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MARCH 2021

North Korea Showcases New ICBM At Military Parade Marking 75th WPK Anniversary


North Korea Showcases New ICBM At Military Parade Marking 75th WPK Anniversary

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On October 10th, North Korea held a military parade, and among troops marching and equipment being rolled through Pyongyang, it showcased a reportedly brand new intercontinental ballistic missile.

The parade commemorated the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

The projectiles appeared to be a larger version of the Hwasong-15, the ICBM which had its first test in November 2017.

If it had a longer range than the Hwasong-15, it would mean that continental US could be targeted with a North Korean ICBM in the case of a conflict.

No additional details about the new missile’s capabilities were immediately offered by Pyongyang.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, who delivered a speech during the event, didn’t mention the US at all. He did vow to further build up the country’s deterrence capabilities.

He underlined that North Korea was the only country on the planet faced with significant hardships and challenges.

“There are no grateful people in the world other than ours who truly understand the difficult situations facing the state and cope with them, regarding them as their household affairs.

On this planet at present, our country is the only one that is faced with huge challenges and difficulties, like dealing with the anti-epidemic emergency and recovering from the catastrophic natural disasters, when everything is in short supply owing to the harsh and prolonged sanctions.

All of these hardships are undoubtedly a heavy burden and pain for every family and every citizen in our country.

However, our people are grateful patriots who place national affairs before their family ones, share every difficulty experienced by the state with it, and firmly support their country with their sincere sweats and efforts.”

He did praise that not only is deterrence being improved, but it is at a very sufficient level, regardless.

“As everyone will clearly see today, comparing it with the military parade held in this place in celebration of the 70th founding anniversary of the WPK only five years ago, the modernity of our military forces has remarkably improved and anyone can easily guess the speed of its development.

We have a powerful large contingent of faithful and competent personnel in the sector of defence science and technology and workers in the munitions industry, who are firmly equipped with their Party’s revolutionary ideology and truly serve the interests of their revolution.

Our military capability has developed and changed to such an extent that no one can make little of and keep parallel with it.

We have built a deterrent with which we can satisfactorily control and manage any military threats that we are facing or may face.

Our military capability is changing in the rate of its growth and in its quality and quantity in our own style and in accordance with our demands and our timetable.”

The military parade itself was a showcase of North Korea’s might, state outlet KCNA reported.

“Ultra-modern weapons that were created thanks to the noble loyalty and heroic struggle waged by the scientists and technicians in the field of national defence and the working people in munitions industry were driven past the square, showing off the military potential of the country.

The columns of rockets, a symbol of the nuclear deterrence for self-defence of the WPK, which are a guarantee for the eternal future of the country and the nation, were driven past then.

They were followed by the column of the Red Flag First Company of the Intercontinental Ballistic Rocket led by Col. General Jang Chang Ha, with the pride of having launched the dignity and might of Korea into the space on the historic day November 29, 2017, striking terror and horror into the enemies.

The huge nuclear strategic forces on which hinge the authority and security of our great state and people entered the square led by Col. General Kim Jong Sik, taking the whole square by excitement and enthusiasm.”

North Korea Showcases New ICBM At Military Parade Marking 75th WPK Anniversary

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North Korea Showcases New ICBM At Military Parade Marking 75th WPK Anniversary

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