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Northern Hama: Militants Suffer More Casualties. Civilians Return To Villages Liberated By Syrian Army

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The residents of Arzeh and Khattab returned to their villages after the Syrian Armed Forces expelled Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces and neutralized IEDs and mines planted there.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also helped civilians in contested areas to evacuate. Residents of Al-Majdal were advised to evacuate the village according to loyalist sources.

The National Defense Forces (NDF) media wing published a picture of a BTR-60 BMP seized from Jaish Al Ezzah by the SAA. 13 bodies of militant group members were found inside.

Northern Hama: Militants Suffer More Casualties. Civilians Return To Villages Liberated By Syrian Army

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Noticeably, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and “opposition” media ooutlets stopped sharing news related to their massive offensive in northern Hama after government forces had recaptured over 75% of the areas seized by militants in the latest swift counterattack.

Some rebel sources blamed the loss on intense airstrikes carried out by the Russian and Syrian Air Force and a heavy bombardment from Russian TOS-1 heavy flamethrower systems.

Sources in Homs’ northern countryside and Idlib confirmed the rumors about HTS’s massive financial constraints. HTS begins to raise money from civilians in the provicnes of Idlib and Homs

Russian warplanes continued targeting fortifications and mobilization points of al Qaeda-linked HTS across Hama in Sawran and Taybat al-Imam as the Syrian Army prepares to storm Sawran. If Sawran and the nearby points are liberated, government forces will reverse 100% of the HTS gains in northern Hama in March.

Syrian troops evacuate civilians:

Syrian troops are in Azreh and Khattab:

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This is what happens when you use IFV to attack artillery and MBT possitions


If the headchoppers are that much in trouble, then press on! Eliminate this accursed sailliant so in half a years time we’re not back at this for a 3rd time


Eastern Ghouta is higher in the priorities I think.

Expo Marker

Civilians always flock to their homes when the SAA liberates the area, and flee when al-Nusra and co. arrive. Why? Syrians trust their national army, and distrust anyone else.


I doubt that many civilians will return to the areas near the combat zone right away.
Regardless of what the article states.
Though they will flee from the low life murdering Jihadist scum bags.
Ethnic cleansing, if you are not Sunni Muslim, you are killed.
They have done it many times. And also behead SAA prisoners of war.

Just "Syrian"

people in those towns are very poor and have nothing but there houses..
they simply have no other place to go..
and that’s why this article is painfully true.

Ho Pw

After 6 long years, even the 3 year old kids also knows who is the devil and who is the their savior.

Ho Pw

No more green buses. Surrender or Die!

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