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Norwegian Klassekampen about “forgotten European mafia state”

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Norwegian Klassekampen about “forgotten European mafia state”
This article originally appeared at IN4S translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

Since last week Montenegrin opposition has started protesting in capital Podgorica, due to arrival of NATO official, Jens Stoltenberg, Klassekampen reports.

Tents are set in front of the parliament building and the main street is blocked. Parties that are part of this protest are boycotting the parliament. They request that Government resigns and that Transitional Government takes over until the next elections.

Organisers say that they are intending to hold protests as long as it takes. Police presence is significant and atmosphere is tense.

Demonstrations are taking part, although the parliament elections are scheduled for spring.

Montenegrin political scientist Edin Koljenović said for Klassekampen that the reason for this timing is a lack of trust regarding the democratic processes.

“When one party is ruling for 25 years, as in Montenegro, it takes control over resources and important positions. When leaders do this, and use public budget to keep themselves in power, opposition understands that there are no chances to challenge them”, Koljenović explains.

Koljenović points out that various scams have been proved on earlier elections, however, he thinks that opposition is convinced that there is no other way to change the government under these circumstances.

“Because of this they are asking for creation of transitional Government before the elections, so that they can oppose the regime”

Powerful man from Montenegro

The protest is aimed against DPS and their leader Milo Đukanović. Đukanović has led Montenegro either as prime minister or president, ever since he became a prime minister in 1991, for the first time as a 29-year old.

Along with numerous scams on elections, Đukanović has also been accused for having close ties with organised crime. According to Italian prosecutors, Đukanović was the one behind tobacco smuggling.

Also, this powerful man took advantage of privatization after the fall of comunism, so that he and the ones close to him could become rich. Among other things, he arranged for his sister to take control of the largest Montenegrian bank (First bank).

Peace movements protest “No to war – No to NATO”

As it has been announced, due to Stoltenbergs arrival, peace movement will held protest on Wednesday 14th October at 17:00 hours at the intersection between Belgrade street, and Risto Stijović street.


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