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Norwegian Force Deeployed At Al-Tanf Border Crossing At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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A Norwegian force has been deployed to Al Tanf border crossing in Syria after corssing from the Iraqi territory, Nalia Radio and Television reported on May 20, citing an Iraqi commander, Shakir Obeid. The Norwegian force deployed in the area is a part of the US-led coalition.

According to the report, the Norwegian force is there to “proterct” of the Syrian side of the border crossing after an ISIS attack in the area.

Earlier today, ISIS attacked the al-Waleed border crossing (the Iraqi side of al-Tanaf) and destroyed two radio stations used by the Iraqi army at the site. The Iraqi army repelled an attack, but ISIS terrorists were still deployed in the nearby areas.

Norwegian Force Deeployed At Al-Tanf Border Crossing At Syrian-Iraqi Border

Click to see the full-size image

Norwegian Force Deeployed At Al-Tanf Border Crossing At Syrian-Iraqi Border

Click to see the full-size image

Norwegian Force Deeployed At Al-Tanf Border Crossing At Syrian-Iraqi Border

Click to see the full-size image

Norwegian Force Deeployed At Al-Tanf Border Crossing At Syrian-Iraqi Border

Click to see the full-size image

The deployment of the additional US-led coalition force to the al-Tanaf border crossing cam after the US-led coalition air power bombed Syrian government forces advancing in the nearby area.

Thus, Washington and its allies are seeking to prevent the Syrian government from restoring control over the country’s southeastern border.

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America is ISIS and zionist / whabbi collaborator….. World War will escalate soon.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

I suppose Norway is short of funerals of military martyrs to parade through the streets of Oslo… What are those idiots doing in Syria and Iraq?…

John Smith

The same thing the other cuckold Western Europeans nations are doing: following the orders of their master like obedient little lapdogs.

So much for ending Western Europe’s racist colonial adventures and learning from your past.


Lol! Thought the same. Worry about your Muslims at home.

Tom Tom

Norway’s leaders do satan’s bidding, just like the U.S.


ISIS is on the Iraqi side of the border? So why the need for NATO to ‘defend’ the Syrian side? And for bombing Syrian government forces in doing that?

Norway needs some UN air time.


Whats that in ur picture?

Tom Tom

Looks like a soldier is carrying some type of drone.

Tom Tom

So you don’t actually believe that they’re telling you the truth, do you, Mikronos? I guess you were using sarcasm (I hope so).

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Norway should remember what happened to its SS contingent on the Eastern Front during WW2. Looks like they have to learn the hard way.

Most Norwegians fought for the UK-Empire. The Queen and King ran to their Norwegian cousins living it up in England. IT was the Norwegians of London and Norway that financed the Red Revolution in Russia which wiped out millions of ethnic-Russians. Only around 10% of Norwegians were good and fought on the side of the White Russian-Christians. Most Norwegians funded the atheist wiping out the Orthodox Church of Russia. Norwegians murdered the real royal family of England, then replaced them with Norwegians dictators. Russians were victims of Norwegians of both Norway and London. The Norwegians hierarchy spent the entire war in London spending funds for the Red Beast to exterminate the Church and Russian people and the While Russian Army which fought valiantly! I POST THE PROOF ARTICLES BELOW:





Blah, blah………..

Pave Way IV

Well, THAT didn’t take long. The Coalition of Evil dresses up a few guys like ISIS for a fake attack the *Iraqi* side. This somehow is justification for moving NATO, er… ‘coalition’ human shield partners into al Tanf in *Syria*. Norway is cucked for the job (sad).

The U.S., Israel and Saudis will do anything to protect the current ISIS supply lines from Jordan along the SE Syrian border to the Euphrates. Right up to the moment when they boot out the placeholder ISIS in al Bukamal and Deir EzZor and replace them with their proxy FSA mercs. At that point, they’ll do anything to protect the FSA supply lines from Jordan.

God how I wish the PMUs would hurry up an cross into Syria to kick all your evil asses.

Pave Way IV

Looks like the Norwegians were there all along. Not sure why the Iraqi commander would report them ‘crossing’ from Iraq to Syria now for that purpose unless it’s suppose to remind the SAA that there are ‘other’ coalition forces there.

