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Nothing Is Safe: Unknown Individuals Stole Radio And Other Equipment From Russia’s “Doomsday Plane”

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Nothing Is Safe: Unknown Individuals Stole Radio And Other Equipment From Russia's "Doomsday Plane"

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On December 7th, or maybe earlier, unknown individuals opened the cargo hatch and stole equipment from the “Doomsday plane” at the airfield in Russia’s Rostov region.

This was announced by a representative of the transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the North Caucasus Federal District.

He said that a representative of the Beriev Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex addressed the police.

An investigation was underway, according to RIA Novosti’s source.

Another RIA Novosti source said that the matter concerns the Il-80 aircraft, which was undergoing maintenance, radio equipment disappeared from it.

The Il-80 is a command post created on the basis of the Il-86 airliner. It is designed to control Russia’s forces in the case of a nuclear war, it is called the “Doomsday Aircraft”.

The Beriev Aircraft Company is part of the United Aircraft Corporation and specializes in the development, production, modernization and repair of amphibious aircraft and special aviation complexes.

It is planned for the IL-80 to be replaced by a more modern aircraft soon.

Spacious, protected, high-tech – in the near future, the Armed Forces will receive new air command posts based on the long-haul Il-96-400M command aircraft.

In the event of the outbreak of the third world war, it is from the board of the “flying headquarters” that the country’s top military and political leadership will organize defense and command troops on the ground, at sea and in the air. Today only Russia and the United States have aircraft of this class.

Relations between the nuclear powers have escalated in recent years.

The diplomats reached a dead end, the sides recalled the ambassadors. The armed forces are brought to maximum readiness. Strategic bombers take off, nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines go into the ocean, mobile ground-based missile systems are deployed on combat patrol routes.

Fearmongering regarding the “Third World War” is frequent.

This is, however, mostly fantasy, luckily.

Both Russia and the United States are well aware that a full-scale war can quickly develop into a nuclear one and lead to tens of millions of victims.

However, the military is always preparing for the worst. Both sides assume that the first blow in such a conflict will decapitate the enemy, deprive him of the ability to control troops and organize any resistance. The main target is military and political centers.

During a period of escalation, the Russian leadership and the highest command personnel of the Armed Forces will be transported under strict secrecy to a military airfield, where winged command posts will await them. The main task of the crews of “doomsday planes” is to get the top officials of the state out of the attack and give them the opportunity to control the country’s defense from the air. The combat stability of these command posts is ensured by escort fighters and tankers. A similar tactic was developed in the United States during the Cold War.

It should be reminded that despite being called “Doomsday planes”, they are still, regardless, simply a piece of technology which is not inoculated against the actions of animals and human impunity. Back in 2019, the US Doomsday plane was grounded by a bird that got inside one of its outer engines.


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Lone Ranger

My bet is on ukropnazis.
Stealing is like breathing for them.


interesting to see they are regarded to such high degree that are expected to operate within Russian territory infiltrating secure installations.

Lone Ranger

Like Chinese penetrated Los Alamos or Langley…
Oy gevalt…


I say China


I’ve read purported ET specop after action reports involving ops using time flow control technology. Where the ET squad moves at a different pace than the target personnel. The target personnel look like they’re frozen in time or moving at extreme slow motion compared to the ET specop team. And the ET specop team looks like it’s moving in extreme fast motion like a buzz. And the target personnel think that they’re seeing things abnormal or not seeing them at all. Whether there’s been a bleed through of this technology to Russia’s adversaries I don’t know.

I’ve fully recovered from a hip degeneration. That twenty four months ago would have been a certain joint replacement candidate. The regeneration/healing over time has led to a condition that is pain free, with no play in the joint and full range of motion and strength. Compared to being partially crippled with a bad limp two years ago.

I sometimes wonder if my elderly parents, who I’d like to get off planet medical treatment, and are both still alive when almost all or all of their siblings and same generation relatives are dead and most are long gone. And my “miraculous” healing. Might not be assisted by ET energy beam or other medical technology. As a result of my ET/ED contact work, terrestrial political positions and affiliations, and potential to serve as a liaison contact worker in our transition, hopefully positive, into becoming an ET race and civilization ourselves sooner rather than later.

Harry Smith

Nah. It’s Rostov – south west of Russia. Russians from south are kinda dickheads. It’s very possible that equipment is stolen by locals.


I guess it can’t be that important if it’s stolen that easily. Otherwise, everyone is searched thoroughly with each visit….


I would have thought that such a unique aircraft as this would have had 24/7 armed security , even in a repair facility. If only to prevent embarrassment.

Albert Pike

The question why is it in the news. Even if it happend – why do the Russians go public with it. What’s that for?


Openness that deflates a NATO information scoop perhaps?

Albert Pike

On a plane like this the problem is not what is missing – it’s more like what could be to much…

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