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North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission

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Written by Peter Koenig; Originally appeared at Global Research

Pyonyang’s urban skyline, competing with Manhattan and the Trump Tower?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is being choked into submission if not starvation by the UN Security Council, by a vote of 15 : 0; i.e. unanimously. None of the 15 UNSC states, let alone the five permanent members, have had the guts to say no to a killer Resolution, drafted and proposed by the United States of America, a name that increasingly stands for international rogue and crime nation.

The New York Times reports on 22 December 2017:

“President Trump has used just about every lever you can use, short of starving the people of North Korea to death, to change their behavior,” the White House homeland security adviser, Thomas P. Bossert, said Tuesday. “And so, we don’t have a lot of room left here to apply pressure to change their behavior.”

Two immediate questions come to mind – first, who is Trump to blackmail the UNSC into punishing nations which do not bend to the empire’s wishes?

Yes, blackmailing, because that’s exactly what is categorically part of the chief rogue’s international behavior. Case in point is the recent UN Resolution to nullify Trump’s unilateral decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, when he, the Donald, threatening he would watch closely who would vote against the US, in view of punishing those nations monetarily or with other sanctions; and second, how come Russia and China went along with this literally genocidal program of sanctions contained in this UNSC Resolution?

Both Russia and China know that Washington’s arguments against the DPRK are based on a web of lies. That everything coming out of Washington is a lie, or untruth, or omission of facts – is well known around the globe. But in this case, where two ascending super-powers, Russia and China have the veto right to say NO to these illegal sanctions, it begs the question, why’ didn’t they use their veto?

Even more so, since Russia and China are both also ‘sanctioned’ by Washington for not ‘behaving’, and because Russia and China are natural allies of North Korea. – Why were they going along with Washington’s blackmail? – A veto could have sent a clear message to the sort of preposterous Nikki Haleys and Donald Trumps of this world, that there is no more fear of the devil, but that the power plates are clearly shifting away from Washington.

North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into SubmissionWas it out of fear that the madman could possibly press the red bottom, if provoked? – Voting with the madman is certainly no reason to believe that the Mad Man will not press the nuclear bottom. – Then, what kind of diplomacy is it? – The fear of more sanctions directed at Russia and China?

This would be outright ridiculous, as both countries, founders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), are almost fully detached from the western dollar economy and are heading a new economy that already comprises about half of the world’s population and one third of the globe’s economic output. Hence, they can function fully independently from the west. There are no fears of sanctions either.

Then why?

Maybe because they, Russia and China, want to show the world that no matter how they vote, they will do what they deem correct, like in this case not adhering to the sanction, as they will not let North Korea’s people, their friends and allies, suffocate to death. This would tell those nations who still do not dare contradicting the US of A – “Don’t be afraid, we are on your side.”

Already a month ago, Reuters reported that according to the North Korean representative at the UN Geneva, those who most suffer from the sanctions are women and children. This is a classic. It applies almost everywhere when sanctions are dished out. For example, in Iraq where under the Clinton sanctions program, following a 1995 UN report,

576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.”

In addition, the study found “steeply rising malnutrition among the young, suggesting that more children will be at risk in the coming years.” – Indeed, close to a million Iraqis have died as the result of a decade long US-imposed UN sanctions scheme.

Will the world allow similar numbers – or higher – of people to die in North Korea, just because the DPRK has opted to defend herself against the self-proclaimed exceptional nation that has for over 60 years refused to sign a peace agreement and instead constantly threatened North Korea with annual high-powered military war games along the Korean Peninsula?

North Korea has done no harm to any other nation. Indeed, North Korea does not intend to start a war with anyone. North Korea has had the courage and strength to rebuild as a socialist nation in almost full isolation from a 1953 US-devastated country with the loss from then 30% of the population, about 3 million people. Does anyone wonder why North Korea has opted to defend herself – come what may?

This is Pyonyang in 1953. Completely destroyed by the USAA (and rebuilt by North Korea).

North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission

North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission

North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission

And does anybody realize, including the 15 UNSC countries having condemned the DPRK to starve, that North Korea has declared numerous times that she wants nothing more than Peace, that she is willing to sign a nuclear weapons disarmament program along with all the other nuclear powers; and she is ready to negotiate, as long as Washington stops its high-handed and dangerous military maneuvers and jet fighter territorial overflights.?

