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Northern Resistance Front Stops Taliban Assault As Panjshir Negotiations Fail

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Northern Resistance Front Stops Taliban Assault As Panjshir Negotiations Fail

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On September 1st, the Taliban called on the holdout bastion of the Panjshir Valley to lay down their arms, as resistance fighters said they had repulsed heavy attacks.

The National Resistance Front (NRF), comprising anti-Taliban militia fighters and former Afghan security forces, has vowed to defend the enclave as the Islamist group sends fighters to encircle the area.

Underlining the aim of resistance forces to defeat the Taliban, former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that the resistance is “based in Panjshir” but it fights for all Afghans.

“Our resistance is to defend the rights of all Afghan citizens. This resistance is based in Panjshir, not for Panjshir and for Panjshir. Today, this valley hosts all the country and is a hope for all the Afghan people who are escaping from oppression, revenge, prejudice, slipping on people’s property and your dark thinking,” said Saleh.

Meanwhile, the Taliban said that after talks fell through

My brothers, we tried our best to solve the Panjshir problem with talks and negotiations… but unfortunately all in vain,” senior Taliban official Amir Khan Muttaqi said, in an audio message to the people of the Panjshir posted on Twitter.

“Now that the talks have failed and Mujahiddin (Taliban) have surrounded Panjshir, there are still people inside that don’t want the problems to be solved peacefully,” he added.

“Now it is up to you to talk to them,” the Taliban message to the Panjshir people said. “Those who want to fight, tell them it is enough.”

Bismillah Mohammadi, Afghanistan’s defense minister before the government fell last month, said the Taliban had launched a renewed assault on Panjshir on the evening of August 31st.

“Last night the Taliban terrorists attacked Panjshir, but were defeated,” Mohammadi tweeted on September 1st, claiming 34 Taliban were killed and 65 wounded.

“Our people should not worry. They retreated with heavy casualties.”

This week, Panjshir fighters held military training in a show of force, with men carrying heavy logs on their shoulders crossing chest-deep icy rivers.

Above their armored vehicles and over their bases fluttered their flag, a challenge to the Taliban’s white banner now hauled up across the rest of the country.

Many Afghans are terrified of a repeat of the Taliban’s initial rule from 1996 to 2001, which was infamous for their treatment of girls and women, as well as a brutal justice system.

The NRF has set up machine gun nests, mortars, and surveillance posts fortified with sandbags in anticipation of a Taliban assault.

The Taliban are pushing in hopes to show that they can easily crush the resistance and force them into submission during negotiations, but so far that has all resulted in failure.


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Well done boys rip the head out of talibans..
For everyone here 1 think to know.
Russia with helicopters and jets Couldn’t take that part of Afghanistan Soviet army incredibly powerful Couldn’t succeed there.
Talibans are day dreaming..
If talibans fails to win it will be catastrophic for future of taliban government.


The new Northern Alliance is a non-starter. The Empire needs a jihadi presence on the border of the Stans to destabilise Russia’s southern flank. A northern province these days would only extend Russian, Chinese and Iranian strategic depth. The Empire would prefer the Taliban or ‘ISIS’ to a buffer state. Their CIA handlers will be telling them to fold.

Afghanistan is ungovernable, not a country in any sense of the word. If the US were acting in it’s own national interest, instead of it’s global corporate empire, they would of got out years ago and played their usual divide and conquer game. You have to admit, “Bin Laden’s” plan to trap America in Afghanistan worked. People are saying the fall/liberation of Kabul is America’s Suez moment, time will tell. The people of the world truely hope so.


Dream on a little valley surrounded on all sides in country surrounded by neighbors who don’t want anymore instability, especially those caused by bunch of deluded idiots in that valley.


I bet the old southfront guys wish they could have their office back.

Alberto Bohon.

Falling “resistence” coming soon, Panshjir is new Idlib 2.0

mike l hutchings

five will get you ten that the US will side with the Taliban…


Panjshir = “Real Mujahedin” whose leader is Saleh, a bend over , take it up the Arse US puppet and his side kick, masoud, the son of a Whiskey Guzzling sodomist


I guess fellow arsefuckers like you and the Northern Alliance both lie like kids. taliban, on the eve of 911 were on the verge of wiping out the NA. Thats a well known historical fact. The US bombing saved the remnants of masoud’s merry band of Sodomist Whiskey Guzzlers. Go fuck yourself sideways – The Talibs will wipe them out in a few weeks.

Last edited 19 days ago by noZioP1gs
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