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North-Korean-Defector-Turned-South-MP Says He’s 99% Certain Kim Jong-Un Passed Away

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North-Korean-Defector-Turned-South-MP Says He's 99% Certain Kim Jong-Un Passed Away

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On May 1st, a North Korean defector, who was elected as a member of South Korean Parliament – Ji Seong-ho said that he was 99% certain Kim Jong-Un had died over the weekend between April 24th and 26th.

Ji Seong-ho, who earned a proportional representation seat of a minor party in the April 15 elections, claimed that he is 99 percent sure of Kim’s death and North Korea may make the related announcement by May 3rd.

“I’ve wondered how long he could have endured after cardiovascular surgery. I’ve been informed that Kim died last weekend,” Ji told Yonhap News Agency.

“It is not 100 percent certain, but I can say the possibility is 99 percent. North Korea is believed to be grappling with a complicated succession issue,” he said.

The Korean MP didn’t reveal the source of his claim, and there is no way of verifying it, unless Pyongyang itself releases a statement.

The South Korean government said it has not detected any “unusual” signs in North Korea that may suggest a serious problem in leader Kim’s health.

Regardless, this could also be a way to gain some easy publicity from the defector-turned-politician.

It should also be reminded that Yonhap is the source of most unfounded rumors when it comes to North Korea, most of which turn out to be entirely debunked in a short time frame.

Judging by the wide plethora of reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is in scenario similar to the cat in Erwin Schrödinger famous experiment from 1935. But it even goes one step further, since he has more states. According to media he is: perfectly healthy, slightly ill, terribly ill, terminally ill, in a coma, in an induced coma, or dead.

As its typical for all global events in the current world, memes are abound regarding Kim’s condition and what would happen if the North’s leader were to not be around anymore. Most frequently, his 21-year-old sister – Kim Yo-Jong is dubbed to be the leader, with edited photographs presenting her as an “anime-protagonist” being late for her first day of being “dictator.”

HINT: The toast in her mouth is added post-fact.

North-Korean-Defector-Turned-South-MP Says He's 99% Certain Kim Jong-Un Passed Away

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Memes and humour aside, Kim’s condition is a serious matter, and any bad news regarding it might be detrimental to the current balance of influences and powers in South East Asia and it is unclear what ripples it might cause.


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Kim is waiting for a great lider to call him and nobody dares to


When we know, we will all know, and speculation is pointless until then.


Things is, it’s a secretive country, with nukes, and the potential to be an incredible burden to whichever country gets burdened with the task of cleaning up the giant mess. So everybody desperately hopes the Fat Kim is okay, or his successor is ready and able to take the reigns.

And as with any closed off secretive country the art of Kremlinology becomes highly important to determine who is who and what in said country. Because you have to know who you’re dealing with and if they are capable to deal with you at all.

Swift Laggard II

eish. write in plain english not in ‘kremlinological’ dialect


I did not invent the term.


And people who write in bad English themselves shouldn’t be the first to accuse others of doing so.

Swift Laggard II

i think we all know what Kremlinology is – that’s not the issue. You write in English, but you make zero sense.


SK has the economy, NK has the defense (nukes) – what’s not to like in a merger?! If only the two could agree on a middle ground for a state managed provision if needs vs a free market economy for wants, they’d be great. The nukes are an asset, not that they are particularly interesting as a weapon in the age of suicide or AI drones, but they still hold some weight for now..


Because SK is a Western style democracy? Where people enjoy certain rights and freedoms and are allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labor. While NK is a Stalinist monarchy where people only have the right to shut up and suffer from malnurishment while their leader looks like he eats for a whole platoon? And where nobody is allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labor because everything belongs to the state. And if there wasn’t a massive border between the two Koreas and if it weren’t for the pesky fact that if you defect your entire family gets thrown in a concentration camp to be worked to death millions would be fleeing to the South.

I get it, most people here on SF don’t like the US. I am no supporter of US foreign policy, I LOVE it that Assad has won the war in Syria with the aid of Russia and Iran and every time the US loses a move in the international chess game I smile. But way too many people here think that the enemy of my enemy (the US) is my friend. And because China, Russia and NK oppose the US they consider them friends. Or at least favorably. China is most definitely NOT your friend. China gave us the Commie Cough and just wants to supplant the US as the world’s Imperial Power. North Korea is not your friend, it’s the most terrible place to live in, except for maybe the Democratic Republic of Congo, where unimaginable things still happen. And Russia, well, I like Russia, I could see myself living there. But Russia is first and foremost Russia’s friend. Like any country should.


Western style is screwing someone without lube while smiling at them..


South Korea is a US colony, that appeared when the US rehabilitated and put in power the elite that cooperated with the Japanese occupation. The NK leadership was born organically in opposition to this treachery.

