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Northeastern Syria Administration Calls For Total Mobilization Following Erdogan Threats


Northeastern Syria Administration Calls For Total Mobilization Following Erdogan Threats

Source: hawarnews.com

On December 12, the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in northeastern Syria condemned Turkey’s plan to launch an attack on the region and called for a “total mobilization” to stop any such aggression.

“Erdogan’s [Turkish President] goal is not the north and east of Syria, but the Syrian territorial unit. At the time when IS utter their last breath in Deir ez-Zor, Erdogan is trying, through his threats, to invade Syria to ease them and prolong their life,” the DAA, which govern the areas held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said in an official statement.

Furthermore, the DAA called on the international community, the US-led coalition and NATO countries to take a stand against “Erdogan’s aggressive plans” and prevent any attack on northeastern Syria.

“We also call on the Syrian government to take the official position against this threat because Erdogan wants to occupy a part of Syria and this means an attack on the Syrian sovereignty,” the DAA added.

Erdogan had vowed to launch a military operation in the SDF-held area within a few days. According to Syrian opposition sources, the operation, which will likely be carried out by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), will target the border city of Tell Abyad.

Since the beginning of this month, the US-led coalition has established several observation posts along the SDF-held part of the Syrian-Turkish border, including a post near Tell Abyad. However,  U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that these posts will address Turkey’s “legitimate” concerns, which raises the question if Ankara and Washington had reached an agreement behind the SDF’s back.

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  • Feudalism Victory

    Unfortunately the kurds where never more than bargaining chips to be sold at a profit or written off when the profit passes. Its not like they have any recent experience with being left holding the bag when something goes wrong.

    Cough afrin
    Cough kirkuk
    Cough gulf war 1

    But who knows maybe the us will fight turkey for them….but I wouldnt bet a dollar nevermind my life on it. Maybe they can get some amnesty if they high tail to the nearest syrian government town.

  • Sinbad2

    The US needs Turkey more than it needs the Kurds.
    How many times does the US have to back stab the Kurds before they realize they are disposable in Americas eyes.

    • Pave Way IV

      Whatever anyone thinks of the Syrian Kurds, they are certainly not naive. I doubt they ever expected the U.S. to be their best friend forever. If the U.S. does abandon them, they will still have ended up much, much better armed and trained today than if the U.S. never showed up at all.

      Could they seriously repel a Turkish invasion? Not forever, but they would make it damn costly with all the ATGMs the U.S. gave them. Think Houthis and smoking hulks of Saudi/UAE armor. They probably have enough MANPADS to make Turkish ATAK choppers nervous, but the Kurds (like the Houthis) are defenseless against air strikes from 5000m.

      • potcracker2588

        r u just plain stupid or a born donkey?????

        afrin area which was taken in a week, was shitty terrain with loads of hills and mountains…….north-east syria is FLAT……and maybe smartass u dont know BUT TAF has an airforce,,, the kurds dont moron!!! stop with this bs…

        • occupybacon

          Listen here sucker, if US takes down a Turkish F-16, Lira will plunge into abyss and Turkey will be the new Venezuela

  • potcracker2588

    “If the U.S. does abandon them, they will still have ended up much, much
    better armed and trained today than if the U.S. never showed up at a”. sinbad the donkey……..take less cocaine or drink less booze donkey…….so the kurds are now better off???????????????????????????????? wtf folks here..lol.pathetic morons here

    the kurds are just PAWNS…they are used like a pimp uses his whore…..and what happens with PAWNS and WHORES once they are useless??? thats your answer for the kurdish future as a whole…….but maybe u should all think about the BIGGER picture instead of hopping on each and every fucking article or news break like a rabbit.If anybody here believes that ALL moves by TAF are nor coordinated and APPROVED by nato/US Command you´d better watch alice in wonderland.Might learn something from the movie.
    so whats the bigger picture…

    a Nato member(turkey) invaded and occupied northern parts of SYRIA.
    a Nato(s) member(USA/FRANCE) invaded and occupied east SYRIA.

    see the pattern???

    no not yet??? Question?Whats easier to explain/handle nato Occupation of north and east syria by Turkey or nato Occupation of north and east syria by USA???

    All they are doing now is exchanging their PAWNS….thats all…..LOL…. americans are and (were using ISIS)using the kurds…only the kurds are not able to hold on to that area forever, or give upp a good fight against SAA…..the turkish PAWNS(headchoppinh jihadi groups) are able to hold on to that area for??? and the ycan give SAA a hardtime…….but the OVERALL STORY does not change……
    SYRIA ARAB REPUBLIC is occupied by NATO in the north and the south and the east.Thats a FACT!!
    and russia helped with all..exept for the nato occupying territories.AM i wrong? no…well it was russia who gave turkey the green light to inavde afrin…it was russia whoc made that great working bs agreement about idlib..and its russia which continuosly tells SAA to backoff from an offensive against Idlib…those are all facts!!!!
    most folks here are bs artists…they see the facts..but they still bs around them….with their own madeup fairtytales…either with russia saved syria(wtf does that sentence have to do with anything here) or wait and see SAA will attack idlib and and and ..thats sweat but all bs fairtyales…….the facts are easy as mentioned above and no one can doubt them…or is it nor true where NATO invaded and still occupys parts of syria? is it not true that the idlib agreement does not worrk from day1?? is it not true that it was russia who gave erdogan the green light to invade afrin area? is it not true that SAA keeps BEGGING and ASKING for the green light to attack them terrorists in idlin and russia for months now denies them that?

    Thats all facts..stick to them fatcs and stop with your all bs fairtytale writings here.

    • occupybacon

      ^^ I’m wondering if anyone here had the nerves, the courage and the time to read this bs

      • Barba_Papa

        Once its clear someone is basically just ranting I don’t bother.

  • Jim Prendergast

    Turkey is the latest bus that the U.S. will throw the Kurds under. (is that correct grammar?) Their only real hope has been to join Syria, Join the SAA. All the U.S. wants is petro & gas. Saladin must be rolling-over in his grave.