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JUNE 2021

North And South Koreas Move Toward Denuclearization And Peace

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North And South Koreas Move Toward Denuclearization And Peace

President of the South Korea Moon Jae-in and Supreme Leader of the North Korea Kim Jong Un have signed a joint declaration on peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula, Russian news agency TASS reported on April 27.

The joint declaration signed by two leaders in the wake on the inner-Korean summit declares:

“South and North Korea affirmed their shared objective of achieving a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula through complete denuclearization,” said the declaration signed by the leaders of the two Koreas.”

According to the declaration “there will be no more war on the Korean Peninsula and thus a new era of peace has begun.” It also stresses that both sides “will hold dialogue and negotiations in various fields, including at high level.”

The militaries of the both countries have agreed to maintain constant contacts, including the level of the defense ministers.

North and South Koreas are conditioned to sign a peace treaty as the declaration reads:

“During this year that marks the 65th anniversary of the Armistice, South and North Korea agreed to pursue trilateral meetings involving the two Koreas and the United States or quadrilateral meetings involving the two Koreas, the United States and China with a view to declaring an end to the war and establishing a permanent and solid peace regime.”

South Korea’s President thanked North Leader for that “bold step”:

“It was a historical meeting. There will be no more wars on the Korean Peninsula… The full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula begins today.”

Moon is to visit Pyongyang in autumn, states the declaration.

It also said the two Koreas “agreed to establish a joint liaison office with resident representatives of both sides in the Gaesong region in order to facilitate close consultation between the authorities as well as smooth exchanges and cooperation between the peoples”.

Moon and Kim agreed to start working on connecting separated families as well as railways and roads of the two countries.

The declaration also includes promises to transform fortified border into a peace zone and seek multilateral talks with other countries including the US.

The inner-Korean summit bridges the way to the Kim Jong Un and the US President Donald Trump meeting, which is expected in late May or June. Trump welcomed the Korean negotiations and the declaration’s result.

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After the two Korea reconcile they’d then look at US with frown. So what’s keeping you in Korea ? Asks both of them.


Can South Front do a more in depth analysis of what’s going on with North Korea? Are they trying to fool the Orange Clown or are they stupid enough to give in to US demands and make the same mistake that Gaddafi made?


No this time the one brokered the deal were China. We’ll see it in the future what’s will happen.


N Korea’s idea of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the US idea are far apart from what I can see. This is the recent NK government statement on the issue:

“He clarified the WPK’s peace-loving stand to make positive contributions to the building of the world free from nuclear weapons in conformity with the aspiration and desire common to mankind, provided that the DPRK’s might was put on the level wanted by it and it became possible to reliably guarantee the security of the state and the safety of the people.”

– The DPRK declares itself a nuclear power –


“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to affirm with U.S. President Donald Trump that any proposal by North Korea for a “phased” and “synchronized” denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula should be refused, sources close to Japan-U.S. relations said Saturday.

Instead, the sources said they will agree to demand “complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization,” starting with North Korea disabling its nuclear facilities and readmitting inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency without preconditions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly proposed the “phased, synchronized” measures toward denuclearization at his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing late last month.”

– Abe, Trump to agree to shun N. Korea’s ‘phased’ denuclearization idea –



What I do see as positive from the current thawing of relations between the north and south. Is the possibility for a peace treaty ending the Korean war. And improved relations between the north and the south that progresses to a normalization of relations between them.

An alternative to denuclearization could be the north providing the south assistance with developing it’s own nuclear deterrent, so that it’s no longer dependent on the US for it’s security. And is self sufficient in it’s own security. In a manner that allows for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the Korean peninsula. With the possibility of both the north and the south joining the SCO as part of a regional security organization. It could also be helpful if the north and south could enter into a non aggression pact and mutual defense treaty where they would come to each other’s assistance if either one was threatened.


“Seoul, however, played down expectations on Thursday, pointing out that the North’s technological advances with its nuclear and missile program meant any accord resulting from the current summit would be “fundamentally different in nature from denuclearization agreements in 1990s and early 2000s”. …

Pyongyang is reportedly demanding as yet unspecified security guarantees to discuss its weapons arsenal.

When Kim visited China last month in his first trip abroad as leader, official Chinese media cited him as saying that the issue could be resolved, as long as Seoul and Washington take “progressive and synchronous measures for the realization of peace.”

In the past, North Korean support for denuclearization of the “Korean peninsula” has been conditioned on the removal of US troops from the South and the end of its nuclear umbrella over its security ally — prospects fiercely opposed in Washington.”

