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‘Novichok City’: British Media Comes With New Wild Speculations On Novichok Production And Storage In Russia

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There were new developments in the saga of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia’s Novichok nerve agent story.

The Express, in an article released on November 1st, claimed to reveal the “true nature of the secret “closed” town in Russia where the killer Novichok nerve agent used in the Salisbury attacks was manufactured.”

'Novichok City': British Media Comes With New Wild Speculations On Novichok Production And Storage In Russia

The checkpoint at the entrance of Shikhany. Source: Andy Stenning/ Daily Mirror

The city of Shikhany is located 500 miles south-east of Moscow and the welcoming entry sign reads “the Town of Chemists.”

According to the Express, that is precisely where the Novichok that failed to assassinate Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia was produced.

According to the outlet, even Russians need to be applied for official passes to visit the town and foreigners are completely banned. Despite that, by simply using a car with local number plates an investigation team drove past the police checkpoint and into the middle of town.

The outlet continues describing the town as bustling with military activity and only members of the military live in it. The town is apparently made up of three separate settlements – Shikhany 1, 2 and 4. The existence of 3 is currently unknown.

The journalists reportedly drove up to the gates of Sikhany 2, where chemists, “some of the most brilliant minds in the world of science, developed Novichok in the 1970s.”

Despite only military personnel living in the cities, a civilian sitting at a bus stop allegedly told the reporters: “This is still a closed town. Even people who live and work in the town do not know about all the goings-on here. Some of it was top secret.”

The Express further said that the town still has a statue of Lenin and streets are named after Soviet war heroes in an attempt to show this as something, which is worth to note. Meanwhile, this is a common thing across Russia and multiple post-Soviet states/

According to the Express, Novichok is not made there anymore, but it could be stored here, or elsewhere in Russia.

The Russian authorities realise it is such a potent weapon they have kept stocks for use for such difficult missions such as the attempt to murder the Skripals,” the Express wrote.

Mayor Andrei Tatarinov denied his town had anything to do with the Skripal attack. He said: “Claims that Novichok was manufactured here, in Shikhany, are absurd. We perceive it as a lie, as a hoax.

After allegedly being “pressed” about chemical weapons, he conceded: “The lab used to be involved in their development but there were no chemical weapons depots here.”

'Novichok City': British Media Comes With New Wild Speculations On Novichok Production And Storage In Russia

According to the Express this is a propaganda photo showing the sophisticated laboratory in which the Shikhany chemists worked. Image: Andy Stenning/ Daily Mirror/ East to West

British expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former NATO commander, said:

I’m very surprised you managed to get in to Shikhany and I’m even more surprised you managed to get out. There is no doubt that Shikhany was where novichok was produced. It’s their Porton Down. Laboratories in Shikhany were destroyed as recently as April. They were flattened. Nobody knows where the novichok is now. As the East-West confrontation hots up chemical weapons become more and more important to use in towns and cities. Novichok is a super weapon of mass destruction. And Russia has the better capability. Russia’s capability is frightening and novichok is a frightening weapon. Salisbury still hasn’t been cleaned up yet – and that’s just one quarter of an egg cup full, that’s how lethal it is.”

Unnamed British intelligence chiefs cited by the Express claimed that they have evidence that Shikhany is indeed the place Novichok was created.

But Mayor Tatarinov has insisted all the work here now is for civil purposes. He said he hoped the city’s future lay in the production of fertilizers and similar chemicals.

Russia also announced that Shikhany would cease to be a closed town as of 2019. The Mayor declared that he was planning to register a trademark for locally manufactured household chemicals. Its name? Novichok.

Also on November 1st, the Daily Mirror interviewed Victoria Skripal, Sergei’s 45-year old niece. She had the following to say:

“This has been an absolute horror story for all the Skripal family. We are worn out, we are tired, we are exhausted. Our life is a nightmare. I still don’t know what happened to uncle Sergei and my cousin. I can’t believe the Russians were behind it though – no one could be that unprofessional. The guys that the media are saying carried out the attack were idiots. All we want to find out is the truth. I want to hear my uncle’s voice again.”

According to the outlet, she believes that she may be on a “GRU hitlist,” because she “refuses to remain silent.” In October, she and her husband were driving on the main highway from their home in the regional city of Yarolsavl to Moscow when their car suddenly careered out of control, for no apparent reason. Viktoria said: “It’s certainly a possibility something suspicious happened to the car. We were pretty shaken but just pleased to be alive.”

The conspiracy goes even deeper, according to the Daily Mirror, Yulia Skripal’s significant other – Stepan, apparently worked for an organization called the Institute of Modern Security Problems. His mother Tatiana was head of the unit, which is allegedly an “integral part” of the FSB – “which replaced the KGB secret service.” Stepan has reportedly not been seen since the incident, according to unnamed friends of the couple, cited by the outlet.

