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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Ahead Of VP Kamala Harris’ Visit To South

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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Ahead Of VP Kamala Harris' Visit To South

Source: AFP

Originally published on ZeroHedge

Early Sunday morning North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the waters off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, the governments of South Korea and Japan say, which the south’s military called a “clear violation” of the UN Security Council’s resolution, demanding that the test firings “immediately stop”.

CNN cites this fresh missile launch as the 19th this year, with the last coming on August 17, following promises from Kim Jong Un that he’ll remain undeterred in expanding his country’s “tactical capabilities”. He’s also of late teased even the possibility of a future nuclear test.

“The missile had a flight distance of about 600 kilometers (370 miles), altitude of 60 kilometers (37 miles) and speed of about Mach 5, according to the JCS,” CNN reports, in reference to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. “The intelligence agencies of South Korea and the US are analyzing further details.”

Japan’s Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada issued a particularly blistering response, “If you include launches of cruise missiles this is the nineteenth launch, which is an unprecedented pace,” he said, adding: “North Korea’s action represent a threat to the peace and security of our country, the region and the international community and to do this as the Ukraine invasion unfolds is unforgivable.”

The launch seems timed as an intentional warning against a number of developments. “It’s North Korea’s way of showing defiance of the [US] alliance,” AFP cited an analyst at the Rand Corporation, Soo Kim, as saying.

First, within the past days, the nuclear-powered American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrived in South Korea in preparation for joint drills. These will be the first such joint drills with South Korean forces involving a US aircraft carrier since 2017.

South Korea’s navy said upon its arrival at the port of Busan on Friday that they will demonstrate “the firm resolve by the Korea-U.S. alliance for the sake of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.”

Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris is days away from touching down in Seoul for an official visit. As the AP previewed last week, “The North Korean threat is also expected to be a key agenda when U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris visits South Korea next week after attending the state funeral in Tokyo of slain former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.”

She’s expected to arrive in Japan on Monday, with the whole of the regional trip running through September 29.


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The US sent the USS Ronald Reagan carrier to South Korea to intimidate North Korea and as you can see, NK was not even bothered.


These days there are many ways to sink carriers, one does not need hypersonic missiles. Even somewhat older diesel-electric subs can sneak in on it.


Yes I was reading online about a US sailor who is up in court after he set fire to a US carrier he was stationed on as it was in dry Dock for repair. If there are any freedom loving sailors out there serving on any of the US or British Royal navy carriers go for it set the carrier alight a red head match will do the job

kamala harris penis

a big dildo for Kamala


I feel sorry for that dildo.


Will it be a Kosher dildo?


NUKES aimed at this moment right at that big floating sitting duck artificial reef the USA carrier soon to be at the bottom of the sea if the USA act foolishly

Aircraft carrier groups are OBSOLETE they are only useful against 3rd rate military, if they come up against any nation that are capable of defending themselves they BECOME REEFS for the fishes. =Z=

Karl Pomeroy

Kim Jong Un is no fool.


Hail Kim! Time to nuke Japan and the US dogs in the rgion.


Oh, so the US wants to stir up tension, why else would they let Kamala out of her cage.

On the other hand, does the failing empire do anything else below stirring up tensions and losing out?

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