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North Korea Fires Barrage Of Suspected Cruise Missiles In “Major Show Of Force”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

On Tuesday North Korea fired multiple suspected cruise missiles from both the ground and air off the country’s east coast, South Korea’s military said.

The missiles flew for over 93 miles (150km) at a low altitude according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said, coming days after Kim Jong Un’s visit to an airbase to observe defense drills involving attack aircraft over the weekend.

North Korea Fires Barrage Of Suspected Cruise Missiles In "Major Show Of Force"

Tuesday’s launch shown on TV in Seoul, via AP.

The timing of the missile tests also comes on the eve of the celebration of the country’s late founder, Kim Il Sung – the current leader’s grandfather. The Associated Press described it as “a major show of force” on the occasion of the national holiday.

If confirmed it would mark the third such deeply provocative test since the beginning of March, after Pyongyang warned Washington over stalled nuclear talks, and at a moment fears are growing over a potential coronavirus outbreak in North Korea, which authorities are believed to be hiding from international media and reporting.

“The back-to-back launches were the most high-profile among a series of weapons tests that North Korea has conducted recently amid stalled nuclear talks and outside worries about a possible coronavirus outbreak in the country,” the AP reports.

“North Korean troops based in the eastern coastal city of Munchon first launched several projectiles — presumed to be cruise missiles — on Tuesday morning, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement,” AP continues.

North Korea Fires Barrage Of Suspected Cruise Missiles In "Major Show Of Force"
Kim Jong Un attends a drill of mortar sub-units of North Korean Army in this image released by Korean Central News Agency on April 10. Source: KCNA via Reuters.

South Korea’s military also warned about a broader resumption of aggressive military drills by the north, as later in the day Tuesday Pyongyang also “launched several Sukhoi-class fighter jets that fired an unspecified number of air-to-surface missiles toward the North’s eastern waters,” according to a defense official cited in AP.

However, it should be noted that some reporters and analysts disputed the extensiveness of the alleged missile tests.

BBC Seoul Correspondent Laura Bicker described the launches as primarily “air-to-surface” – this despite South Korean television appearing to show ground launch missiles being fired.

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Those are cruise missiles developed some time ago. NK is just conducting a test for the missiles. Keep in mind that NK can annihilate and erase US off the map.


They already did it. On TV


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What are the chances that Iran is also involved or was involved, in its development? Iran managed to obtain several Soviet KH 55 cruise missiles, and may have conducted a technology exchange with NK like they have with other missile types.


It really makes me laugh,when you hear these neo-liberal pathedic dumb skanks rant north korea as the hermits,like as if they don’t know how to live,yet these same dumb neo-liberal skanks forced to against their free will to lead the far more borish/plauged rotted to the core nazi like corona lockdown? Well North korea has no cases of corona to date,kudos to their education systems as for these msm dumb skanks with no sense of empathy towards other more diligent civilisations,the reality is atleast they the conservative communists,would rather live and die for their prestige and peoples freely,than live a life as the slave of the slave for the slaves whom serve the phaedophiles and incumbent facists, bet the dumb skank wished she were not infact the dumbassed dullard hermit of todays consequence,

Lamestrean medias = The most boring,uneductated low iq slaves in planet earth,(period) Better to live life in freedom,power in the truth,debts free,than to live as hostage for the lie!


So wjat kind of life you have, free like NK or slave like neolibs?


It’s a democracy,but the more serious one of the west,no mucking about here,oh no!

if you don’t vote you get a fine,because that would be undemocratic to vote they say. Of course providing writ as evidence no government worthy but christ as the main, gives you exemptions (sect 1908:never fails) Slave like the neo-lib?Sure tried that too,but the power of the mighty dolla and they were shting on your face,with a knife on your back.


well I think you can fit the police anywhere into that group of lowlow i

MeMad Max

Usually when NK fires off some bottle rockets, it means they want something…

They prolly need help dealing with corona virus.

Zionism = EVIL

Way to go Kimmy! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bdf22f4db51b02b44252572c448a1e1de33492c94314e3d1c319f2b68036bed7.jpg

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