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Northeast Syria Is Suitable For Arabs, Not Kurds: Erdogan


Northeast Syria Is Suitable For Arabs, Not Kurds: Erdogan

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaks at Chatham House in central London, Britain May 14, 2018. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

In a controversial statement, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on October 25 that northeastern Syria is suitable for Arab people to live, but not Kurdish people.

“What is important is to prepare a controlled life in this enormous area, and the most suitable people for it are Arabs. These areas are not suitable for the lifestyle of Kurds … because these areas are virtually desert,” Erdogan said in an interview with Turkish television channel TRT, according to al-Arabiya.

President Erdogan was defending Operation Peace Spring that was launched earlier in October by the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria’s northeastern region.

While the new statement turned into a controversial issue, Erdogan vowed to resettle at least one million Syrian refugees in the region once its cleared from Kurdish forces even earlier.

For weeks now, officials of the SDF have been warning from “demographic change” and “ethnic cleansing” in northeast Syria. Most of the border areas where Ankara is working to establish its “safe-zone” are indeed Kurdish-majority areas.

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  • occupybacon

    Erdogan wants to move them in Turkey :)

    • BMWA1

      In coffins?

  • This unacceptable,hes doing the same thing the Europeans jews are doing to the Palestinian people.

    • Saddam Hussein

      Except that the Palestinians lived in Palestine for thousands and thousands of years. Kurds have only been in Syria for less than 100 years.


    N Syria is not suitable for Turks, or their NSA trash. :)

  • gustavo

    Some people to justify his madness is capable to say any stupidity, and they think that other persons will believe what his saying.

  • Johan

    He admit that he wants to ethnic clean the Kurds out, the animal. And where the Kurds lived in Turkey you exterminated them, only the world conscious kept you from comiting the next brutal genocide.

    • Sasan Jamshidi

      And we see shameable west silence, only if Kurds were jews from austrailia to usa would fight with turks! But eh … No they are not jews!

      • Johan

        Correct we the Europeans are to tolerant and should react against criminals, and certainly against criminal politicians. But or politicians are to preoccupied with their own wellbeing and not with that of the Europeans let along with that of freindly people abroad. We should stop importing Turkish good (60% of their export) stop investing in their economy ( 70% of all the extern money to keep Turkey functioning is spended by Europe) and stop giving Turkey the most third country development money from all all underdeveloped countries.

    • Kemal Büyük

      Bro millions of kurds living in Turkish rep. My neighbourhood is full of them. Stop talking about things you dont know shit about.

      • Johan

        I know that education in Turkey is miserable but at least you should be capable of comprehensive reading. Nowhere I did say there where no Kurds any more living in Turkey only that most of them are proecuted and e lot are killed by the Turks. Read what Saddam Hussein is writing beneath thats the thruth.

        • Kemal Büyük

          Get the fuck out. You know nothing punk.

          • Johan

            Great arguments you have (irony ), but of course you missed any possible education. Not your fault but that of Turkey who prefer religious contradictions and brainwashing over real science, thats the reason why Turkey has become a muslim – and thrid world country compareble with Oeganda under Idi Amin and late Zimbabwe.

    • Bob

      ‘exterminated them’ – Turkish Kurds?!
      Hyperbole much?!
      There are currently entire Kurdish towns in Turkey.

    • Saddam Hussein

      Kurds never lived in Syria until recently. They came from Turkey as refugees.

  • Johan

    Houston we have a problem the iman, Sultan, 2022 Mahdi lost contact with earth what should we do?
    Answer nothing, any alien he encounters will send him back, wait and hope they eat him.

  • World Wisdom

    Turkey is a country that support terrorism. Erdogan supports AQ and Daesh. No Turks have ever fought against Daesh. Ever! Turks are the same terrorists like AQ. You do not trust me? – Watch this then: Турецькі солдати розстрілюють полонених курдських жінок і ріжуть голови полоненим чоловікам. ВІДЕО 18+

  • Sasan Jamshidi

    Kurds in syria suffered ethnic cleansing and force displacing And arabizing by Assadis Regimes now they must suffer Turkish one. Nice world we live in with GOD or Humanity over it…..