The presence of Norwegian SF was reported back on April 8th in this SOFREP article by Jack Murphy (paywall) Details emerge about Special Forces base in Syria nearly overrun by ISIS, medals for valor to be awarded

“…Stationed on the base were elements of 2nd Battalion and 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group. Also present were members of Norwegian Special Operations (NORSOF). Well regarded within the Special Operations community, NORSOF consists of a ground based unit called FSK (Forsvarets Spesialkommando) and a maritime based unit called MJK. Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK), Norwary’s answer to the Navy SEALs was the unit present at Al Tanf that night. With approximately 16 local partner force soldiers cut down in the attack, the Green Berets and Norwegian SEALs launched their counter attack…


As I understood, the Tanf base is likely within the Jordanian border. If that is really the case, they will not have to hold it against neither SAA nor PMU, as both will not enter Jordan.

Justin Ryan

Right on brother. I 100% agree with u!


TIMBER ! Could be a false flag op on a radio station on the border. OH CRAP, Does this ring a bell? (Gleiwitz incident)

Tom Tom



It would be like if SAA with Russian support began the offensive on Deir Ez-zor that was formally announced ten days ago…

Jasminko Grdic

There can not be a offensive to Der Ezor, because US don’t want this at this time and they do all what they can with there friends FSA to get ISIS in the right position and attack SAA every few days on other critical locations, on other hand where US forces are ISIS retreat and change to FSA

Solomon Krupacek

slowly but sure comes the day, when the whole NATO will fight in Syria :(

Tom Tom

No, the fight will be taken to Europe.

Norwegian-supremacist doing the only thing they know how to do. Like snakes in the slithering in the grass they always try and pretend like they are innocent, yet their bite is poisonous venom and it freezes their host and slowly kills their pray. They invaded and genocided and then racially replaced the ethnic-English. They ethnically cleansed the ethnic-Scottish and then racially replaced them and stole their identity. They always try to pretend they belong everywhere in the world where they have no business being. They tried to do the same thing to the ethnic-Irish, but the Irish Republican Army fought brilliantly back against a large Norwegian occupation. So then the Norwegians created the great artificial-potato famine and wiped out millions of ethnic-Irish for not giving in to racially replacement by Norwegian-surpremisist. They took England, then financed the Red Revolution from London which wiped out millions of Christian-Russians. It was not ethnic-English who colonized the world and started 2 world wars. It was ethnic-Norwegians the entire time. Norwegians always have a sense of entitlement to everyone else’s lands and identity. One day Europeans will stop idolizing their enemy, and it will be Norway’s turn to fall. Norwegians are the original Zionist. (Invade your victims lands, then pretend to be them later on by stealing their identity because Norwegians have no real identity. They are always shape-shifting to get what they want out of other people groups). https://counterpsyops.com/ http://ihr.org/

Tom Tom

your history’s a bit off but somewhat true. Dublin is a Viking town.


They did all this while being a colony of first the Danes and later the Swedes?

Norway only became independent in 1906.

Btw, you forgot to tell they all withches.


I’m do not like unproven complotes, and for me ISIS is a situation gone off hand of US… but what would be the purpose of an ISIS action into iraqi held territory to blow up communication towers meanwhile there is prof thy have been used in communication between iraqi border guards and the SSA advancing toward the area… furthermore they take pics waving their flag in the middle of the action and than proving this pics.

They had this area for quite a long time under their control, so what’s up with this kind of action right now in these circumstances when they do not even control that territory anymore?!

Furthermore proving the excuse of ISIS into the area the coalition forces deployed additional troops in Tanaf!

These time the facts look quite contradictory and incoherent!

Tom Tom

Subterfuge and lies to cover up the west’s attempts to destroy Assad’s forces.


What did you expect, the Norse have been into this since day one, aka pre-9/11, since the days of the Afgan war started, everybody knows this, not big, but with men and air power. Weapon tech, Raufos should ring bells, aka Missiles, etc, etc. And we sell to the same scums as the rest of the “humanitarian”s in the west. And money, of course.

Some write weird shit here, I know about StoltenBergs attachments to the old regime in Soviet, and His father is the one that have the saying, not the boy, He is just an rotten sack of shit, not even sophisticated or anything like that, just an jerk, witch steps in His fathers path. Gro, Bruntland, the sole definition of the downfall of Norway, the New Labor, aka Tony bLairs crony capitalism on steroids, since then, everything have gone own the drain.

Weird, I dont bother to hype to much, but look at the finances of the Bolsheviks, huh, in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and do notice, this people are still there, on the top of the scam chain. But the Norse have been there in Jordan for an long time, and this, will not be mentioned at all in the “never, ever, cross my hart, fake news” sites in Norway, an country where censure and the control is total, way beyond NKs, in Norway, they believe the news, they believe the politicians, they believe in anything the MSM tells them to believe, is downright hilarious. Norway is like the Sweds, an PC-istic, Sore-ass infested, free range open asylum. Run by criminals and whores of the same elite what the rest of the world faces, no exceptions in that manner.

