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JUNE 2021

North Korea: US Naval Blockade Will Be Step Towards Nuclear War

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North Korea: US Naval Blockade Will Be Step Towards Nuclear War

Photo credi: STR/AFP/Getty Images

North Korea has slammed a US proposal of the naval blockade and said that the imposing a maritime blockade will be an “extremely dangerous and big step towards the nuclear war.”

The statement spread by North Korea’s KCNA news agency, came amid another escalation on the Korean Peninsula that took place following the recent missile launch by North Korea in late November.

It added the possible naval blockade would be a “violation of its sovereignty and dignity” and that it would take “merciless self-defense measures” against the blockade, which it sees as an act of war.

Meanwhile, US State Secretary Rex Tillerson said that “the international community must take additional measures to enhance maritime security, including the right to interdict maritime traffic transporting goods to and from” North Korea. These measures may include a naval blockade.

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Speaking as one who’s spent several years in South Korea and has made several trips to the DMZ, the current 60 year old status quo can’t/mustn’t go on forever and something needs to change. Though Trump’s stirring the pot this way bothers me, what he’s been doing will become a catalyst for change for better or worse.

One way or another North Korea’s current government is going away. Personally I think it’s more likely to die from internal conflict than external which is why leadership seems so desperate for a strong enemy in a last ditch bid to unite people behind their failing leadership.

Ivan Freely

Your last paragraph pretty much describes the US as well.

Raptar Driver

The war with Korea (both North & South) has never ceased, a Naval blockade is of course an act of war as are the so called ‘war games’ played by the US and it SK vassal; the US will continue this pattern until the North is forced to act and then Trump will say to Americans that we have been attacked.

Dan.9 [26]
to the end there shall be war; desolations are decreed.


““the international community must take additional measures to enhance maritime security””

One way of enhancing maritime security is to keep US naval ships near it’s own shores as was envisioned by the Founders, i.e., for defense only. The International community should state to the US that they’re tired of the US relentless drive for bigger and better wars and that they’re no longer going to support them in their aggressive wars for fun and profit.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA / NATO terrorists entities like besieged as their did to Iraq;Libya, Syria ,Georgia,Yugoslawia,Ukraine and causing hunger,devastation and human suffering.

This war is aim against China and Russia that is why USA pressure this two countries. Any USA/NATO war here will seriously destroy Russia and China if their think their are not affected and relax.False flag attacks will be staged.

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