  • jim crowland

    How much do the Kurds will pay for the chopped head of the ottoman sultan erdogan?

    • Jens Holm

      According to Kurds it wont solve much. Kemals are even worse.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Time for green buses to relocate SDF to Turkey for resettlement under Turkeys care.

  • Jens Holm

    He looks old. Do Turks even have a replacement.

    Very unusual picture seeing him with almost closed mouth. Maybee they used my very old camera, which in flashlight could use 1/3000 sekund :)

  • alejandro casalegno

    A century ago, the kurds were the turkish “Einsatzgruppen” in the armenian genocide……the history always come back!!!!

  • Lazy Gamer

    There should be no Arab nor Kurd distinction in Syria. There are only Syrians, and Syrians are suitable on every inch of Syrian land.

    • Saddam Hussein

      Arabic is the official language and Syria is an Arabic country. Its official name is the Syrian Arab Republic and its governed by an nationalistic Arab Baathist party . If a kurd speaks arabic and considers himself Syrian, no one will care, but if he demands to speak kurdish and wants their own schools, land, etc. that teach their own language, then they will get the barrel bombs.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Erdogan could have made this statement during the forming of SDF.Because lots of Arabs were killed by Kurds under watchful eye of USA, France and Britain for refusing to join.Some where forcefully removed from their land and territory.
    SDF forming was base on driving arabs away from oil,gas field, Israel border for annexation of Golan heights and establishing Kurdish state in Syria call Rojava.USA,France,Israel,Saudi and Britain agenda of ethnic division and rule for oil,gas,gold theft by using Kurds in Syria is supported by Kurdish leaders.

    • Joseph Scott

      There are more Arabs in the SDF than there are Kurds. The Arabs the SDF fought with were Islamist rustics who were angry that the SDC wouldn’t let them practice child marriages and female circumcision and all the other archaic barbarities they were accustomed to. The SDF has been fully cooperating with the SAA, and their police have been arresting anti-Assad dissidents who have tried to cause trouble in Manbij. They have been doing everything that could reasonably be asked of them.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Initial deals between Erdogan, Saudi Arabia,UAE, Israel, France, Britain, Egypt and USA has failed. To allow Turkey access in exploiting as the main controller of Syrian resources.
    Just the fact that let take out Syrian citizens and destroy Syrian government agenda has failed.Erdogan has been left with no option but to bring back those refugee tools forcefully.

    Erdogan will continue to pressure USA, France, Britain, Germany and core puppets of NATO to leave Middle East for betraying him on hidden agenda deals.Sanction or not sanction Turkey has nothing to lose either it owns USA,France and Britain nuclear weapons in Turkey or no one will take them or touch or get them.

    Cameron,Macroni,Merkel,Obama,May,Cliton,Sarkozy,Stoldenberg, Satanyahu instigating protest in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon,Yemen ideas and flooding Europe with Middle East refugees has failed them.It was driven with hope to get unilateral action plan from UN on their drafted proposal. But Russian interference has destroy and exposed fake news entities in USA,Europe BBC and fake white helmets who lead the chemical attacks to cause USANATO automatic attack after lies.This were also expose and defused by Russia interference and proved to USA that Tomahawk and Patriots are useless. LatestvIsrael attack on Saudi oilfields also convince Pompeo and Israel warmongers that Patriots are useless and vulnerable if their attack Iran or Russia.
    France,Israel and Britain are very very dissatisfied and disappointed that their secret action plan has failed and are currently planning do or die attack on IranJust to automatically force USA to joint their evil unending war.Impeaching Trump is led by France, Britain and Israel or assisenate him for failing to fulfill warmongers and capitalist Jews depopulation and rule plan.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    LOL, the Kurds have a 2000 year history in the region but the Ottoman Turks only have a 500 year history in the region, LOL.

