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North Korea Blasts “Evil” UN Sanctions, Vows To Boost Nuclear Program

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North Korea Blasts "Evil" UN Sanctions, Vows To Boost Nuclear Program

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the defence detachment on Mahap Islet in the western sector of the front in this undated photo released by KCNA. KCNA via Reuters

North Korea has vowed to increase its military strength and to boost its nuclear program in response to a new round of “evil” United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions.

North Korean Foreign Ministry called the sanctions an act of “heinous provocation” adding that the new economic restrictions strengthened the country’s desire to build nuclear weapons.

The ministry said in a statement that the resolution “served as an occasion for the DPRK to verify that the road it chose to go down was absolutely right, and to strengthen its resolve to follow this road at a faster pace without the slightest diversion until this fight to the finish is over.”

Since the scheme of the U.S. to impede the DPRK’s development, disarm it through the unprecedented sanctions and pressure, and conquer it with the help of nuclear weapons has become clearly evident, the DPRK will redouble the efforts to increase its strength to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and right to existence and to preserve peace and security of the region by establishing the practical equilibrium with the U.S.,” the  ministry added.

The statement followed an announcement by Han Tae-song, North Korea’s ambassador to the UN, that the country was “ready to use a form of ultimate means,” saying the US would face the “greatest pain it ever experienced in history” for pushing the UNSC move.

Earlier this wee, the UNSC unanimously approved the new sanctions against North Korea banning its textile exports and capping its oil imports.

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Jan Tjarks

And if they can’t eat grass anymore, they will eat dirt. It’s the only option for Kim’s North Korea to survive anyway. This is what South Korea understands and this is why Trump was leashing out at South Korea.


China betrayed NK. China is not a good friend. China made a deal with USA to betray his friend and get sanctionned by USA !!! XD. Stupid chinese.


“the UNSC unanimously approved the new sanctions against North Korea”.

That’s the main reason why Russia and China are loosing. They never opposed veto to their close allies whereas USA does it always.

So, That’s how oit works. You are hypocritical and like to betray your friends, you will loose.

888mladen .

Perfectly put together. Plain and simple. Now China banks will be baned by US from using SWIFT in return for supporting US drafted UNSC resolution against NK.


Because China thinks it’s the last step of USA in the NK case ???? Not at all. USA will invade NK in the futur and China will be the biggest looser. Nobody will trust China anymore.

paul ( original )

I only have the usual reports to base my judgement on so I am hardly an
expert. One reason I suspect for the behaviour of Russia and China is
to restrain the USA. Having sanctions puts a sort of obstacle in the
way of attacking. Personally I would not put too much confidence in
this strategy. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this suggestion?


That’s not a strategy that’s weakness.

Solomon Krupacek

that black gestapo agent is full of fear

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