few decades of very wet winters that caused food shortages.

AM Hants

I remember back in the late 70s, going to see Caligula, as I liked Malcolm McDowell. The tabloids were going mad about the film, sensationalising it and obsessed with a ruler that slept with his horse and sister and that is before they got to the Vestal Virgins. I must have been the only person, who repeatedly viewed the film owing to being fascinated with the actual historical value. I had no interest in Roman history before then, despite living very close to the old Icknield Way, which was built during the Roman invasion of GB. Funnily enough, a friend of mine lived in a village, about 20 miles away, where Watling Street was the main road . She had a horse, think he was a chestnut Arab, with a very strong personality, so we used to go riding down old Watling Street, back in the 70s.

Anyway, after watching Caligula a couple of times, I started reading Robert Groves or was it Graves ‘Claudius’ and was seriously fascinated by the history of Claudius. Besides training as a nurse, back in those days, Claudius was very fond of Kos, owing to various medical doctors who were kind to Claudius. Anyway, what interested me, was the fact that the previous Empires had tried to invadeGreat Britain, without success and Claudius was regarded as a simpleton, plus, he had a speech impediment. Anyway, it was Claudius who invaded Great Britain and used ne gros and elephants, to shock the British. We had never seen elephants, or persons of colour and allegedly fled in fear. In fact, I think I will revisit the Claudius series, so popular back in the late 70s or was it early 80s, with Derek Jacobi?


I have never really been a great fan of US movies, and although I now realise ‘Why’, back in the day it was just my aversion to the rather tacky portrayal of all Hollywood versions of history.

The Great Escape also passed me by as I was at public school during its debut and a few weeks or so later I made my own Great Escape by bicycle at the age of 13. It was shortly after an incident with a tractor and gang mowers and a rugby scrum of older boy bullies. They were mowed down :)

I have always had an aversion to bullies of all living things. Even a ‘mouse’ is aware of genuine kindness.

AM Hants

Your Great Escape sounds entertaining. Must admit with Hollywood at the moment, or for quite a while, it seems so alien. I think I will be catching up on watching the series of ‘I Claudius’, over the Christmas period, as it seems so apt at this period in time.

Dreading what tomorrow’s news will bring, owing to the idiot in Downing Street making a deal with the EU. I bet they think it is Christmas.


Twill be revealing to read the details of a trade deal with the EU, as the unelected rulers of the EU operate with a long term ‘thousand cuts’ principle of Zionism in order to transfer wealth to the ‘chosen’.


The video mentions the UK deep state and Israeli &/World Zionism as having being malign actors for generations. Paedophilia being the current method of control and that includes the chaos in the USA.

I am no fan of Trump, but the alternative with Biden is worse and far more dangerous I suspect. Both are indicative of the mess the US is in.


“Chapter 41: Pizzagate Turned Pedogate: Internet Sleuths Link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic Pedo-Ring that Mainstream Media Labels ‘Fake News’

Joachim Hagopian “

AM Hants

With regards Trump, fully with your sentiments. I was saying to somebody earlier, if Biden gets the keys to the WH, then it is time to chill out on a cyanide pill, owing to what comes next. Not just in the US. They can only go ahead with the ‘Reset’ if the US is on board. If Donnie can turn it around, and prove the election was stolen, then it stops the ‘Reset’.

I seriously cannot get my head around the amount of people that mess with babies, toddler, children and animals and get away with it. It is beyond disturbing. Just want to see all of them, publicly humiliated, whilst still breathing and hanging from the gallows.

Have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully 2021 might just be positive, rather than 2020 negative.


One of the links I sent you has a list of books and their chapters by the same author that are free to read on line and are also available in conventional print form from amazon.

I read the chapters on ‘Dunblane’ last night and today. They a are a convincing insight into the circular control by the UK state of pretty well ALL aspects of the jewdicial and governmental process’s that are covering up the actual crimes of the elite for the sole benefit of the elite cabal. Willingly or by blackmail, all of the cabal have succumbed to the lure of the forbidden fruit’s they desire.

Its nothing new to those of us who have suspected all of this for a while. Paedofilia is the superglue of our time that binds all who matter in power who rule over us all.