    Some people think Assad’s happily accepted the Turks and Russians proposal to reinstate the old Adana agreement, but this is what Assad said straight after the phone call from Putin informing him of what the Russians and Turks had worked out without his consent,

    “During the phone call, President Putin underlined Syria’s territorial integrity, saying that any agreement between Russia and Turkey will focus on combating all forms of terrorism and dissociate any separatist agendas on Syrian territories”.
    President al-Assad, for his part, affirmed categorical rejection of any invasion of the Syrian lands under any title or pretext, saying that owners of the separatist targets bear the responsibility for the developments of events in the current time.

    I interpret this article’s meaning to be Assad’s totally rejected the Russian and Turkish proposal to reinstate the Adana protocols.
    And this article also from the official Syrian government news site a few days later is even more elaborating,

    New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari renewed Syria’s strong condemnation of the Turkish aggression on its territories, and its categorical rejection the attempt of Erdogan regime to justify its hostile acts under any pretext.

    This is just a plea for help from Assad to the UN, he wants the UN to help him stop the Turks and Russians using the old Adana protocols to justify a Turkish occupation of Syria.
    Assad’s said the old Adana agreement is defunct due to the fact the Turks are breaking one of it’s core and FUNDAMENTAL stipulations, which is no permanent Turkish military presence on Syrian soil, and Assad’s said that because that condition of the old arrangement is not being abided to, the old agreement can’t be used to legally justify a Turkish presence in Syria.
    Assad’s also included a new stipulation, now he’s also saying the Turks must also stop all support for all Syrian opposition groups operating in Syria as well, so this makes it even harder for the Turks to comply to the old protocol, Assad’s new demands make it just about impossible for the Turks to comply to it now., LOL.
    No Turkish/Russian safe zone, no Turkish/US safe zone, just a hell hole on earth until it’s returned to Syrian sovereignty, that’s how I see this new Turkish occupation working out. Lets see just how safe Erdogan’s safe zone actually is, it’s not going so well so far, hundreds of civilians killed, 300,000 displaced, power and water knocked out, highway cut off, numerous well documented cases of war crimes and human rights abuses [video evidence], and that’s just in the first 2 weeks, what happens if and probably when the ceasefire is seriously broken, a renewal of the first 2 weeks?
    The Kurds will never accept a Turkish presence in their homelands, the SDF will just do the same thing the ALF does in Tall Rif at, they’ll use SAA occupied territory as a safe haven, and then launch cross territory attacks on Turkish soldiers, their proxies, and Turkish interests next door, and unfortunately civilian targets as well.
    Safe zone my Ar-e, it’ll never be safe, unless of course you consider Idlib to be a safe place, or north western Aleppo, or northern Latakia, then you might consider the new safe zone being what it says it is.

    • Joseph Scott

      You are one of few who seems to have paid attention to what is going on here.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Saddam Hussein

    I dont like the sultan but is right in this point. Northeast Syria was always Arab land. Kurds only came in as refugees from Turkey and were welcomed by the Syrians. In the end, kurds backstabbed them and allowed the Americans and other invaders into Syria.

  • lovethemapples

    It makes sense from Turkish point of view. If Kurds are moved away from Turkish border, in future even if they get an autonomy or independence, it will in no way affect Kurdish separatism in Turkey. And Turkey has plenty of friendly Arab displaced people to move there instead. Basically divide an conquer. We may soon see same in Iraqi border with Iran and Turkey.
    Though Russians supported Kurds during soviet times, but role in toppling Saddam, and cooperation with US in Syria won’t get Russian sympathy anytime soon.
    Iran is also against them due to own separatism issue and alleged support by Israel to Iranian Kurds.

    Kurds don’t have any neighbor that likes them. Tough neighborhood.

  • antoun

    yes the kurdistan syrian is arab no kurd! bravo erdogan!!