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Norway Digs for Reasons to Oppose Northern Sea Route

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Norway Digs for Reasons to Oppose Northern Sea Route

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Norway doubts the economic feasibility of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and will also look into its compliance with environmental standards, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Ine Marie Erickson Sereide told Russian outlet Izvestia.

She noted that she has no idea how Russia will be able to ensure the safety of shipping in Arctic waters along the entire route.

The Russian Embassy in Oslo told Izvestia that Moscow does not plan to use the NSR together with Norway, since the route is considered in Russian territorial waters. At the same time, Moscow is open for dialogue with all international partners along the Northern Sea Route.

“Norway, as far as one can judge, is eyeing the opportunities that will gradually open up as the route is arranged, but at the same time remains an outside observer,” said the senior adviser to the embassy Vladimir Isupov.

The existing part of the Northern Sea Route passes exclusively in Russian territorial waters, reaching to Arkhangelsk in the west and to Chukotka in the east.

The ships nevertheless go further – to the ice-free ports of Murmansk and Vladivostok. Russia has repeatedly spoken about plans to expand the existing waterway to connect the harbors of Western Europe and Asia – the route through the NSR is almost two times shorter than the route through the Suez Canal.

But there are worries, and they are, as usual, predominantly political.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Marie Erickson Sereide told Izvestia, the Norwegian side is eyeing the Northern Sea Route, but so far does not see its economic prospects.

Currently the route operates within the framework of existing agreements, as it passes outside of Norwegian territorial waters.

But it should be checked for compliance with environmental standards that are put forward for ship routes in the Arctic, the minister emphasized.

“As far as I can see, the NSR has serious problems regarding everything: from search and rescue operations and insufficient infrastructure along the entire route to an extremely harsh climate. This greatly complicates the task of making this route as profitable and commercially successful, as many would like,” Sereide said.

The minister also stated that Norway had not considered the possibility of providing Svalbard ports for use within the framework of the NSR. Earlier, Russian experts suggested that the island’s ports, convenient in terms of location, could be involved in the Northern Sea Route.

“Svalbard as a part of Norwegian territory is not a subject for discussion within the framework of this project,” the Foreign Minister explained.

“We have yet to explore this possibility, given the sovereignty of Norway over the island, as well as the impact of the Northern Sea Route on the environment and compliance with environmental requirements.”

Norway Digs for Reasons to Oppose Northern Sea Route

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Russia does not need to create new ports on Svalbard for the Northern Sea Route, but should take care to modernize the existing ones on the Arctic coast of the Russian Federation, according to Alexander Pilyasov, member of the Arctic and Antarctic Council under the Federation Council, director of the Center for the Economy of the North and the Arctic.

“Our presence on Svalbard should be supported through diversification – to develop scientific and educational cooperation, to open colleges for training in coal business, for example, branches of Arkhangelsk or Murmansk universities on the island,” the expert shared.

He also noted that he had spoken to many Norwegian representatives regarding the Northern Sea Route and each time they stated that they were interested in the NSR, but not as a national transport route of Russia, but as part of a larger intercontinental route.

And while Oslo is slow in joining the Northern Sea Route, other countries, such as Japan and China, have become seriously interested in the route. Beijing, represented by Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kahn, praised Russia’s offer to participate in the joint development of the NSR within the framework of the One Belt, One Road Initiative.

In March of this year, the head of Rosatom Vladimir Likhachev said that he had negotiations with Japanese colleagues, representatives of large logistics companies, and the latter showed great interest in the project. A more detailed discussion of Japanese participation in the Northern Sea Route will take place on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) in Vladivostok on September 4th-6th 2020.

Among European countries, the Netherlands is interested in the NSR. In October last year, the Dutch company Damen already used the Arctic route to deliver 24 tugboats from China to the port of Rotterdam.

Norway is showing some antagonism against the project, predominantly because currently it is going through a NATO, and predominantly US militarization on its territory, and it wouldn’t be the first time an European country sells out its economic and national interest in order to gain the favor of Washington.


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What surprise. Since US are total losers in Arctic game the only thing left is to pull some Atlanticist link or lobby in Scandinavia. So that they can through their NATO channels stop Russia. Same old tactics.

Jens Holm

NO surprice You bias like that. We all are under the regime of Americans and they are runned by zionists too.

You must have Your education from an USSR communist Learning book or even a Tzar one.


True it is my fault, that you wimp-Vikings kiss US buttocks, every day. And who is “Tzar one” = Obi-Wan Kenobi ?

I must remind you that Russian education was always, one of the highest quality. Even during USSR era. Since everybody on the West wanted to employ highly educated experienced Russian experts after the fall of USSR. Do you know which country is Youth World Champion in Computer Science and Programming ? Russia.

Jens Holm

You dont get anything about the collapse of the USSR. Some very good scientist dont say its a good educations system.

The main productive part of importance are the well educated ones creating the middle class being able to run all kinds of any productionlines.

Tempting to go local comparing the T34 with the German Tiger tank.

Fine some Russiams was winners in Computer Science and Programming, but the missing link for You is to implement and make things in large scale for Russians as well as for other by payets or exports.

You educate too little people as well as so many things seemes to be so unorganized as it can be.

And why: You still dont give the people ogf Yours. which can renew the big parts influence. You not even pay the few, which know, what its all about well.

Youalso have implemented the worst fear, which even worried Karl Marx a lot: Bureaucrasi of worst kind.

You put the wrong people in the production and You dont allow new kind of Leaders as well as Leadership. …………………………………………..

We westerns certainly prefare to kiss almost any from USA compared even the most cleaned ones of Yours.

You still are not allowed to see we are equal partners in the Western Economis, where even China is affiliated even bad things are there too.

And if it was true Jews runs a lot here, we anytime will prefare them for You as well.

Much like Our version of Proletarisme being united keeps the big ones like USA and Russia from taking us one by one.


Jens I am not Russian. I don’t see why would I take opinion from somebody who lives in one of the countries where little girls explain to adults what to think and how to act. If you prefer kissing US buttocks so much, why would I care? Just go for it.

AM Hants

Keep any nation loyal to the US or connected to NATO completely out of it. The US has not signed the ‘Law of the Sea Convention’, but, jealously eyes up the Northern Sea Route. Not understanding, why the only nation in the area, that has provided the UN with ground samples of the Arctic Shelf bed, to prove their territorial rights, owing to DNA, is Russia.

How many seas does the US and friends, including Norway, wish to keep Russia out of?


Good question :) ..


How many seas?

Hmmm… all ?

Jens Holm

Arrrrhhh. Only USA again, Very infected comment.

Wasnt it about Norway??

AM Hants

‘or connected to NATO completely out of it’.

Did you bother reading that part? Give an inch and they take the nation.


And Mt. Meru is nowhere to be seen on the maps….

Jens Holm

I dont think som mountain deep down should be of importance. Its what we have to do with that great area, which is.

Fx it might be of great impirtance Norway can take up oil north of it as well as fishing and trade by ship are most important for them.

According to the climate change Russia will loose bigger parts of their farmaland to deserts. I see Russians along the arctic waters fishing in the dark.

I am sure parts of this map will be changed as well as it seemes to make more details. Here Svalbard somehow has to be included.

Jens Holm

Svalbard – Bering street seemes to be the shortest way crossing that ocean.

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