– Korean leaders sign joint declaration pledging denuclearization –



The US will never allow peace, Moon will change his mind, or he or his family will be killed.
South Korea doesn’t have the courage to break the American chains that enslave them.


korea is not australia. what you made with aborigines also in the 70ties, makes you nazis. when will you live the occupied terra australis???

jerry hamilton

Could depend on what sense of humour Putin has.
He has stepped out of the closet.


I disagree! This is going to happen sooner than u think! Before Trump’s next election thats for sure! Do u follow Qanon?


What’s a qanon?


Qanon which means :
“Q” (the highest intelligence level anyone can obtain in the United States intel services!
“Anon” which means Anonymous!
Short name Qanon!

Its a long story but if u dont know who this entity is then u are a little late in the game! But nothing stopping u from finding out! This person/persons are on the websites 8chan! Yeah I know u might say “isnt that a hackers site where people exchange kiddie porn etc etc!” the answer is YES!

But 8chan is being used because it is a public use forum that has many layers of security and anonymity which is why Q is using this forum to communicate to the public!

Why is Q communicating to the public? Because the military intelligence services of the United States are at war with the 3 letter govt intel agencies (The Deep state). And when I say at war I MEAN AT WAR!

The US military intel services helped to de-rig the last election for president! Since then there has been an all out war to try to discredit Trumps administration! Trump has stealthy and quietly declared Marshal law or what u call emergency powers which grants him the full powers of the United States military under the Executive Order which he was granted by the Supreme Court under the pretences of human trafficking of which the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA etc etc as well as the Clinton foundation and the McCain institute were profiting from!

Here is the link to the EO

Why does Q talk to the public?
Because the public is needed for this revolution! Fasten you seat belts Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye!

There are going to be military tribunals held for high treason against Obama and Clintons (and many more) for alleged involvement in human trafficking for organs pedophilia, selling US uranium to Russia, selling US missile and Nuclear secrets to North Korea etc etc! Pretty much the worst crimes u can imagine!

I can prove all I am saying with pictures and text but it is better look for urself! The Deep State is going down and so too the old CIA!

Here is a link showing snapshots of all of Q’s posts from8 Chan
You have to start from post number 1

Keeping in mind that Q was the entity that informed people 2 weeks ahead of time (on 4chan) not to go to Las Vegas before the big mass killing there! He names the exact street where it happened. Which cares to not approach! the time it will happen! everything!

Below is a short clip kind of explaining Trump’s involvement in the military revolution against the black hat deep state people in the USA! This guy Q told us all that was going to happen long before it happened! Including North Korea! They have even attempted to kill some Rothschilds at their Mansion! No Kidding! Just read!

Watch all of this video but also note that important information on The military coup against the Deep State is explained starting at 6m 20 seconds!



You’re a Klingon impersonating a human being, and not doing it very well.


let me send u a link!
Its a big informational link! Start at post number 1! This means u need to go down to number 1 post!

Happy reading!

This is not a conspiracy dude! This guy Q is for real! Proven time and time again! If u truly want to know what the hell is going on, u need read this up! Millions of people (and I truly mean millions) are now officially on board with Qanon! Dont be too late to find out whats going on!


Remember this is a paste board, all his original postings are on 8chan! People made a pasteboard so its easier to read! Q updates almost every day with new intel leaks! These leaks are timed with Trump speeches! He even tells u what trump is going to say before he says it!
Also his info is released minutes before Julian Assange leaks! Includes info on / from Snowden!
Read up! If u dont understand let me know! im an Aussie too and ill be happy to explain it all to u!


comment image comment image


u wanna hear something crazy?

1.SEALs infiltrated North Korea and blew up their nukes and scientists!
All this happened a few months a go when we heard news of a NK nuke test underground! that was the end of it! Leaked by Q


2. Rothschilds are on the killl list of the US military! An attempt has already been made! Q leaked the info! in fact Q gave the order to begin the mission! Goole air collusion over Waddesdon Manor (rothschild home).

Q gives the order “Green, Green, Green”. Pilot of the helicopter was a British navy veteran named Someone GREEN!

I know u think this sounds crazy! But u are seriously missing out on BIG INFO if u dont at least entertain this information!

Click the fucking link for God sakes :)



look at the time stamps! then check dates of the “accident”!

Tis was the “go order” for the mission! a window was created (Electronic warfare) for this to occur! U cant fly a F-16 over a rothschild house without being intercepted right? They are just as important as the queen! so a window was created with a veteren navy pilot and a vietnamese special forces guy to kill Lord Rothschild (the head of the snake)

comment image

Linda De Rothschild made a distress call via twitter to the clintons as Clintons and Deep state!

comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image


I was a daily researcher on the Syrian war! Ive been following this every day since 2014 at least a few hours a day! Also following East Ukraine!

