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North Korea Fires ICBM, Which Lands Inside Japan’s Economic Zone


North Korea Fires ICBM, Which Lands Inside Japan's Economic Zone


On November 28, North Korea fired a ballistic missile, which landed in Japan’s economic zone.

This was the first North Korean missile test since mid-September. The Pentagon said its initial assessment was that it was an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The ICBM was launched from Sain Ni in North Korea and traveled about 1,000 km before splashing down in the Sea of Japan.

The Japanese prime minister’s office said that the ICBM apparently landed in waters off Japan within the country’s exclusive economic zone.

In response to the missile test, South Korea has staged a “precision strike” missile exercise.



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  • BMWA1

    Another ‘gift’ of the Maidan, these engines come from the Dnipro-Zaporhyzia hub in central Ukraine, and were originally slated for the Ukrainian participation, planned under the good Azarov and cancelled by the rat man Jazenjuk, for the Brazilian space centre, in cooperation with Russia. That was stopped by US for obvious reasons.

    • Bolter10

      Funny enough under the US umbrella, Ukraine supplied all these latest parts to NK.

  • reinhard

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  • Rodger

    If it doesn’t leave Asia it isn’t an ICBM.

    • BMWA1

      Max. altitude would also be an indicator…

    • You can call me Al

      Exactly – I was just about to state that.

  • Vidura

    these rats are just wanting a us bitch slap to the face! One bombing run by a B2 they will cry!

    • FlorianGeyer

      The North Koreans did not cry during the war of 1950-1953 when the US mercilessly bombed civilian targets and also used biological weapons. The North Koreans never surrendered to the US and her allies . The US lost a total of 54,246 dead in theatre of whom 33,746 were killed in action and 103,284 wounded. The US and allies lost about 276,000 dead in total.

      The North Koreans lost circa 213,00 soldiers and 2,730,000 civilians due to unfettered and indiscriminate US bombing mainly. Its the same today wherever the US is at war.

      The Chinese lost circa 425,000 soldiers and amazingly only circa 25,000 wounded.

      That is why the Chinese and North Koreans will never allow US Military Tourists to reach the Yalu River.

      So if the dumbshit US Military attacks NK you may profit from the US deaths in you invest in a Body Bag Company Vidura. :)

      • Daniel Castro

        He was obviously talking about a nuke strike, as if this would happen unanswered…

        • FlorianGeyer

          Such is the intelligence of brainwashed Americans such as Vidura :)

  • Serious

    What is Japan ? A USA slave. Nobody listen to the slaves.

    Slaves are nothing.

  • Barba_Papa

    Only a 1000 kilometers for a socalled ICBM? Something went wrong and Fat Kim should flay the skin of the people responsible for this embarrassment. Knowing his reputation he probably does.

    • ruca

      Hi BP. Did you read how high it went? About 2500 miles above Earth. 10x higher than the ISS orbit. Estimated range, 6500 miles. That’s an ICBM. Hopefully they can aim it.

      • Barba_Papa

        Then why send it only a 1000 km away. Having it splash somewhere in the South Pacific 6500 miles away, now THAT would send a message.

        • Enkidu

          They want to keep the US on it’s toes, not make the US strike them back.

        • ruca

          Because if they sent lower and longer,, let’s say towards the US, it would start a war immediately. For testing they just need to know it has the ability to go that far.

    • Gary Sellars

      Check the facts before farting in public….

      • Barba_Papa

        SF said 1000 kilometers, I just quote them.

  • Thegr8rambino

    I am reading this is a new ICBM that can reach all of US mainland!!

  • Veritas Vincit

    “- Three US nuclear-powered aircraft carriers—the USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt—which are in the region and preparing for joint exercises along with their associated strike groups. Each carrier is accompanied by between six to 10 warships, including cruisers, destroyers and nuclear submarines, and has an air wing of dozens of fighter jets and other military aircraft.
    – The USS Michigan, a nuclear-powered submarine armed with more than 150 Tomahawk missiles, which docked in South Korea on October 17 ahead of joint exercises with the USS Ronald Reagan…..
    Two Australian frigates are due to arrive this week in South Korea for joint drills….. a squadron of F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jets and 300 personnel to the US base on the Japanese island of Okinawa…… The US Air Force has carried out one military provocation after another—flying B-52 and B1-B strategic bombers close to North Korea.” (US masses ships and aircraft outside North Korea, WSWS, 30 October 2017)