North Korean kids (image left)

Why would North Korea, or any nation for that matter – not have the same right as the US, UK, Russia, China, France, Israel, India, Pakistan, and the NATO member nuclear weapons sharing states of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey – all of which have allegedly acquired B61 tactical nuclear weapons (Made in America) targeted at Russia, Iran and other countries in the Middle East allegedly for “defense purposes”?

Turkey has five times more nuclear weapons than North Korea at its Incirlik base, Belgium and the Netherlands have together four times m0re nuclear weapons than the DPRK.

North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission

North Korea – UN Security Council’s “Killer Resolution”,15 to 0: Choking a Country into Submission

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 21st Century (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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That’s the main difference between USA and Russia and China.

USA help his allies like israel and SA to the death. Russia and China barely do something for their allies.


I hate to say it, but it looks like you’re right, and this article is making excuses for Russia, and China.


Did you see Russia or China pressure USA on Yemen or Palestine or Ukraine or Libya or Iraq or for 9/11 or … ? Never.

So, i don’t see what they will resist.

Once every of their allies with be in the USA sphere of influence, Russia and China turn will come.

Tudor Miron

USA help his allies to the death??? SA and Israel? Death of US sodiers for Israel yes they can do this. But risking anything real? Give me a good example. Should I give you some examples where USA betraied and setup their allies? Why everyone in ME is saying that you can’t trust US but make deal with Israel and than USA will help you. Regarding Israel… we all know how loyal they are to their treaties with goyims :)


Did you see what USA has done for israel ???
Saudi Arabia is bombing yemen and USA is protecting them in UN. They even gave them human right council presidence.

Tudor Miron

Is this “to the death”? :) Regarding Israel – USA population have no say in this. They are ruled by Israel (to large extent)


But NK is not Russia’s ally


I don’t know. If Japan elected a nationalistic or populist FM that revive their Armed forces then acquire nuclear capability would they still loved them though ? I doubt it. There’s no real ‘independent’ allies with them except Israel. Ironically US would die for Israel while Israel simply change sides whenever it was needed.


Read my comments on top….
This is a face saving measure for US to get out of war with NK…..
US cannot be seen to lose face as is evident US is too arrogant to allow others to dictate how to run the world. Trump has spoke too much to lose face.

There is no chance at all US is able to defeat NK on land and going to war with NK is a big no no for SK and Japan.

Brad Isherwood

All the dead of the trenches and WW 1 realize they were expendable in the then Era Banker
Masonic Globalism.
It’s the same same today….Afghanistan 16 years to Yemen. …Nations getting the living shit kicked out of them…. while Nations play game of RISK…and show off their MIC toys.
Vietnam got to shoot down over 5000 US aircrafts.
Syria can’t shoot down Israeli ,US or Nato……Putin….won’t let Them /enable ….Them**

War on Globalist MIC terror ….with one hand tied behind your back.

Some of you are just now realizing the Age old game.
Others will pile in to defend and argue Righteous outcome will occur soon…..just you wait and see!
Kingdom of God awaits everyone believing this BS.
That’s right….it’s God’s Will we suffer global taxation, extortion and crime,
Go to war….get killed and hurled into chaos…. ..for the 1%

Don’t question what’s occuring……….God says it’s a lack of Faith.


Desiring so badly to be a part of the gang (there is no cure yet for the
condition) Russians have done it to Serbs, Cubans, Iranians, Libyans, Ukrainians
etc. etc. etc. As for the Chinese, unlike Russia, they have huge business
interests as they belong to an entirely different league, a league of their
own. Accusing the wrong side and standing by the bully is very unpopular these
days. This is not at all about a “high level” politics but it is about lives of
of ordinary people as this pushes the bully ever closer to the
extermination of a whole nation. This is like a cowardly kid wanting to
be a bully himself. Donald and Nikki are applauding you! So, my Russian
brothers what you sow is what you will reap, no way around it. DO NOT
expect any sympathies when they tighten the noose of sanctions around
your neck again and when the (fast approaching) time comes for you to
pay for all your transgressions. I just wonder if the remaining few so
called pro-Russian peoples are drawing the proper conclusions?

John Whitehot

expect any sympathies when they tighten the noose of sanctions”

I’d rather expect nooses to tighten in some places west of Russia, in the next future.

888mladen .

“I just wonder if the remaining few so called pro-Russian peoples are drawing the proper conclusions?” Nothing to wonder really. Simply they are not. The most of them are willingly ignorant since that’s their only hope. At least they think so. Very soon they will be completely disillusioned and their wold will crush leaving them without any hope whatsoever.