Since this Q stuff came out many people were skeptical! He had proven himself since Las Vegas shooting (warning people 2 weeks ahead of time)

Now we know for a fact he is Highest level military intel close to Trump! They are leaking info to the public becasuse what they are doing requires trust and draconian laws (such as marshal law) but also need people to understand what is going on! Obama and Hillary and many other will be subject to mililtary tribunals! HIGH TREASON!

If u always hated america and what tey have been doing over the last few decades is totally justified! (i hated them too)! But the Military intel agencies are fighting back against the deep state! The military isnt innocent either but they always do what they are told! It seems that Amercia was being sold out and a plan to detonate a nuke inside the US was planned and to be blamed on NK! The Mil Intel decide enough was enough and have planned for atleast 10 years to ake over! A coup was planned against obama in 2014/15 but it was decided to de-rig the election when Trump agreed to run!

Now we see the USA taking out and undoing what was done!

North Korea was a big piece of the puzzle! Iran is a nation who purchased nukes or the intel from NK! Thats why we see a photo of Eric Schmidt in NK! Trump is undoing the criminal deep state and taking the nuclear tech and missile tech from rogue nations that were secretly empowered by the deep state for future dark plans!

Iran was building missiles and nukes in syria (so they say)

However, Trump is friendly with Israel but 100% against Rothschilds! We dont know the full story yet! But its all happening! Just read up dude! i know it all sounds crazy but just read up!Id hate for any person to be left out of the loop!


North and South Korea. One and the same people. One and the same land. Split in half and thrown at each other by the Anglo-American degenerates.

The Unknown Truth About Korea: U.S. Sanctioned Death Squads and War Crimes, 1945-1953


Peace between the two will never be allowed by those who divided them in the first place.

jerry hamilton

Somehow that makes me think of Churchill and India / Pakistan.


I disagree here! This will happen! Im not saying this because I might be an optimistic person! Im saying this because there is more to this than u understand. Unless u have been following the right information u will understand that the reason North Korea existed is because it was a CIA black site (under complete control of the CIA)! What that means is that the CIA along with Brittish Intel agencies were using NK as a rogue nation in which those in power in the US/UK could financially benefit from leaking missile and nuclear tech to NK and then have NK sell these weapons and tech to other nations! This would mean that other nations would have icbm nukes of limited supply! A controlled nuclear war would be initiated for reasons u would not believe so I will leave it there! Also NK was used as a human trafficking farm just like Haiti is too! Yes, those in power would sell humans for their organs and other immoral acts! One sure way for wealthy people to survive was to gain the organs freshly delivered alive to the actual surgeons in the room so it could go straight from the donor to the recipient! SO AGAIN, unless u have been following this info u will understand! YES America is EVIL as fuck! I agree! YES Trump is helping ISRAEL and I hate that too! But Trump is definitely ending the CIA and the deep state! So please, read up a little more! U can be sure that Korea will unite just as Germany did! Its going to happen and must happen for the national security of the USA and also to counter China! If u want to learn about this I will send u a link where u can start!


I am aware of the Machiavellian methods used by the Anglo-Americans around the world. While I haven’t looked in depth about NK, it being a rogue state comes to no surprise. Israel was created by the same people for similar reasons. If your link is factual, please do send it.

Your comparison with Germany is accurate but let’s remember how the British Empire has weakened it since the late 18th. The theater of WW1 ended Germany’s hegemony in the Middle East (which was well established with the railroad to Baghdad). WW2 was orchestrated by the Anglo-Saxon-American oligarchs to weaken Germany further more in having it fight a bloody war with Russian and prevent the assimilation of Jews with non-Jews (which would have made Germany the center of banking). And the current sanctions on Russia which hurt Europe but mostly Germany. Hence why I suggested that peace between NK and SK wil be a path full of obstacles.


OK firstly have u heard of the Hillary Clinton “pay for play”? She would approve of certain deals when she was Secretary of state and her husband Bill would do speeches in that country! He would be paid a fee of millions or donations would be yadeto the Clinton foundation! Do u know about her private server? It wasn’t just “emails” she was using it for but to leak intel to certain nations! The people who were in charge of her server were the Awan Brothers from Pakistan! Well known Muslim Brotherhood agents! Hama Abeden her assistant also a Saudi muslim her married a jew (go figure that one out). she is also related to the Saudi muslim brotherhood leaders!

John McAin another scum bag! We have allseed the photos him with ISIS and Al-nusra leadership but did u know he also has a foundation called “the McCain foundation”?

How did the NK gain access to US top secret missile and nuke blue prints? It was set up by Eric Schmidt he CEO of Alphabet of which is the parent company to google! Let me send u some pictures to paint some proof!

If u really want to go down the rabbit hole I will share with u other link that has been leaked to the public via the highest level of US army intel! the level of which hods the highest intel secrets such as missile and nuclear tech!

