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North Korea Rejected US Suggestion To Negotiate Over Its Nuclear Program – State Media


North Korea Rejected US Suggestion To Negotiate Over Its Nuclear Program - State Media

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North Korea has rejected a US suggestion to discuss its nuclear program and described it as an attempt to advance a UN Security Council resolution on new sanctions against the North, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the North Korean Workers’ Party said on December 19.

“The US is trying to shift responsibility for tensions on the Korean Peninsula to us with its offensive dialogue. The move is seen as being intended to set the tone for manipulating new UN Security Council resolutions that may include a maritime blockade if we do not accept dialogue aimed at discussing the abandonment of our nuclear weapons… There is no change in our stance that we will not budge an inch in our march toward strengthening our nuclear force,” the newspaper wrote.

The statement came a week after US State Secretary Rex Tillerson announced that the US was “ready to talk anytime” with North Korea “without precondition” adding that “the diplomatic effort has to be backed up by a very credible military alternative.”

Speaking at the UNSC, Tillerson added that the US will continue pressuring North Korea as well as urging China and Russia to join the effort in order to bring North Korea to the negotiating table over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.



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  • Serious

    Great. Never ever make a deal with Americans.

  • Serious

    First arm yourself, all kind of weapons. Most letahl weapons in the world. Then, maybe argue.

  • If NK accepts, we know how it will end: Iraq or Libya.

  • hhabana

    Asking Putin for help? Move away from Russian borders and Putin talks.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    No negotiation over nuclear rights with USA.Saddam,Gaddafi abandoned nuclear wespons and were killed by USA and Nato terror coalition.Assad abandoned chemical weapons and we’re almost killed by France,USA,Britain,Australia, Germany the front runner’s of their agent UN Security failure council and core puppets and terrorist rats.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Instead of protecting their South Korea and Japan bases in fake pretence of allies.USA must withdraw with immediate effect without preconditions.USA military drills causes very serious tensions and risk safety of all people in Korean Peninsula.

    Same USA and France,Brittain,Australia,Germany are illegally in Syria sabotaging reconciliation and have built bases.This particular countries created ISIS and SDF and are still deciding who’s right and who’s wrong.Since Philippine Duterte expel and stop military drills with USA and self negotiated peace with China there is everlasting peace.USA and NATO puppets job is relocating terrorist,renaming arming and converting them in their favourite saboteurs like friend of Libya Free Syrian Army defectors from national army.

  • Antikapitalista

    This was arguably a surprising turn by the North Koreans.
    They had previously indicated that there were willing to negotiate and even get rid of their nuclear arsenal on a reciprocal basis with the U.S.A., i.e. if the U.S.A. does the same with its own nuclear arsenal. :-P