AM Hants

Thanks Florian.

For me, in a way it is personal and have commented on it before and followed parts of what is happening. Back in 1973, I had a burst appendix and ended up in Stoke Mandeville. I was only just 13 and funnily enough, ended up on an adult ward, despite being of an age where the children’s ward would have been the ward of choice. Anyway, I spent three weeks in hospital with peritonitis and asked one of the nurses, if Jimmy Saville (who was raising money for updating the spinal unit at the renowned hospital) was around and how could I see him. She told me he was not a very nice man and to avoid him and keep away. I thought no more of it.

I remember reading Saville interviews, over in the News of the World on a Sunday Morning and him bragging about being heavily protected and he could anything he wanted, courtesy of friends in high places. Must admit, I do wonder if Harry Windsor, who seems to have followed his Uncle’s footsteps, will also have friends like Epstein, in the future.

Then a couple of years later I was watching the ‘Johny Go Home’ TV Documentary and The Bishop was hanging out at Euston Station, enticing runaway children. At the time I lived 30 minutes, by train to London, with Euston being chosen station, for the line. So I was intrigued and kept my eyes open for any news on The Bishop and his friends. Then you had the snuff videos and was it Jason Burke, the young boy they found in the 80s? Somebody I worked with, his mother was a social worker, back in the 80s and he was saying about the concerns they had with pesos, being part of the system. Then you had the Islington Childrens Home scandal. Peter Tatchell, part of PIE, where so many Labour politicians cut their teeth. Which went underground after Islington and came back as Stonewall. Peter Tatchell, who went from PIE and media needy, to a Human Rights Activist, fully supported by Blair. Blair who cancelled ‘Operation Ore’, the police investigation into VIP Pedos, after the Mark Dutroux case, which caused several Belgium MPs to resign. Where did they go? NATO HQ Brussels. EU Parliament – Brussels. Don’t Atlantic Council also operate from Brussels? Why were so many Scottish Politicians, in Blair’s cabinet associated with the Peso Club? Although, not just Labour politicians, when you look at Clement Freud, Cyril Smith of the Lib Dems and the Conservatives allegedly have many from the same club. Wasn’t Blair’s Scottish mate, the Defence Secretary given the NATO Leadership, despite him being a peace activist in his youth and also gave Thomas Hamilton, the pedo involved with Dunblane School Massacre a reference for his gun licence? They really should replace Right Honourable with Right Nonce, when describing MPs.

Another alleged member of the party, over in the US, Adam Schiff, allegedly got arrested at LA Airport today. The sites that have mentioned it, have stated his name is listed on the LAPD record of arrests and look forward to finding out more of the story.


Adam Schiff’s arrest suggests that Trumps fightback is going up a gear. Shifty Schiff is a slimeball.

I spoke with a friend today who considers that any negative thoughts about the UK establishment etc etc, are conspiracy theories.

I asked him if he would have been comfortable to live in another period of British/English rule. He ummed and arred for a bit and said that the current period is the best.

I answered that would mean that this period is unique in the history of the British, as ALL the other periods have exhibited great cruelty to much of the population for a variety of reasons. All of which had the goal of creating an elite that wanted total control over the populace.

AM Hants

It is interesting the views of your friend. What decade would you say was your worst, with regards where the country was at and which decade has been your favourite?

What I find hard to fathom, is the amount of the masses, who happily believe everything the Government of the day and the Media tell them, with no questions asked. Even after knowing Blair was more than happy to lie in Parliament and nothing has changed, just got worse.

With regards Adam Schiff, seriously hoping that the fight back is getting started. Barr left yesterday and so cannot get in the way. If it all goes according to plan, the masses are in for one heck of a wake up. Plus, if the US is not on board for the ‘reset’, then it cannot happen. I wonder how things will pan out at Davos next month, if they are not in Gitmo?


I would think that the avalanche of regulations, laws, edicts,gender wars, ‘woke’ advertising propaganda, that all seek to racially ‘mix oil and water’ with the resultant temporary emulsion that is totally useless and only serves to gum up the working parts of society and by extension, the economy as a whole.