Eric Schmidt of alphabet. Just resigned because of Trumps Executive Order to declare a national emergency due to human trafficking and profiteering from leaking US secrets!

I cant seem to upload images! ill try again soon


I am aware of the Clintons’ “Pay for Play” and “Email server” sagas.

The Muslim Brotherhood angles of your comment can be understood when you realize that it was created by the British Empire to maintain their hegemony in the Middle East and other Muslim countries. An excellent read on the subject here: https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1979/eirv06n18-19790508/eirv06n18-19790508_014-muslim_brotherhood_londons_shock.pdf

I am not too surprised to read/hear that US nuclear technology was leaked to NK. Something identical happened during the Cold War – over 500 tech American companies delivered all sorts of ballistic tech to the Soviet Union. It was uncovered by Anthony Sutton. A CFR-linked historian (forgot his name) had attested Sutton was right and that court historians were too scared to touch the truth.

What most people fail to realize is that the oligarchs of the British Empire still run most of the show. They only happened to have moved the capital west (US) – reference to Caroll Quigley’s “The Anglo-American Establishment”. Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Muslim Brotherhood, etc were/are all their machinations/movements to further their hegemonic plans.


Do u see the Donors to this McCain Institute?

comment image

comment image

Eric Schmidt! Just resigned THE DAY AFTER TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER TO GRANT HIMSELF EMERGENCY POWERS RE: HUMAN TRAFFICKING. What is he doing in NK? Setting them up with Gmail (joke)?comment image

All of these CEO’s of major corporations are resigning! Al have been involved in human trafficking in one way or the other! Dark stuff! Trump is changing this! Its a long story but if u dont know about it, dont dismiss it as a conspiracy theory! its actually well known info to people who are in the know! North Korea didnt simply decide to be nice and de-nuke! Their nukes and their scientiest were all killed in an underground bunker which was detonated by the US military! If u remember a few months a go when there were readings of an underground explosion in North korea that was measured on a rictor scale? That was not a nuclear test! The US military deonted the bombs somehow or actually sent in SEALs to destroy it / them! Google for urself a US sub that was in South Korea which was carrying smaller subs that are used by SEALs! Its likely SEALs infiltrated NK and kill the scientists and blew up their labs and nuke war heads! Now suddenly Kim jong Un is shaking hands!


I am telling u that Trump’s admin is against the US deep state! I can tell u so much more but it will seem crazy! But u have to look up Qanon! If u truly want to know more let me know and ill send u much more info!

comment image

Paul ryan just announced he is resigning! (head of the republican party and speaker of the house) We all know why!

comment image comment image comment image


I don’t know what your take is on the Rothschild but I believe they have only served as a facade to keep older and wealthier oligarchies in the shadow. Them appearing everywhere so openly for the past centuries and always being linked to everything is suspicious.

I won’t be discrediting human trafficking as “conspiracy theory”. It’s very much sordid reality. I am not surprised that it’s happening on a mass scale with known and officials figures.

I remember about the explosion in NK with seismic effects. Never looked into it to be honest. That said, the “sudden” handshake between NK and SK was off. Even more so NK’s announcement of denuclearization.

Based on your previous comment (that the US leaked nuclear tech to NK), who sent the Navy Seals and why? Are you suggesting it was Trump’s clan? I know there is an on-going clash within the US establishment so it would not come to a surprise. The opponent clan is trying hard to get rid of him.

Never heard of QAnon until now but after a quick search, I see it refers to a Twitter account.

Feel free to send any worthy and factual information.


If Trump pulls this off it is amazing. But going by what has happened in Syria, Trump says peace, a week later a false flag is pulled and an escalation follows. Fingers crossed, but no confidence yet.


As I see it,

Both, North Korea and Israhell are US/UK shenanigan for Colonization !

The NK is done and played to Colonize Asia,
insuring an US mafiosi style umbrella “Protection” presence,
to keep mostly control over Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia,
Singapore, and Thailand to confine China.
It’s the instigated “Pearl Harbor” for War Continuity…

Israel Nuke and Bacteriological Hell is the same purpose on a different way,
it’s played to Control and suck the Middle-East Colonial wealth.

Both are and were done to produce Colonial “Masses Graves” for money !

Israhell and North Korea Nuke Time Bombs should be Defused
on same time for the same reason and avoid a Humans extinction by plain Folly

All what was said about both Countries until today is fake and forged lies.
If North Korea is a Rogue State, Israel is even worst for the Humanity survival !

North Korea isn’t more extremist than the Israeli Fundamentalists pushed
by the American gangsters Madness for money…
Both Countries are purulent Cancerous Furuncles invention
to please the US/UK rapist Colonialism

North Korea Punished for Helping to Liberate Africa


North Korea in the Great Nuclear Game

by Manlio Dinucci

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