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Nord Stream 2 Offshore Natural Gas Pipeline Project (Infographics)

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Nord Stream 2 Offshore Natural Gas Pipeline Project (Infographics)

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The Nord Stream 2 is an expansion project of the Nord Stream from Russia to Germany.


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Markus M. Müller

That’s the flag of Switzerland, not Sweden!!!


I think one of the main firms involved may be Swiss? The NS2 co. is based in Zug, Part of the way through the Second Energy Package requirements set down by EU I think….


Greetings, thank you for the feedback. This unfortunate mistake was made by one of our design team volunteers. We already updated the infographic piece.
Sincerely yours,
SF Team


don’t be such a spoilsport – everyone knows fully well that sweden and switzerland were hard neutrals in the affairs of the world, switzerland still is while sweden has sold out to nato and the unhinged states of A in a shameful act of kow towing to the western neoliberal order – haven’t even joined up with china’s one belt one road initiative since washington dc told them not to, and when the UN issued the anti-nuclear directive the unhinged states of A told the swedes that signing it was a treasonous act against the unhinged states of A so no swedish signature to that document. back bone? nah long gone at about the time of olof palme!

Jens Holm

Just evil talk from enemies of Sweden and our good systems, which are not neoliberale all over as well.

Pave Way IV

“You dumbass, Pompeo. Didn’t I tell you to stop that evil Russian pipeline? Can’t you understand that Russia poses an existential threat to Israel? FFS, I should have asked Bolton before he quit… “

comment image


Yes, you jest, but this is the ACTUAL intellectual level of the policy making!


Nord Stream II will be completed very soon and the US & it’s lackeys have lost the Russia-EU energy war …. those vassals like Bulgaria who bent over backwards to block Russian supply will lose $bns as a result of their self-harming treason against their own national interest … karma is a b!tch.


Just a couple of months….Siberia lines are already in operation to China and Turk stream, a twin pipeline, due 9th January.

Jens Holm

Thats 2 different things.

Jens Holm

Thats partly correct. So far we do need fossiles in Europe and Russia might collapse without that export.

But I see we soon will make a lot more electricity by wind and sun and much cheeper. There soon will be much more used for cars and other kinds of transportation.

Peter Jennings

The extent of their losses won’t be immediately apparent. However, in a few years, it will.

Mehmet Aslanak

Sanctions are just useless against intelligent nations like Russia, China, Iran or Turkey.
US should expect another “day of infamy” pretty similar to Pearl Harbor or another 9/11.
Because intelligent nations would not bow down to thug behaviors.

Jens Holm

Hens are intelligent too. Even they are hunted and killed and we take their eggs, they still are there in bilions:) .

It seemes You have redefined intelligence.

Jens Holm

Denmark agreed because the pipeline was moved enough away from the danish Island Bornholm.

To us its not about USA.

Our worries is about cheep gas and for that matter oil will delay sensible inpkemnetatitions for non fossils even its cheeper and make no polltion and warming up.

You all can see it at the energy conferences from yesterday. Half of the world deny to do anything about it and even poles prefare coal making jobs, even they can do a lot for much more effective using of that dirty product by better insolation, better insolated heated systems for many houses, recycling garbage into electricy and heat a.s.o.

I only can say, that the need of fossils rapidly can be reduced in many places of Europe because windpower are improved a lot, so they are much better for us then more gas, oil and coal.

So if You have good hands and money, You very fast can at least locally can live with less smog, less astma and lowered bills with much more comfort. A good help would be to go into the stockmarket and support more windmills as well as solar electricity. Here You also get Your money back and those shares should be a part of Your pension later on.

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