Just like Russia and China voted in the UN against Libya, the result was the Libyan destruction and regime change. The same will occur in the DPRK. Very sad.


In fact, they abstained from voting—in effect, giving free rein to the West—and the result was death and destruction brought upon Libya by the West.

The United Nations headed by its shameful General Secretary Ban Ki-moron then acted as a catalyst of war, not as an inhibitor of war.

All the Western indignation about North Korea is nothing else but the usual Western concern trolling which we all know so well…

The so-called international community has no right to any such indignation about North Korea’s contempt for the numerous United Nations Security Resolutions (which actually go at least against the spirit, if not the letter, of the Charter of the United Nations regarding the right to self-defence, peaceful coexistence and legal equality, among other rights, guarantees and obligations ensuing from it)—at least not until the United States of Aggression has been duly punished, say, for its invasion of Iraq.

Only after the United States of Aggression has been duly punished and severely sanctioned for its numerous illegal foreign invasions and other acts in gross violation of the Charter of the United Nations, may the so-called international community have some moral right to proceed with any condemnations of North Korea. But definitely not sooner!

The United States of Aggression “invaded 50 countries in 50 years” (and almost 30 of them bombed), while North Korea was merely peacefully rebuilding what the the U.S.A. and the U.S.A.’s lackeys destroyed; since then, North Korea has been doing everything to make sure that such a large-scale destruction will never happen again.


Yeah, I agree, no matter how you turn this, hidden agendas, and blatant neglect of the voted, SC resolution, to let pas as this, is an shame, I even see the kicking the can, but again, no show if balls, one thing is obviously Palestine, but NKs, whom have been under various embargoes, tighten and tighten, for decades, is so blatantly stabbed in the back is disturbing.

Yup, its an shame.



Who are friends of USA? The following countries are not friends of USA;

Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, Nigeria, Sudan, etc.

There is need of unity between anti USA governments. Without unity they cannot get power. UNSC is nothing just mouth piece of America.

Raptar Driver

This is Russia & China’s ‘Chamberlain’ moment, you will reap what you sow!

Tudor Miron

I said it many times. Nothing will happen. NK is used as it was used many times as a boogyman but in the end nothing will happen.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Hungry man is a angry man.Putin and China will never ever stand up for suppress and oppressed people by USA.Putin buys face so does China with Trump or Obama.Where ever China or Russia is involved there is a back door deal and USA knows their place.

While China,Russia and USA children ate biscuits sweet nice prepared food North Korea,Yemen,Syria and Palistine children,elderly.poor are starving to death,Helplessly with thirty.Wishing to play around Whishing to protect and give their love one’s hug love helter and food.

Five permanent members of the own interest security counvil who are scared of each other.Have shattered there poor and vulnerable people’s hope.With illegal inhuman sanctions their are blocking all conduits of basic necessities.Their block with their sanctions the fundamental human existences. Freedom,clean water,love,peace,Food,basic human necessities are taken away by Russia, China and USA.Putin and Trump claim there is no military solution in Syria now same applies to North Korea.

Take away your unnecessary human slaughter warships out of North Korean way so that their can get good,fuel and medics from willing seller and willing buyers. Just as Eu and USA had proposed to African leader’s on land reform program’s when their started to invaded and confiscate white own farms.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Putin put personal interest above human life.Turkey down Russian jet and killed pilots.But when Erdogan approached him with Turkey stream lies he drop all the sanctions.

Most respected ambassador was gun down by Turkey Police nothing happened. USA is killing Syrian forces with SDF he made deals with SDF.USA is having lots of sanctions against Russia,ransacked Russian ambasy,providing lethal wespons to Ukraine, give co-ordinates to terrorist,encircling Russia but still their votes for USA to destroy North Korea just as Iraq food for oil program.

I know what is oppression and how it feel in a empty sack or house without food.North Koreans are peaceful people’s but this USA,RUSSIA and CHINA agression will pushing them to stand up for their God given human existence right.Never will oppress person through his gun away.North Koreans know how it feel to be hated and oppress by USA because of their advance technology and self sustainability.

Putin inability will only be replaced by strong man Vladimir Safronkov.He is very strait to the point man without fear.He won’t allow this current circus of Nicky and Powersin Security council or this pre plan NATO foolish speeches.

