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Northeastern Syria: US Helicopters Moved Iraqi, Saudi & Tunisian Terrorists Out From SDF Prison

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Northeastern Syria: US Helicopters Moved Iraqi, Saudi & Tunisian Terrorists Out From SDF Prison

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US helicopters transported dozens of ISIS terrorists from a prison run by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of al-Qamishli in the northern countryside of Syria’s al-Hasakah to a US base located in the governorate’s southern countryside, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on September 19.

Citing local sources, the state-run agency said that around 60 terrorists were transported by two US military helicopters from the prison, known as Nafkar, to al-Shaddadi base.

“Most of the terrorists who were moved hold Iraqi, Saudi and Tunisian citizenships, including the leader of the so-called police in Deir Ezzor, the head of the education sector and the director of prisons in the group [ISIS],” the agency quoted the sources as saying.

US forces have reportedly moved dozens of ISIS captives from SDF-run prisons in northeastern Syria to its bases within the region since the start of the year.

  • On March 31, 40 terrorists were moved from al-Hawl camp to al-Shaddadi base.

  • On April 13, 60 terrorists were moved from the Industrial Secondary Prison and the Self-Defense Prison to al-Omar oil fields base.

  • On August 6, 40 terrorists were moved from the Industrial Secondary Prison and the Self-Defense Prison to al-Shaddadi base.

According to the SANA, the US train and equip these terrorists then deploy them to carry out terrorist attacks against civilians as well as government forces in different parts of Syria. These claims are yet to be verified.


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Imagine that. The leading terrorist nation on earth, relocating other lunatic extremists. Fools in service to rome.


The US forever War OF Terror continues.


It won’t change until those choppers are downed and any US military targeted on sight.


the madness of allowing the usa to have the control of airspace in iraq brings exactly this kind of monstrous problems and i cant wait for iraq to have these treasonous scum of leadership out of office so they can be investigated for their treason

Assad Defeated Zionists

Aiding and abetting terrorists is a high crime. They can target an individual in Afghanistan who f**ks up and uses a walkie talkie. The “September 2016 Deir ez-Zor air raid was no mistake”.


I am making &50,000 by working for ISIS special variant K!

Lone Ranger

Terror state USA.
The yooner the crumbling pedonazi americant empire goes belly up the better for everyone.


Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t put it passed the Americans to do that, but what independent indication do we have that’s happening?
Also, the citizenships, though not impossible (involvement of such individuals with Daesh has been documented) seems a bit generic; most of the Daeshis present right now would be from somewhere else. Still, that Daesh is essentially a CIA+ opporation is quite clear.

Jim Allen

Buzz off troll. Had you been paying attention to what’s happened in Syria, and worldwide you’d know ISIS is a joint creation by US, UK, Mossad, and the Headcutters, just as al CIAeda, was before ISIS, and Taliban was the first “pet” enemy for US, after all what’s a war of…er, I mean on terror without terrorist’s ? The origins, and operations of these “organisations” were discovered year’s ago. Trained, supplied, armed, and paid by US Government. (A wholly owned subsidiary of the City of London) US has got to do something with them, otherwise these groups will either turn on US, or become really pissed off when US does what it does with useful idiot’s it has no further use for. US pissed off Taliban when it fucked over them on the pipeline deal, and cut them out, Taliban had been guarding the poppy’s until US did that. That’s the reason Taliban ripped the crop’s out of the ground, and started fighting. US doesn’t learn, it does it’s puppet President’s, terrorist organisations, alphabet agency investigator’s, operative’s, UN agency personnel, US military Special Force’s that have been sent on clandestine missions, Diplomat’s, anyone, or group that has been read in to Top Secret information, that can be a threat to the criminal’s running US Government, (useful idiots) once their mission is completed is silenced. Tragic helicopter accident’s, “terrorist attacks” on US Embassy’s, (Benghazi as example, or the one conference room in the third ring of The Pentagon. Where the only people on that side of the building were, waiting to meet with their superior’s to discuss the work they’d just completed, and a report wriien.
That was a 3 to 6 kiloton tactical nuke that destroyed the conference room. Then a piss poor attempt to cover it with a Boeing aircraft that was “hijacked” by “terrorist’s” and flown into the building at a place the Boeing aircraft couldn’t possibly reach, and the hole in the building that was made by a Thomas Hawk cruise missile was nowhere near matching where the nose of the Boeing aircraft would’ve struck. If there had been a Boeing aircraft present to strike the building in the first place.
That was damage to the first ring inside The Pentagon, the second ring was untouched, the conference room was in the third ring, where the nuke was detonated. There were no Boeing aircraft harmed that day. There was zero Boeing aircraft debris at any of the designated crash site’s. The list goes on forever. Notice what our beloved Government did to Qathafis, Saddam Hussein before that. Attempted coup in Venezuela, Turkey, Belarus, when US didn’t get it’s way. Three assassination attempt’s on President Putin, countless attempt’s to assassinate Castro, assassinated the President of Haiti, another President, or so in African countries, endless “regime change” attempts. Syria, Libya, and now Turkey. Egypt, Iraq, a couple countries in Central, and South America, Bolivia as example, but this one didnt stick. One year later, and Morales’s party took power again.
Iran, after CIA overthrow of Iran’s Government, and the Shah puppet installed in 1953, US proceeded to manage the theft of Iran’s oil, gas, and whatever. Until 1979 when Iran took their country back, 86’d the Shah puppet, (but didn’t kill his tyrannical ass) the Rothschild Central Bank. Iran was instantly hit with mind boggling sanction’s, all designed to strangle the country, all Iranian monies in Western banks frozen, and threat’s, CIA dirty tricks, and anything else the City of London, and US Government could dream up.
In 1980 the Cabal had Saddam Hussein attack Iran, the war lasted 8 year’s with Iran prevailing.
Then on to the 43 year’s of piled on sanction’s against Iran, labeled a “terrorist organization” by Israel, and US, yet Iran hasn’t attacked another country since 1775. Difficult to be a terrorist organization when it hasn’t “terrorized” anyone in almost 300 year’s. Iran defended itself against Iraq.



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