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North-Korean-Defector-Turned-South-MP Says He’s 99% Certain Kim Jong-Un Passed Away


North-Korean-Defector-Turned-South-MP Says He's 99% Certain Kim Jong-Un Passed Away

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On May 1st, a North Korean defector, who was elected as a member of South Korean Parliament – Ji Seong-ho said that he was 99% certain Kim Jong-Un had died over the weekend between April 24th and 26th.

Ji Seong-ho, who earned a proportional representation seat of a minor party in the April 15 elections, claimed that he is 99 percent sure of Kim’s death and North Korea may make the related announcement by May 3rd.

“I’ve wondered how long he could have endured after cardiovascular surgery. I’ve been informed that Kim died last weekend,” Ji told Yonhap News Agency.

“It is not 100 percent certain, but I can say the possibility is 99 percent. North Korea is believed to be grappling with a complicated succession issue,” he said.

The Korean MP didn’t reveal the source of his claim, and there is no way of verifying it, unless Pyongyang itself releases a statement.

The South Korean government said it has not detected any “unusual” signs in North Korea that may suggest a serious problem in leader Kim’s health.

Regardless, this could also be a way to gain some easy publicity from the defector-turned-politician.

It should also be reminded that Yonhap is the source of most unfounded rumors when it comes to North Korea, most of which turn out to be entirely debunked in a short time frame.

Judging by the wide plethora of reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is in scenario similar to the cat in Erwin Schrödinger famous experiment from 1935. But it even goes one step further, since he has more states. According to media he is: perfectly healthy, slightly ill, terribly ill, terminally ill, in a coma, in an induced coma, or dead.

As its typical for all global events in the current world, memes are abound regarding Kim’s condition and what would happen if the North’s leader were to not be around anymore. Most frequently, his 21-year-old sister – Kim Yo-Jong is dubbed to be the leader, with edited photographs presenting her as an “anime-protagonist” being late for her first day of being “dictator.”

HINT: The toast in her mouth is added post-fact.

North-Korean-Defector-Turned-South-MP Says He's 99% Certain Kim Jong-Un Passed Away

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Memes and humour aside, Kim’s condition is a serious matter, and any bad news regarding it might be detrimental to the current balance of influences and powers in South East Asia and it is unclear what ripples it might cause.




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