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JUNE 2023

North Korea Destroyed US Aircraft Carrier In New Propaganda Video

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North Korea Destroyed US Aircraft Carrier In New Propaganda Video

A screenshot from the video

North Korea has released a new propaganda video. The video shows North Korean missiles launches and a ‘destruction’ of US strategic bomber and aicraf carrier.

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NK is the joke of the world.


They can build a nuclear weapon but can’t keep their own people fed! For sure an ignorant military dictatorship.

Mase fah

Actually they have every right to defend themselves as we see what US and co doing to rest of the world. They can’t feed people because of the sanctions that is placed on the country.

Samuel Boas

They have the right to defend themselves and they should defend against America, they need to. And your food argument is invalid, it is based on nothing.

Solomon Krupacek

starving and therefore dieing people are reality. check also russian and chinese reports if you do not belie to the rest of the world.

Real Anti-Racist Action

When an embargo was placed on Germany in the First World War, the people starved. When the embargo was placed on the British for a change in the 2-WW as payback, then they went hungry for a change. When the whole world places a blockade on you, it is difficult to manufacture, improve, and trade and farm naturally. If the UN would stop their psychological war and economic war and black-ops war against the best Korea, then people would not be going hungry. UN has been creating famine since its very inception.


The only reason why they can’t feed their people is because their communist based economy doesn’t work. Same as happened in every communist country in the past and why a country like Venezuela is also tanking. It doesn’t mean you have to go 100% capitalist, but you have to give people a say and stake in their livelihood. Thing is that nobody really knows how economies work. Economics isn’t a science, it’s pull whatever you want out of your ass bullshit. Which means that at least economies which let private business do their thing work to a degree. Governments try to exert some control, on average half of their measures work, half make it worse. So it boils down to nobody really knows how it works. Which seems to be why command economies always fail, because if nobody knows how economies work, the one thing you can be certain will not work is a top down command economy. Henceforth North Korea being a giant mess.

And the reason they’re under embargo is because they keep on pulling crazy shit. Constantly shooting missiles, constant saber rattling. If it weren’t for that nobody would give a single fuck about North Korea. Nobody! Everybody would be perfectly content to let that country stew in its own juices. Nobody really wants to invade because its such a giant mess and whoever invades becomes responsible for cleaning it up. NK is like a crazy cat lady who lives in your street. You know her home is full of neglected cats and garbage, but nobody wants to do anything about it as its too much work. If only she would shut up and stay in her home with her cats…

But since their crazy cat lady economy doesn’t work, NK has to resort to saber rattling. Raising the spectre of the Evil Americans about to invade is one of the few ways the regime can keep its starving people in line. Plus it allows it to extort resources. Give us free stuff or else…..

And who knows, maybe after decades of propaganda of the Evil Americans about to invade maybe even the regime itself has started to believe it. Wouldn’t be the first time. Just look at American NeoCons.They’ve also drunk deeply from their own cool aid.

Solomon Krupacek

but the nuclear weapons elevate the GDP :))

DJ Double D

With due respect, I simply don’t agree with you on this. The only reason why they can’t keep their people fed is because of the embargo. Is it not true that the UN is the instrument of the West? So they use it at will to further their purpose. To show you example of Western Propaganda: how many times have you seen on TV’s or Internet any nice pictures coming out of North Korea? No, you won’t, not because they are not there, but because that’s how propaganda works – To show you how backward the country is. These people are peace loving nation – the only thing they want is to be able to defend themselves knowing that US is intent in destroying them. Their existence is at stake. Theirs is a simple Mantra: Live and Let Live!


The people may be peace loving, but their govt is not. Just ask the S Koreans. They have been beating the war drums lately (or since 1950?). N Korea is isolated for a reason. Even China is not their ally.

El Diablo

I’ve watched North Korean tv in streaming a time :D Very weird, but they shows also internationals soccer tournments. And this is weird also XD

Solomon Krupacek

such viedo was releasedalso months ago. kim´s wet dreams :)

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