On the same day, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement warning of a new wave of Novichok allegations ahead of the incoming OPCW meeting. It also once more reiterated that Russia has never developed, produced or stored any toxic chemical codenamed Novichok.

It catches the eye that publications of new insinuations by Western media almost fully coincide with the release of the OPCW plan to hold additional consultations, during which a well-known group of nations would try to solve their external political talks, which fully contradict the basic provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the principles, enshrined in it,” the ministry said.

Furthermore, the foreign ministry said that the new wave of rumors of an alleged “secret city” that produces Novichok was made public shortly after Washington threatened to impose new sanctions on Moscow.

“We view such tactics as irresponsible and will actively resist it. The ongoing attempts by Western nations to erode the integrity of the CWC and the unity within OPCW must be stopped,” it stated.

TASS cited Russian diplomats who said that Russia had honored all international commitments to destroys all of its chemical weapons ahead of schedule, under strict CWC control.

“The aim of the ongoing information attacks is clear – to distract the public attention from the real facts of programs, ran by high-techn chemical labs of Western nations, to create at least a hundred of chemical substances related to Novichok, as well as the issuance of patents related to the use of chemical weapons of this kind and protection against them, for example in the US,” the ministry said.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

The West are scared of Russia fighting ISIS in Africa.

Jim Prendergast


Kilgore Trout

bunch of fucknig morons must be getting their info from Borat!


No! Borat would be way to intellectual for the British Media, British Gov. and MI5/6 Morons.


Great Britain Traitors to Humanity… Hang May & the rest of the British Parliament & MI6


comment imagecomment image

Feudalism Victory

Lots of skeletons in those closets. Gross and an afront to honorable people everywhere.


So this town is closed to the outside world but still the Express was able to talk in the town with the mayor and then get out with no problems. It’s gets crazier by the day.

Feudalism Victory

Did you notice the one advanced computer with a very old crt monitor in the background. Looks dangerous!

Also “its their porton downs”
Like the uk chemical center that was very close to the alledged attack.

Cheeky for them to mention that in the propoganda article.


This so-called novichok, a name the US/UK gave to this product, is supposed to be more lethal then sarin or VX. These substances kill with one drop on your clothing. Here this ‘novichok’ hardly kills. The now dead lady spread it on here body and only died days later. So what’s happening? And why did the OPCW in The Hague confirm the presence of novichok? Without however giving any details.


The Russian novichok probably would kill you with a single drop, but this Novichok is British made, and therefore crap.


Could be but this is just speculation. We don’t know what really happened. My guess it’s a false flag put together by Porton Down but I have no proof whatsoever for this. The stated fact is also the OPCW said it was no doubt novichok.
Now the formula for this is known and published years ago. But looking at the stated facts about the illnesses recorded this couldn’t be this novichok that was used here. So, no doubt the OPCW or made a big mistake in collecting the evidence or lied deliberately.
Considering what we know now with certainty about the case one should exclude the first hypothesis and conclude with 99% certainty the OPCW lied knowingly. Because their conclusions could not be, considered the recorded illnesses, what they said is was.
And as they are scientist specialised in this matter they should know this very well. And then one has to ask the question: Why lie?


The Brits handed over a blood sample from the Skripals to the OPCW after several weeks. The OPCW lab found military grade Novichok-type agent in the sample but this type of agent reacts with water. Would such an agent remain “military grade” after two or three (?) weeks? And what us “military grade” anyway? Free of impurities and products of degradation and metabolic processing?


Thanks. There are in fact two problems here. First the UK is in conflict with Russia and the sample handed over by British authorities could therefore be manipulated for political reasons to make their claims serious.
Secondly the OPCW only gave us only a one page summary with no details. There is no transparancy here whatsoever and it seems even member countries can’t obtain details. A situation totally unacceptable.
This is a highly sensitive case with very big implications and therefore one has to have conclusions with 100%. And certainty this here can’t be the case. The whole affair gives me a very bad taste in my mouth. Why should we take the claims by the British authorities for certain? No of course. One has to question these things just as we have to question other claims made by whoever makes them.
And anyway it is a 100% certain it wasn’t the novichok claimed to be so lethal as said. Here the UK government lied. No doubt whatsoever.
I guess it was handed over to the OPCW after three weeks. And indeed it reacts to liquids like blood.