Who ever allows USA to encircle Russia air space must be forcefully violated because you are harbouring enemy to spy on Russia which is USA and NATO driven by rubbish Stoltenberg.

John Whitehot

lololol, so many people having these exact thoughts.

They are from lots of different nations yet write so similarly, I’m tempted to run concordance software on their gems.

“The US is shit but Russia and China will never stand up for those that need help against them”.


Mus’ say I agree.
I am thoroughly DISGUSTED with Russia and China for not vetoing this latest resolution.

It was Putin who said “They will eat grass before they give up their nuclear/ballistic program” – yet Russia still allowed this pos to pass. And this was AFTER it was made patently clear that only 8 small, all Americunt serfs and vassals, will toe Americunt policy regardless of any decency, moral or principle.

A plague on ALL your houses!

888mladen .

It will come sooner then they think. And it will be seven of them to seal their doom forever.


North Korea shares a border with both China and Russia. You’d have to be a fool not to believe they have secret underground tunnels connecting the nations to each other that can easily transport materials in between nations without detection. Russia and China would gain absolutely nothing and will lose greatly if they betray North Korea so this is most likely a case of Russia and China trying to give the Orange clown something to claim as an “accomplishment” regarding North Korea. Perhaps the Orange Clown would be less aggressive after that.


But N Korea stands against the strategic interest of both China and Russia.
They do not want to see more THAAD systems etc deployed in this area.
So indeed N Korea does stand alone.

John Whitehot

my thought as well.

With the excuse of North Korea the US gets to place lots of sensors and weapons near China and Russia.

Notice how the crisis exacerbated when South Korea elected a government that promised less yanks on its soil.


THAAD is worthless and doesn’t scare anyone. Even if THAAD was a legitimate and powerful anti-air system its presence would still not be as bad as losing North Korea to the Anglo-Zionist dogs entirely.


N Korea is not alone.
Russia and China will protect them if attacked.

Supporting the resolution is not abandoning NK as under the very high tension in Korea now, if Russia and China veto, that would make US look like a fool if they stop threatening NK and go home.

Now Trump can claim he did more without going to a war he cannot win.

There is just no way US can win a war in North Korea which it is quite impossible to beat NK’s massive army well dug in (remember Serbia and Lebanon 2006) and US goes nuke.
and Japan and SKorea got nuked too.

With this UN vote , Trump can withdraw without losing face

Lazy Gamer

that’s the finishing touches of a siege. next escalation could be it with US claiming they are out of options. Unless the next test would indisputably show tech maturity or iron clad commitment from china.

Oli Oli

great move by russia and china

Oli Oli

why??? they know (russia and china) war is on the horizon.russia and china want to escalate the situation.why?obvious aint it….russia and china have 0 to loose when war happens between usa and north korea…but the usa will loose EVERYTHING.why everything? south korea and japan will be davastated…very very bad news for the usa….1..they loose their 2 military slaves in the east. 2. the economic meltdown for the usa will be enormous if not devastating.one can say the usa have got themselves boxed in. ps. u can bet that russia and china will do EVERYTHING to keep the NKR regime alive with its nuclear program from behind the scenes.

John Brown

These sanctions mean nothing as China and Russia won’t implement any that really hurt NK. They also give NK more time to upgrade and make more missiles and nuclear warheads that can reach the USSA mainland and Israel. Russia and China are winning the peace, it is the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire that needs war. If the empire is stupid enough to attack NK then NK, SK and Israel will be totally destroyed with the USSA’s racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave government destroyed, but with about half its American population and biosphere largely intact as NK can only destroy maybe 30 of the largest USSA cites at most, so the world will be ride of racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire without all of humanity being exterminated by racist supremacist Jews. Its a good trap to lay for the empire, while trying to preserve all of humanity and the biosphere of the planet / nature.


China and Russia I think agreed so that US can have a face saving way out of nuke war with NK.

Trump has gone too far to get nothing and mad man will actually go to war which would end with Russia and China siding NK if NK faces defeat or being conquered.

There is no way Russia or China will allow NK to be defeated or conquered even though from all calculations US and allies has about zero chance of land victory over NK.

What is scary is US will actually use the nuke where millions will die so as not to lose face.

So Russia and China is actually help to evade a war … think this has been negotiated behind the scene.

So rest be assured no war is coming to NK but NK only feel some inconvenience only … better than mass deaths in the Korean peninsula as well as mass nu;mber of American deads.

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