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JULY 2020

North Korea Recognizes Crimea As Part Of Russia


North Korea Recognizes Crimea As Part Of Russia

A new political Atlas of the World released in Pyongyang had Crimea be a part of Russia, the Russian Embassy in North Korea posted on its official Facebook page.

“The publishing house “Scientific Encyclopedia” released a new political Atlas of the World. We noticed that the Crimean peninsula (pages 240-242) has already been painted in Russian colors. As we explained in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, the republic respects the results of the referendum held in Crimea on the entry of the peninsula into the Russian Federation, considers its results to be legitimate and fully compliant with international legal norms,” the embassy said in their statement.

According to the statement, Pyongyang has called Crimea “an integral part of Russian Federation” at the UN vote. North Korea also recognizes the Kuril Islands as Russian territory.

On October 2, North Korea opened its second internet connection with the outside world via Russia. Previously the Internet access in North Korea was estimated to be limited to somewhere between a few hundred and just over 1,000 connections, and routed exclusively via China. The internet traffic is now handled by China Unicom and Russian TransTeleCom, with the Russian company roughly transmitting 60% of North Korean incoming and outgoing traffic.



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  • Mahmoud Larfi

    It couldn’t have come at a worse time…

  • Ivanus59

    I am glad for this, it was a very logical thing to do too. It would have also been logical for Russia (and China) to not join in on the sanctions against DPRK for the sake of USA… buut I guess we don’t need to follow logic every time. :] Maybe Russia is just de jure folowing the sanctions but in reality it gives a lot of leeway.
    Btw that map looks like hell to look at, especially in central European and Balkan region, u can’t make out anything (I can’t read Korean but anyone can see that it’s just too cluttered and dense :c ). And why only 2 colors for the map? :P

    • John Brown

      The sanctions are in name only there are no real sanctions. They give NK time to make more Nukes capable of reaching Israel and the USSA. They probably have about 10 right now. They can maybe get that up to 20 or 30 plus by the end of this year. so maybe Israel, 15 to 20 of Americas largest cities, plus an EMP or 2 to cripple the rest, add Toyko, Guam, Okinawa, Pearl Harbor to go if Israel orders it American slaves to attack NK. Unfortunately most American slave Goyim have no idea how close their master racist supremacist Jews are bringing them to their deaths

  • Guy Dewaerheid

    Next time is for Ukraine to be part of Russia, but I don’t think Russia would it so (too much hitler’s friends), only the republics are took in consideration…

    • Arthur Smith

      It just should be reformed as Malorossia and “Hitler’s friends” will lose what’s left of their claims outside of the hellhole that spawned them.

  • Kennethllindsy

    Well. DPRK is siding with Putin. Hmmmm…..

    • Robert Duran

      No he isnt..He is just not living in denial..

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The facts are in that’s just all they have been trying to leave for nearly a quarter of a century and they are gone. The Crimeans were righting an old wrong perpetrated by a Bolshevik on them just another of the murdering bastards of the Soviet regime.

    • ruca

      So what if someone sides with Putin? It’s honorable to be on the right side of history.

      • Kennethllindsy

        Personally, I’m not opposed to Russia retaining an interstate in Crimea; but seizing it outright was not the proper method.

        • Tommy Jensen

          Russia also confiscated with violent military aggression the property and land duly bought by Pentagon on Crimea.
          CIA/M16 had build up a lot of network and friends with Ukrainians officers on Crimea and have got infrastructure plans approved by Crimean authorities, which Russia also brutally destroyed.
          Bad bad badass Putin

        • ruca

          Do you know about US of Arrogance tenders to renovate?

    • Samuel Boas

      And the point of your comment is?

    • Tommy Jensen

      NKK is again farting right up in the face of the military regime in US.

      • Kennethllindsy

        After 24 years of letting NK go wild with its nuke program; Trump is not going down same path.
        *Expect ever increasing sanctions on China by US until NK capitulates.

        • Tommy Jensen

          That will be the day.
          May be you have not noticed, but we have reached the point where US is being imposed ever increasing sanctions.
          Thats why Trump and Co sounds more and more desperate.

  • Tommy Jensen

    North Korea showing leadership in logic and reason. Thumbs up for NK´s great nation!

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    They should be rewarded and sold the S-400 system.