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Not Allowed To Speak in Jerusalem, Zelensky and Duda Rewrite History At Poland’s Holocaust Remembrance Event


Not Allowed To Speak in Jerusalem, Zelensky and Duda Rewrite History At Poland's Holocaust Remembrance Event

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On January 27th, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Poland to attend the commemorative events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

Initially, Zelensky was going to attend the January 23rd ceremony in Jerusalem, but he wasn’t given an opportunity to address the world leaders in attendance.

In Kiev, on the January 25-26 weekend, Zelensky told The Times of Israel firmly that “I will attend the ceremony” even though he believed he should have been invited to address it.

“For me personally, it doesn’t matter whether I speak. But so many people who died in this tragedy [of the Holocaust] were Ukrainian Jews — starting with Babi Yar… The statistical information that we have shows that one in four of the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust were Ukrainian. That is why, for Ukrainians, it is very important to honor the victims of the Holocaust. I think it would be fair, therefore, that the president of Ukraine would give a speech.”

Thus, he attempted to rationalize not being invited and express what a humiliation that was with made-up facts.

Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, said that Zelensky’s announcement was “puzzling” since hundreds of thousands of Holocaust survivors lived in Israel and would be unrealistic to plan a seat for each and every one.

“This morning [January 23rd], the Ukrainian president announced his withdrawal, claiming that he is transferring to a Holocaust survivor,” the memorial center said in a statement.

“It was explained to the president that we have assented to survivors who approached us in recent days. Therefore, his decision is puzzling, and it is a pity to take such a step in an event entitled ‘Remember the Holocaust to fight anti-Semitism.’”

Zelensky, however, got his chance to make his revisionist historical remarks in Poland.

“Being here at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day is very important to me. The Holocaust tragedy has left wounds in the heart of every Ukrainian. We will never forget that every fourth Shoah victim out of six million was from Ukraine,” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said during a press conference with President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

He added that Ukraine would never forget the horrific crimes that had taken place in Babyn Yar, when the Nazis killed more than 150,000 innocent people, as well as nearly 9 million military and civilian Ukrainians who were killed during the World War II. Conveniently forgetting that many Ukrainian collaborators took place in the killings.

He said that many people fought to save the Jewish, risking their lives.

“Although there were far more people who were saving Jews at the hazard of their life. Those people had big heart and big courage,” Zelensky stressed.

He and Polish President Andrzej Duda made some other astounding claims, attempting to completely disregard the fact that some of Poland’s and Ukraine’s national heroes are Nazi collaborators and it is showing since both of the leaders were not allowed to speak in Jerusalem.

According to Zelensky:

  • Auschwitz was liberated not by the Soviet Army, but rather by the “Ukrainian Front” and the Ukrainians themselves;
  • The prisoners of Auschwitz were called the “ray of light that conquered darkness”;
  • The Petliura followers in the Polish attack on Soviet Russia were proposed to be called the “Pilsudski Soldiers” who “fought the Bolshevik attack”;
  • Finally, the USSR was accused of being guilty of the Holocaust, because if it weren’t for the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, then the Holocaust would not have happened.

It should be reminded that the 1st Ukrainian Front was a formation of the Red Army named after the geography of its operations.

The so-called “Plisudski soldiers,” and Petliura together attacked the USSR, captured Kiev, but when they began being captured by the Red Army, they began crying of the “terrible attack of the Bolsheviks on Europe.”

Petliura was later shot in Paris for organizing Jewish pogroms, and the French court acquitted his murderer. On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Poland Ukraine are attempting to heroize a mass murderer of the Jewish.

In recent months, revisionist claims by Poland and Ukraine are becoming the norm, and there is a very apparent attempt at rewriting history. Any attempts by Russia and others to present facts and point out what really happened are met with harsh rhetoric and accusations.




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  • verner

    only the usual sycophants allowed to voice their inanities in tel aviv and poland and ukraine apparently not enough of sycophants – sadly enough it seems putin joined up in the group of ass-kissing psychos to no avail. guess he’ll kow tow to trump and jared kushner and the botox barbie before the unveiling of the grand theft planned by slime kushner.

    • FlorianGeyer

      ‘Holocaust’ remembrance week gets more tedious every year.

      • verner

        yep and even if the said 6 million is a high number it pales in comparison with russia’s 20 million and a total of say 50 million during ww2, which should also be brought into the context, but the jews, like no one else, wails and screams and ruts and bucks forcing everyone to remember the said 6 million and leave everything else aside.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I agree, amd all this whilst the IDF today is murdering Palestinians of ALL ages, and others with impunity.