There have been may periods that (thus far) have been a lot worse in Britain and I would argue that forced conscription to fight and die and fund the British Empires wars of choice are but one aspect of control that has benefitted the few in power. Defending ones homeland is one thing and attacking another’s homeland for political and or monetary gain is just wrong.

It must also have been a dangerous time in Britain when the various religious sects had cult control alongside the nobility in power at the time.

2021 could well be a defining prelude to all of our futures in the UK.

The one phrase of the current ‘moment’ that irritates me the most is the clarion cry from the covid propaganda matrix that implores us to ” Stay safe and stay at home “. The Health and Safety dictatorship is now in plain sight.

AM Hants

“Stay safe and go out and live life to the full’, with gushings of ‘taking a risk’ thrown in. Don’t sacrifice life for ‘hate and divide’ of the satanists.


LOl. I am safe in my boat, AM :)


You have a snazzy life jacket, I see. :)


AM Hants

I cannot find the comment with the link, but, I am going to have a look around. A couple of years ago I found an interesting site, full of information about it all and linking Tony’s Boy George, into it all. Together with the Scottish Mason’s Club many of the Scottish MPs, from Blair’s time were linked into. Not forgetting Erik Joyce and his court case about a year ago. Back from Christmas festivities and family commitments and so fancy a good nose around.


Here is a link to the book series about the subject.


Here is the link.


AM Hants

PaRT 2

“…The documents include a letter connected to Hamilton, which was sent by George Robertson, currently head of Nato, to Michael Forsyth, who was then Secretary of State for Scotland.

Until now it was thought that a 100-year public secrecy order had only been placed on one police report into Hamilton which allegedly named high-profile politicians and legal figures. However, a Sunday Herald investigation has uncovered that 106 documents, which were submitted to the Dunblane inquiry in 1996, were also placed under the 100-year rule..” http://freemasonrywatch.org/dunblaine.html

Harry Smith

Trump is not a saver but a part of the game, at my point. He did nothing except loud and scary tweets until now.

AM Hants

Have a wonderful Christmas Harry and hopefully 2021 just might be full of positivity, one way or another.

AM Hants

Belingcat??????? Seriously?????? Bill Browder, now why is he part of Integrity Initiative, which is funded, just like Belingcat is funded, by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Now what was Belingcat and Integrity Initiative (Statecraft/Open Information Partnership/77th Brigade) set up to do? Besides Russian Media Disinformation Troll Factories. Why is Bill Browder running the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Budget?


That vile kweer and the likes of it would be laughed out of a local court in town,like i said INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY,drr browder what a shthead,and its homosexual laywers too:

cechas vodobenikov

Navalny shared some rotten bacon w occupy and jens; guaranteed to crate nausea

The Objective

looks like more sanctions in the pipeline

itibi ra

I prefer my science fiction to at least be plausible and make some sense.

cechas vodobenikov

did nalvany mistake vovo or bacon for FSB? taking the same LSD jens sells here

Zulubal Andre

fsb does wash its clients dirty laundry…

Random Dude

wow admin is working on comment section of this news 24/7. not a second lost. well done.

Zulubal Andre

nemtsov simply was not worth the laundry bill…


“…….Therefore, there are two main possible explanations of this situation:

1. Drug addict Navalny got an overdose of something that he has become used to eat, drink, sniff etc.

2. Mariya Pevchikh, which spent the night in Navalny’s room before the incident, poisoned him.

The disinformation starts on cue. It doesn’t matter whether it is MH17, the Skripals, Gebrev or the assassination in Germany, Russian disinformation, lying and denying, obfuscation and anything else that Russian intelligence or their army of disinformation specialists can invent will be used to deny the obvious. The GRU and FSB are ridiculously sloppy, but does it matter to Putin? I doubt it. His goal is to send the same message to dissidents, journalists, traitors, terrorists and others. Putin will murder you.

It is so tiring to hear the same bullshit.


What a Carry On spoofer or spoiler it might be, eh …

The Immortal and The Immaculate Laurel and Hardy exceedingly intellectual efforts have now been effectively paled into triviality by the fast-rising BRIGHTEST of stars, commonly known as Bellingcat.


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