Put it this way – NK has fully funded universal healthcare and education. Go figure on their politics, but they do better for the individual citizen under an externally imposed autarky than the US, which has colonised most of the planet!

As for the conspiracy hypothesis that China done give the US the virus, please don’t fall for US propaganda..

Swift Laggard II

[NK has fully funded universal healthcare and education]….you are definitely the most dumb poster i ever met here


Porque? Es lo que digo incorrecto?

Ray Douglas

Pointless to argue with a zombie. This, I was going to say brainwashed, brainless being doesn’t have a clue about anything. Even if she was brought to NK she would think she was somewhere else and deny what she seen.


had north korea not had nukes where do you think they would have been today – bombed to pieces llike the yankeetwats did some 70 years ago. in fact the yanks dropped more bombs on nk than what was dropped by all parties in the world war 2. they obliterated the north just because they did not accept the fascist sung man rhee the neo-nazis in washington had decided would be the head of the korean peninsula.


You break it, you own it. The moment you destroy the Nork government millions of impoverished malnourished brainwashed North Koreans will come across the DMZ and Yalu river. China knows this, SK knows this, Japan knows this, even Washington knows this. Nobody wants to invade the North. Its a pandora’s box of problems that nobody wants to open. Everybody was perfectly happy to let North Korea be, as long as they kept quiet. But the Kims felt paranoid and wanted nukes, and that made everybody nervous. Probably in no small part because it was North Korea that started that war 70 years ago!


The US and little helpers managed to kill 30% of the North Korean population at the time.


It it then surprising that Westerners are generally disliked?
North Korea is living proof of the fact that Nuclear Weapons are the only way to keep the US plunderers at bay.

Peter Jennings

What a difference a day makes. Kim Jung-Un appears at a rally, fit and healthy. It seems Ji Seong-ho was doing what all opportunistic politicians do to gain a little attention.


I would think that Ji Seong-ho’s name has been taken by Cpl Jones, sir. :)


Like the Ziocorporate media, the S. Korean regime is beholden to US Ziocorporate interests, and continuous lies and bollox about perceived enemies are the business of those circles.

Liberal guy

This bastard is a Korean traitor whether North or South or both!


You must be communist.


Yeah, because like North Korea East-Germany was not such a nice place to live in, with like a million informers of the StaSi spying on everyone, whereas everybody wanted to live in West-Germany. That was why the Berlin Wall was erected, otherwise the country would have emptied.

Except North Korea is probably a 100 times worse then East Germany, if only because the latter could at least feed its people. And South Korea is probably just like West Germany used to be. A good place to live in. So the attraction to escape to the South is even bigger then it was between the two Germany’s.

Liberal guy

It’s a different scenario

Pave Way IV

You have to have half-expected some variation of the ‘Kim Threat’ to rise again – especially after some members of South Korea’s parliament started talking about normalizing relations, moving towards unification and throwing out the US.

Seems that happened (again) just before parliamentary elections, when South Korea offered the U.S. a 13% pay hike for ‘defending’ them. An offer which the Don categorically rejected (not enough, I guess). They currently pay the US a billion USD a year now in protection money. Someone should remind Pompeo and his little sidekick Trump that we’re not the only game in town, anymore. There are other more economical choices. China comes to mind.


Dont you mean SK decided to accept a 13% US$ pay hike to accept ever more worthless $$$’s? Is SK going to buy US made errrr… errr not sure what US makes..


kim will turn up in good health having isolated himself from the covid-19 that the disunited states of A and the jews in israel have let loose on the world to further the interests of the jews and the quickly disintegrating states of A, crumbling as we speak.


I’m %99 sure is equal to “highly likely” and “with high degree of confidence”. In other words, bull$#it.

It’s not the first time they announced someone is dead in North Korea. From Mr. Kim’s girlfriend (or was it fiance?) to army generals executed, later turned out very much alive and kicking.

I guess we’ll know whenever we hear credible news, from credible sources [in this regard] including NK state TV.

Lazy Gamer

If he is alive, then thats great news. It means he values his life. And therefore has an interest that other people can deal in. So behind the facade of Rocket man is a guy who needs to be safe. Now contrast that with a religious fanatic who holds their beliefs higher than life. lol

John Wallace

Our news has Kim ALIVE.. RT reported something similar

Well he was 1% correct with only 99% certain he was dead.
comment image


A deserter is also a traitor so why even post their comment.

Swift Laggard II

go live in NK you dumb beast. people like you think the repression there is a joke


Comment like that shows that you must belong to the ‘exceptional scum”. You should know all about being dressed, it shows.


hope the traitor un kung jon blow eats crow.. NOW…

North Korea’s Emperor Kim Jong Un Makes Public Appearance

cechas vodobenikov

Kim is pictured today w throngs cheering him at a construction site….a clone ???

Ray Douglas

Ha ha ha. Do you ever get sick of being right?

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