    – “By re-listing (North Korea) as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism,’ the U.S. openly revealed to the whole world its intention to destroy our ideology and system by using all kinds of means and methods,” the KCNA said…… the Trump administration imposed a series of new sanctions on a number of North Korean shipping firms as well as Chinese companies” (Trump’s blacklisting of N Korea justifies need for nukes: Pyongyang, PressTV, Nov 22, 2017)


    – North Korea’s missile launch result of US & allies’ saber-rattling – Russian senator, RT, 29/11/2017

    It appears ongoing provocations/escalations by the U.S.-led bloc have ended the recent restraint of the DPRK. While the DPRK has stated it will continue to develop its deterrent nuclear/missile capabilities, the U.S. will almost certainly continue to intensify economic strangulation efforts (as part of ongoing regime change operations) and concurrent military provocations.

    Importantly, as the opposing positions of the U.S.-led bloc and the DPRK remain incompatible and ongoing U.S. provocations will invite further responses by the DPRK, despite the desire of all parties to avoid the situation of a kinetic conflict stage developing, this outcome is becoming more probable.

    Current hostile actions and war preparations [escalations] by the U.S.-allied bloc are unlikely to cease (also facilitating an ongoing regional military build-up and profiteering through resultant arms sales) and will logically progress to a kinetic stage of operations if capitulation demands are not met (as they are unlikely to be, the DPRK understanding the hostile actions against it will not cease regardless of any concessions offered [a lesson learned from the experiences of Iraq, Libya, etc.] or its nuclear status [the U.S. also seeking the degradation/dismantling of missile programs/retaliatory capabilities]).

    As the security of China is linked to the security of the DPRK (the U.S. intends to establish a permanent military presence [military/missile architecture] within the DPRK subsequent to any regime change or military conflict as it has done in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.), any potential regime collapse (an engineered regime change) or kinetic conflict against the DPRK will likely necessitate the intervention of China. Various U.S.-NATO-allied bloc strategic policy papers have also identified China as being the subject of broader U.S.-allied war preparations.

    • Veritas Vincit

      – “Are we already fighting a war? In modern conflict, the fighting can begin long before a country is officially “at war”….. “Arguably, there is a warfighting domain in which there is already activity underway,” the head of Forces Command, Major General Gus McLachlan, said”…. this year’s [Talisman Sabre] scenario reflected the asymmetrical warfare being waged in the Crimean Peninsula, plus elements of recent conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.” (Talisman Sabre: Australian military enacts war in a bid to prepare for ’emerging threats’, [Australian] ABC News, 16/07/2017)

      Australia is integrated into U.S.-allied military architecture (and operational/contingency plans developed for potential war against the DPRK and China). Key Australian strategic policy analysts have disclosed allied preparations for war [again being presented as ‘defensive’, as all wars of aggression are] against the DPRK are advanced. Recent U.S.-Australian military exercises were stated as developing interoperable capabilities for active conflicts, some that are not yet in a direct kinetic stage.

      There is recognition of the current situation conforming to more than a cold war but not yet a direct hot war:

      – “if data on Russia-NATO power balance at the Western direction is analyzed, as well as military activity build-up rate at our borders, scale of combat equipment deployment, if the grade of Russia’s demonization is estimated, one can say that preparation to a real war is taking place. [Such] acts are usually undertaken at the forefront of a war [and it is evident] the US is preparing for a [potential] nuclear conflict……” [Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, President of the International Centre of Geopolitical Analysis]

      Economic/financial warfare, information warfare, proxy warfare operations, etc. are intensifying. Demands for capitulation by U.S. officials are being unmet with efforts at escalating confrontational actions being evident. The direction of these developments is logically progressing towards more advanced stages of conflict.

      The Russian Federation is pursuing diplomacy as a priority but is preparing for unwanted outcomes (including worst case scenarios). As the globally expanding militarism of the U.S.-NATO-allied bloc will not cease until it reaches its logical conclusion, the Russian Federation is correct to accelerate preparations for all potential scenarios.

      • Bolter10

        The carriers may be more of a target than asset. If the US lost one what would be the reprecussions?

  • gustavo

    This is a ridiculous definition of ICBM missile. It just has enough power to reach Japan. Please, no more help to USA propaganda.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      you are right

  • Solomon Krupacek
  • Bolter10

    Did it have three MIRV’s? Radar apparently showed three parts seperating.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      sure not