Even to day, not even the first time in an year, they weirdly anof attack, misspelling, dyslectic people, ridiculing people whom don’t have the ability to drool words that makes anyone using them sound like they are intelligent, muhahaha, but hey, this new low is in fact interesting, along with forcing AGW deniers into “education camps in the woods”, yeah, waterboarded to we, to believe, right, “norse” whom in fact are Bulgarian-Turks. Little Norway. There is something spectacular rotten in the realms of the mountain monkeys. And our MSM right now is pimping ISIS as “rebel fighters” against the dickatattore Assad, and the Norse specs are heroes, of course.



Nice one. Assad said in an interview about a year ago that SAA has observed a fairly large number of Norwegians in battle field commander positions in ISIS. So Norway has invested in this conflict from very early on.

Jasminko Grdic

Norway is one of the big OIL/GAS producer in the World. Destroy IRAN, destroy IRAQ and Destroy Syria and almost no competition in EU market and in real world you are the NICE guy country on Nord EU


Lunatic. You are why we have restricted immigration to America.

Tom Tom

“Washington and its allies are seeking to prevent the Syrian government from restoring control over the country’s southeastern border.”

Ha Ha! NOT going to happen. Assad’s forces are larger.

This could be where the fighting between the Russians and the U.S. begins.


This Norwegian re-occupation is just a face saving operation for the US / Israeli / Saudi coalition. The SAA could easily be airlifted over into the friendly Iraqi side of al-Tanf and then walk back over the boarder and raise their flag and tell the Norwegians to get lost.

And, at the same time making sure to have a few Russian fighter Jets circling around the area, just like a few days ago when the US backed down.

Instead, it is the Norwegians that will back down this time and surrender al-Tanf. That saves the US and their rebels from looking like they have run off with their tail between their legs.

Although the location of the US rebel training base is secret, it is certainly well inside Jordan, probably about 30 miles from that al-Tanf crossing. The US is calling it’s base al-Tanf merely to confuse everybody and pretend that they have important infrastructure in al-Tanf, which they must protect. Al-Tanf is nothing but a dessert outpost with a few buildings.

It is the highway itself, which is of incredible strategic importance. I have complete confidence that the SAA will take possession in a few days.


concerted ISIS attack as a cause for the western troops to block the meeting point between SAA and PMU. but western troops are not legitimate .its not their country and they are not UN peacekeeping force


This does not have the appearance of trying to hold territory. It may be just a coincidence that it is Norwegian SF – maybe it was politics, maybe convenience that sent them there. Anyway, if this is an attempt to carve a piece out of Syria it is laughable and will certainly fail. I think the bombings and a bunch of SF coming to aid is to just slow SAA down a little so they have time to withdraw in good order. Syria has not controlled the Jordan border and all the players there have had it very easy. It appears that the border with J is going to be sealed now, or very soon. It will make arms smuggling and other smuggling and moving fighters around much more complicated, and expensive! State players can’t cross it any longer on the pretext of fighting ISIS. It is a good move.


Very ironic, considering back home Norway is being almost overrun by jihadists freely recruiting asylum seekers through radical imams from the gulf countries.

Justin Ryan

The REAL truth! US allied special forces dressed up as ISIS militants and attacked the communication towers in Iraq near the border of Syria. Then because of this “ISIS attack”, the US send Norwegian forces to the border to “PROTECT” the facility and crossing from ISIS hahaha. WHY Norwegian forces? I have a feeling this is to stop russia from bombing or sending troops to this area. Because if Russian troops killed norweigian troops this would be a handy little geopolitical event to start up something bigger against Russia. Seems russia is sending in para troopers as advisors but I’d say they are sent there as a protective umbrella from coalition Air strikes. This situation is coming to a boiling point here. I’m talking russia vs USA in direct conflict. Heard Steve piczenic say the other day…. “it doesn’t matter if uve got ur best special forces in southern Syria because these Syrian forces have 7 years of experience now. They are battle hardened and are fighting on their own land for their own country. They are all willing to die!” There are just too many Syrian and Syrian allied fighters to defeat. Plus they’ve got russia aiding them. Thiswar will EVENTUALLY be between the Kurds and the Syrian allied forces. An extension of the proxy war between the USA, UK, ISREAL, SAUDI ARABIA VS RUSSIA, SYRIA, IRAN, HEZBOLLAH, IRAQ and TURKEY (because turkey will not accept Kurdish region and military force)

Turkey is key!

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