The OPCW’s daintiness about revealing details of the results of their lab’s analysis is strange. I don’t honestly know if they have a duty to keep results confidential and I won’t say categorically that the OPCW would do a better job if it DID


The whole thing stinks. No doubt the OPCW as acting within its own rules, and looking at what we now know Russia, party to the case, doesn’t know what exactly is in the reports.
It means they have no one inside the OPCW working as an employé. And that is strange as no doubt western countries have many there working and leading this institution.
This rule of keeping thing under wraps makes manipulation of course as easy as eating pie.
As most international organisations are controlled by the US, the Anglo Saxon states and the EU this makes the whole OPVW in my eyes as trustworthy as the claims here made by someone like Boris Johnson.
The whole thing in my eyes there says t’s a fraud and the OPCW them self gave the proof of this claim.


The function of the press is to spread lies. If not paid to do so, they invent their own.


The Western Press at least Lies since they invented Radio & Television…that is probably why they were invented in the First place: To spread Lies…MK-Ultra…


I once had occasion to study many issues of a newspaper published 1850-70+ in a very insignificant Illinois town. I am here to tell you the stories were extremely interesting and of a high class. Much international and national news mixed with entertaining local stuff. There was none of the dishonest partisan garbage one sees now. Who, what, when, where, etc.


The West is a Treacherous Lying Entity… the East… I don’t know if their Leaders are Honest but that doesn’t really matter as long as the People have a sense of Righteousness … Bringing down the Massmurdering, Treacherous West is a first good step… after that we will see… Humanity always has a Global Revolution as an option if Elites Refuse to Listen to the Scum…..

We have been Lied to for Ages as far as I’m concerned…the Native Americans were Genocided with the same Lies of today…. It used to be easy to Lie…. not anymore: We tear down their Lies in minutes these days…

The Interrogator

The Russian Federation should immediately issue emergency travel documents to The Interrogator, so that a Western journalist can investigate and report on this issue; American citizens will only be swayed by the investigation of an impartial American journalist.


Skripals should be Dead….Novichok 100% Deadly Poison… Skripals live….so it wasn’t Novichok…Western Lies just Like Babies thrown out of incubators….Saddam & his Weapons of Mass Destruction… 911 being a couple of Al-Qaeda Wahhabi Goatfuckers…ISIS being Muslim-Terrorists…Lies…Lies…Lies…

Kelli Hernandez

Emergency responders suspected opiate overdose with Fentanyl.
That was erased from the interests, but I got a screenshot


Opiate overdose?… That means the U.S. is a Suspect in the Skripal-Case & Great Britain too…because they control the Poppy-Fields…. not them Russians…comment image comment image


The Chinese are supporting the Fentanyl.


Quite so.


Ho-hummmmmm. British media, like US media, is meant to be empty background noise while one accomplishes their daily labors, never ever meant to be taken seriously as if there was any truth or facts behind it.

Feudalism Victory

Basically any major media.


British, American, they are both owned by the same tribe.

Feudalism Victory

I think its time to break up the uk and remove london as a financial center. Too much vitriol and nonsense spews from that place.

The collusion against TRUMP should be the final straw for everyone. I hope the people of the country will finally realize they keep getting pimped out for delusions of grandeur.

I mean do they want to be sent into a russian quagmire? History says many will die and theyll still lose and if they escalate to nuclear how will the radioactive ruins of their country be worth any of this.


Most people in the UK are too busy paying the bills and blowing the rest. They don’t have the time, nor are they motivated, to do any in-depth research into the lying, propagandised bullshit spewing from our daily rags. Materialism, scratch cards, and the weekend piss-up are the order of the day in this land of the ”free”. If you saw how they fawn over the Royalty and their progeny here, you’d probably have to fight the urge to puke.

Kelli Hernandez

Citizens are poverty stricken due to Tory brutal policies of the sick and homeless for whom they hold in highest CONTEMPT


Putin has said the next war will not be fought on Russian territory. There will be no “Russian quagmire.” And it’s not at all clear they’ll lose. Draw is more likely with several US carriers sunk. Both countries’ logistical networks will disappear. There will be massive US aircraft losses all military space assets will disappear.


The British media – an amateur production writ large. Same reason they lost their film industry to US.

Kelli Hernandez

The ingredients to make novichok are on the internet..
Who made it? Porton Down of course.
Why did they try to kill Sergei Skripal?
He was the Russian influence on the dossier.
The UK Skripal event was a false flag to frame Russia .
Pay VERY close attention to the DEMONIZING of other countries by MSM. Those are the targets on US regime change list and Israhelli owned EU vassal leaders are absolute FOOLS to provoke Russia.
For they will experience a nuclear winter first.
Disgusting psychopaths.


When the British start accusing others of using chemical weapons, it usually means the British plan to stage a chemical attack.
Expect the SAS White helmets to gas some children in Syria in the next few days.

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