  • hvaiallverden

    Putin, up to this day, had credibility, low sometimes, depends more on what issue we talk about, but this, 75 Jub on the Holohoax, is what crashed it completely, never again will I ever trust the Russians, forget that.
    The thing is Ruskies, they, the Gov and officials lies about everything, not only ww2, but before that, the revolution, and before that, the Romanovs, etc, etc.

    One thing is the late stage of ww2, nobody, incl me denies the Red Amrys accomplishements, and sacrifices, but thats where the belife stops, and if we back track, everything changes, whom started it, how many wars where there before 40, etc, and Putin is, an Russian, and Russians to day is more or less as much shit for brain as the top of that range Yankikes, forget to talk to them, you will never get anything else than the Juden propaganda, period, and I am afraid at least 2-3 generations will pass before truth come out about the Sovjet and the Bolshewiks, and I dont even waist time on reading whatever bollocks Putin is capable to verbalise when I know most of this is pure hoggwash.

    Killing Jews, yeah, why on earth would people lik Polaks wack Jews, it maybe have something to do with Polich internal politics, like their slaughtering of civlians in what was before Germany, and stil the MSM dont tuch that, like the equally rotten Checks, Ukrainians, etc.
    This are Khazarian home lands never forget that, they have been killing eatch others for centurys.
    Poliand attacked their neighbors.
    France did it.
    The Netherlands, Belgians, remeber that is the Jews/Khazars center of the universe, stil is, and they have sub-zero credibility.
    The Brits, witch my an mircale, despite their track record on lying thru their teeths, but when it comes to history like ww2, suddenly everything they say or claim is an god dammed fact, and I dont even bother to mention another nation whom is lying about everything, since they where created, the imperial banana republic.
    How many nations did the Bolshewiks trie to undermine, like Hungary.
    The sole reason for backing out of North Norway was that the Bolshewiks already had the Norwegians by their balls (stoltenberg etc, etc, Khazars), and had no reason for staying, and now we have their offspirngs as politicians.
    The Numbers we are feed, dont have anything to do with reality, and the Gassing story is created by the Sovjets, they did the building after the war, by reasons that was genuine but the Shoah took them to benefit their stupid holohoax propaganda witch began in the 70s, and movies like the Swindlers List, made by an Jew, is 100% totall nonsense and nothing in this film is an fact, apart from name only, etc, etc, and the never ending stream of images/films, is debiberatly from the last stage of the ww2, results of alied bommbing and genral starvation, etc, and the lies Putin drooled was to me, the prof I needed to never again trust anything He or others can manufacture, they have non left.

    I to be honest dont understand the fear, what is it, Ruskies you fear, that the Patriot war was just bullshit, since the RedA was intended to attack Europa (after attacking and implanting regimes in a lot of other nations), and instead lost, initially.
    And one thing is to write about and against HasbaRats and Americunts, but the Russians is hyper ventilating when some of us dont belive the official story at all, most of it is bullshit, and twisted to fit the Jews and Khazarians agenda.
    Do you, have any idea of what is the Havalah Agreement do you, and the names of millions of Jews in Poland changed to native sounding names, the reason they can claim millions of Jews was killed/gassed/whatever, do you know that, this happened in Norway to, changing names, and then the Jews simply evaporate from official docs, aka Gassed and to then even use Sovjet arcives and their gov stats as profs is just idiotic, they lied then, as they lie now, I usually never “trust” stats.
    This, Russians is the reason for me to know one thing, about Russians future, 10 years, and you will be gone, sold out by the Tribes asslikers, people like Putin and Trump.
    But you will stay, and end up like the rest of us, petty slaves.

    I hope we one day have an range of articles in the same manner as the URs, American Pravda(truth).
    The truth about Sovjet.
    Yeah, like everytime I see an rat like Abramowitch, yeah, that one, an Russian/Putin Jewish Oligarc, I want to hang that rat, and this scumbag among others, is stealing from our land, maybe I should start hunting, since its become populare to shoot foreigns, and claim they had the rights, in this, I have even legale right, since He is an part of an occupyant force whom have taken our land since 1939, before that, we had it.
    And I come from an people wacked by the peacefull Sovjet whom did nothing wrong, before ww2 broke out, and Lavrov the lame drooled about Sovjet had to protect them self, yeah, like the American way, tel a story and cutt of half of it, yeah, it must be us that did it, right, Ruskies, of maybe Hitler did this, or space monkeys, little green men.
    Untill I see credible confesions, I will never stop this, but for now, warned you, and I will do everything I can to fight for our land and people.


    • Mehmet Aslanak

      Chill out dude, you almost wrote a comment longer than the article.

    • Jimmy Jim


  • Jimmy Jim


  • rightiswrong rightiswrong

    Two false states, disband them once more, for good this time.

  • Harry Smith

    And where is our brave wannabe IDF Zion-Leon? He said that Ukrainians do not rewrite the history.